Lavender And Silver Wedding Colors

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Lavender And Silver Wedding Colors – With so many beautiful colors to choose from, how do you decide on a wedding color? Deciding on the color of your wedding is a must; Details, decorations and how to organize your place are essential!!! Wedding colors are part of the details and planning! Do you want neutral neutral colors or do you want those vibrant colors? The choice is yours, it’s your wedding day!

In this blog, we show you two different ways to use pale purple lavender on your wedding day. Christy + Team

Lavender And Silver Wedding Colors

Lavender And Silver Wedding Colors

Christy and Tim chose pale purples and neutrals for their wedding day at The English Manor. The couple decided to get married at The English Manor because they love the green gardens and the quaint “manor” style, which is where they got it from. They incorporated pastel and neutral colors like lilac, lavender and silver into their wedding details. The lavender complimented Tim and the groom’s black store menswear and contrasted perfectly with Christy’s elegant wedding dress from Sales Unlimited. While getting ready for the bride, Christy had her daughter wear a lavender silk dress, and each bridesmaid had her own cocktail with a straw-tied lavender bow. very cute! Tim has his groom in black and white. The contrast between pastel and black is truly divine.

Color Collection: Lavender For Your Spring Wedding

Christy met Tim at her cousin’s bar. There he worked as a beer seller. A decade later, a beautiful daughter … Tim proposed to Christie,

“When I woke up and went to the kitchen. He was standing there with our 10 month old daughter and there was a rose and a ring on the table!

The love you two have for each other is endlessly beautiful. We love love! Talk about love…we love Kristi’s bouquet. Floral arrangements by Vanbrandt as ivory and green bouquets turn gracefully. White tulips mixed with white flowers and other green plants look attractive. The contrast between the light lavender flowers and the greenery is beautiful and fun to photograph.

There are many colors to choose from, so it can be difficult to narrow it down to your preferences. When matched together, specific colors pop and complement each other beautifully. Remember that when deciding on color you may want to consider how sunlight and the surrounding “environment” affects how the colors look together.

Swoon Worthy Shades Of Lavender Wedding Ideas

For Christy and Tim, it’s an honor to photograph your special day. Thank you for choosing Limelight Entertainment.

So you want to look bolder and more energetic? Lavender and lilies can also come alive! Shayna and Shane chose a deep and lively sound for their wedding day at The English Manor. Their wedding details shared a purple color palette. They add purple everywhere! Shaina chose to wear a lavender dress for her bridesmaids. Shane wore a gray Tuxedo By Sarno with a matching lavender shirt.

Chai Na’s bouquet is amazing! A bouquet to remember for her special day with purple and ivory flowers all arranged into beautiful pieces. Their wedding venue also had purple flowers for the ceremony and they used purple lights at the reception. The addition of purple really stands out and creates a lively atmosphere on their wedding day.

Lavender And Silver Wedding Colors

Shayna and Shane are high school sweethearts! She is an older student! Shane’s cousin was in her locker room after class and Shane walked by and they said hello to each other. Shaina asked her cousin, “Who is that? It’s Shane! After a few days there was a message and after a few years he got married.. That’s it!!

Lavender Wedding Colors

Bold and deep colors are always a joy in photography. Contrasting colors add to the look and feel of the entire wedding. Details and decor are how you style your everyday. How do you want your guests to experience your wedding day? What color do you want them to see? Go for vibrant or intense colors if you want to be bold or use pale and neutral colors if you want to be soft.

Shane proposed to Shayna at Walt Disney World! They made dinner reservations for the ‘Ohana’ restaurant at Disney’s Polynesian resort. “We arrived on time so we walked around the beach at the resort. We have a photo package and there are photographers on the beach asking if we want our photos? I was taking a picture facing Cinderella in the background and when I turned around, Shane was on one knee asking me to marry him! “

Thank you Shayna and Shane for choosing Limelight Entertainment. We have a great time photographing your wedding day!

Color planning can be a lot of fun, so whether you go with pale or vibrant colors, it looks amazing!!!

A Dramatic Pink And Purple Wedding Inspiration Board

If you are looking for a happy, bright and romantic wedding photo that shows who you are as a couple, please contact us. Lavender is a great color for a romantic, natural and relaxing wedding. There are many different shades of lavender and the Pantone color authority has reported that pink lavender has been the color trend in recent years. Check out this adorable color in the comments below and let us know if you love this color as much as we do!

Lavender flowers are wonderful colors that go well with many color combinations. Here are five beautiful pink lavender wedding colors paired with green, blue, peach, plum and light gray that are expected to be wedding colors for 2018.

The easiest way to have a simple yet stunning bouquet is to use fresh lavender. You can choose your flowers in different shades of purple and use fresh lavender as an additional option for flowers.

Lavender And Silver Wedding Colors

Wedding invitations are usually the first thing guests receive. It sets the tone for your big day and is a great way to introduce the wedding theme to your wedding guests.

Lavender & Silver Wedding Invitation Featuring Monogram Crest

I love lavender or lavender wedding decorations. It has calming properties, which means it can take away some of the nerves and relax you.

Whether lavender is the color of the icing or fresh lavender flowers are applied to your cake as a detail, the theme doesn’t have to stop there. Talk to your baker about making a lavender-flavored cake.

One of the advantages of this color is that it looks beautiful on all skin tones and hair colors. Whether you choose the same shade for everyone, or mix and match tones, you can’t go wrong.

Lavender is beautiful, or it can be used as an accent to the groom’s boutonniere. Another benefit is the fragrance… it has calming properties that help all gentlemen feel relaxed and happy.

How Pastel Wedding Colors Can Make Your Big Day More Stunning

Cute bags and boxes to match your wedding colors. How fun it is to fill the box with purple candies or fresh lavender seeds for planting! The bag can be filled with dried lavender seeds and used as a drawer bag.

This entry was posted in Purple Wedding Colors, Spring Weddings, Summer Weddings, Wedding Color Palette and tagged Lavender, Purple Wedding Ideas. Note permalink. If you’re looking for a unique wedding color palette and enjoy softness, lavender is for you. Lavender is the color of imagination, emotion and passion. It brings images of spring and airy flowers that look great in wedding photos. In this article we will show you some colorful and vibrant lavender wedding colors for a beautiful and happy spring wedding day.

The great thing about lavender as a wedding theme is that it is vibrant and opaque, making it easy to match with many other colors. For an outdoor garden in spring or summer, lavender will work well with soft shades of pink, blue and yellow accents. For a formal and elegant wedding ceremony, gold or silver lavender flowers will give extra light. Also, dark colors are a good choice to add stunning effects such as navy blue or dark purple to make the lavender bloom or more colorful and change the purple color from light to dark.

Lavender And Silver Wedding Colors

Read on for our favorite lavender wedding colors that are the perfect spring romance charm for your special day!

Lavender Wedding Ideas To Inspire Your Big Day

Lavender and roses are a perfect combination for sweet, soft and romantic weddings. Pairing these two colors with hints of white and green will help create a modern and bright look perfect for a spring-summer outdoor wedding.

Mixing gold with lavender creates a luxurious yet classic wedding look that works well on wedding details like centerpieces and bouquets while still looking elegant. This elegant combination will look great for spring evening weddings and winter weddings.

Amazing green

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