Light Purple Wedding Cakes

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Light Purple Wedding Cakes – Prepare to be dazzled by every purple wedding cake color in this ultimate guide. Purple is a popular wedding color and I think you will be amazed by this purple wedding cake idea. From super elegant purple wedding cakes, single tier purple wedding cakes to purple ombre wedding cakes, the ideas are endless.

We love the rich layer of berries on this beautiful purple ombre wedding cake by Flour and Flourish Cakes via instagram

Light Purple Wedding Cakes

Light Purple Wedding Cakes

From berry shades of purple to mauve, these beautiful statement purple wedding cakes really stand out and make a statement. For true purple lovers, this is for you…

Non Traditional Wedding Cake Ideas

By jennys cake maker via instagram how gorgeous is this two tier purple wedding cake with drip effect and flowers.

Amazing color combo from @anaparzychcakes via Instagram for a really cool fashion look. Image credit: @jagstudio_photography via Instagram

Stylish wedding cake by @aveclafleur via Instagram. With so many shades of purple, make sure you choose the right color with a wedding cake maker.

I couldn’t resist posting these two floral beauties from @theyummypuddingco via Instagram. I think you will agree, they are so beautiful.

Pink Rose Flower Cake Toppers

The cascading purple ombre lipstick flowers are so gorgeous on this purple wedding cake, it’s hard to believe they aren’t real flowers. Cake by @yvonnesdelightfulcakes via Instagram

How gorgeous is this beauty from Frangipanis Muih via Instagram, a beautiful half-naked wedding cake decorated with beautiful purple lavender. If you’ve chosen purple as one of your wedding colors, you already know how amazing it looks in floral arrangements, decor, and photos. — but it’s also a great choice for your wedding cake! There are many ways to decorate a purple wedding cake, from trendy ombre frosting and marble fondant to fresh flowers and even a bunch of grapes or berries. Although purple is one of the most popular colors for fall weddings, the truth is that it’s a versatile choice no matter what season your wedding is. We’ve rounded up some of your favorite purple wedding cake designs to bookmark and share with your baker as they prepare for the big day.

Create a modern effect by decorating your cake with abstract and colorful accents, such as these three-dimensional pieces of sugar that run down one side of the cake. For extra flair, add edible gold leaf for sparkle.

Light Purple Wedding Cakes

Getting married in a vineyard or having a wine themed wedding? Garnish your cake with a bunch of purple grapes for an easy yet delicious dessert. Bonus: It’s zero waste because you can eat the grapes instead of throwing them away.

Romantic Wedding Cakes

This colorful confection is whimsical and fun with pink and lilac flowers hand painted on dark purple buttercream. The slightly voluminous look of the flowers is perfect for making a simple purple wedding cake pop.

You might not immediately think of orange complementing purple, but when paired together, this bold duo would be amazing for a fall wedding. Use flowers in various shades of orange, maroon and purple – this arrangement includes roses, ranunculus, dahlias, wax flowers and astrons – to make a white buttercream cake pop.

This luxurious cake is basically a work of art that you can eat. Start with a smooth white lipstick base, then add abstract purple brush strokes and finish with soft floral bas-relief accents (a raised motif or appliqué that has a sculptural quality). Purple sugar flowers and gold leaf further embellish this purple wedding cake design.

As if the purple ombre effect on this wedding cake wasn’t cool enough, the ruffle layer adds even more visual detail and wow factor.

Wedding Cake Designs

If you’re leaning towards a simpler purple wedding cake design, a few clusters of lisianthus look great against a white buttercream cake. Pipe icing and a silver cake stand complete the look of a classic, elegant setting.

Embrace the tie-dye craze today by decorating your wedding cake with marbled purple fondant. Light swirls and dark purple are perfect for a cheerful, festive trend.

For a vintage-themed wedding, we can’t imagine anything more beautiful than a cake decorated with faux lace (yes, that’s a thing!). Your baker can use a special mold and a thick sugar mixture to create a lace ribbon that is applied directly to your wedding cake. Purple sugar lace looks beautiful as a pop of color on a white cake.

Light Purple Wedding Cakes

A pastel and slightly purple version can look just as good as a brighter one. This three-tier fondant cake with lavender roses is perfect for a spring or summer wedding in the countryside.

Wedding Cake For Bikers In Three Tier White Icing Dark Purple Flowers And Light Purple Ribbons Words In Icing Ride With Me For Ever With A Heart Shape Stock Photo

Chocolate lovers, we’ve found your perfect purple wedding cake. Transform your cake into a decadent masterpiece by adding rich chocolate frosting and topping it with additional sweet treats like macarons, meringue, fresh berries or powdered sugar.

Give your wedding cake a touch of the weather by decorating it with a miniature monkey or vine wreath. Include small purple flowers such as wax flowers, rosebuds or lisianthus to add color to the design.

If you don’t want to decorate your cake with real flowers, try dainty sugar flowers. This is an easy way to decorate your wedding cake – keep the rest of the cake plain for a traditional look or go modern by adding marble fondant and the same color as the cake on top.

Mix some pastel colors into your purple wedding cake design for an ethereal and romantic look. Pastel pinks, blues and peaches look beautiful next to pale purples – use flowers, cake toppers or frosting to bring all the colors together.

Valentina Wild’s Wedding Cake With Pastel Blue And Pastel Purple Roses

For a truly unique design (and guaranteed impact), cut the cake in half and place it in the center with the flowers. Work with your baker and florist to figure out the logistics of this – you may have to make some adjustments in terms of cake type, structure and flowers, but it’s worth the work in the end!

We love the contrast of this “floating” sugar wine against the purple wedding cake. This design would look great on a garden wedding theme!

A purple clematis vine will give your cake a flawless finish, which is great if you like an earthy, boho vibe. Loose flowers go very well with a rich cream frosting.

Light Purple Wedding Cakes

Whether you’re an artist or not, there’s no denying that this watercolor-inspired cake is a masterpiece. It’s proof that you can combine multiple trends in one cake — fresh flowers, berries, dripping frosting, abstract strokes, gold leaf — and totally nail the look.

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Edible Butterfly Cake Decorations Light Purple Edible

Do you like flowers? Us too, especially when it comes to cake. This floral wedding cake just fuels our flower obsession.

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