Los Angeles And Orange County Bees Marry In Laoc Or Dw

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Former police officer Alan Hostetter, a self-proclaimed “patriot warrior,” refused to leave the fence during a protest in San Clemente in May. Behind him, on the bed, stands Morton Erwin Smith, director of the hoster nonprofit American Phoenix Project.

Los Angeles And Orange County Bees Marry In Laoc Or Dw

Los Angeles And Orange County Bees Marry In Laoc Or Dw

A day before Trump supporters stormed the US Capitol, a group of radicals from Orange County took to the stage in Washington, sharing a stage with architects of the anti-theft campaign.

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In brief speeches at a rally in front of the US Supreme Court building, one called for a “battle of the Bible” and another for “bloodshed.” A third called on those preparing to march on the capitol the next day to allow the “snakes” in Congress to hear “American outrage.”

A fourth pointed to the dome building where Congress would meet 24 hours later to confirm the election of a new president. He said that the enemies have defeated President Trump and the solution for America’s traitors is to “take them out and shoot them or hang them!” he shouted.

The rhetoric capped a year of right-wing protests in Orange County that have increasingly turned to violent language against real and imagined enemies. It began with protests and outlandish conspiracies over COVID-19 restrictions, including an impeachment campaign that ousted the county’s top public health official and protests to recall Gov. Gavin Newsom and support Trump.

Morton Erwin Smith, the family of Orange County’s most prominent developer, holds the American flag as Russ Taylor drives his red Corvette.

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They appeared with banners depicting their opponents as Hitler, using inflammatory language and images of the Holocaust. They held “curfew-breaking” street parties that were a magnet for white nationalists. And one of their members started Patriot, whose efforts to patrol Black Lives Matter events have become a source of concern for families struggling with racism on the streets.

The wealthy mayors appear to be revolutionaries, but they signal a resurgence of far-right extremism in Orange County at a time when major demographic shifts have made the region a racially and politically diverse community.

Among them were Alan Hostetter, a retired police officer who taught yoga with a ponytail; Russ Taylor, an entrepreneur who named his red Corvette the “Patriot Rocket” and ran a graphic design business that worked with Fortune 500 companies; Morton Irwin Smith, one of Orange County’s most prominent developer families; and Lee Dundas, an attorney known for her fiery fight against childhood vaccination laws.

Los Angeles And Orange County Bees Marry In Laoc Or Dw

Photos on social media show Hostetter and Taylor laughing on a terrace as the capital is under siege, and Dundas at the entrance to the building during the deadly rampage.

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Three weeks later, the FBI raided Taylor’s home using a SWAT team and flashbangs to raid Hostetter’s and Taylor’s homes. None of them have been arrested or charged.

But after that, the four remained silent – refusing to speak or, when they did, downplaying their roles.

Taylor portrayed himself as a victim on his personal Telegram channel. “The FBI is fully armed against patriots,” he said in a post he posted on Facebook. “I never entered the capital, there was no violence, no damage to property. All because I raised the flag and sang the national anthem!

It wasn’t just the flyers that worried locals, but what inspired them: the planned White Lives Matter rally in Huntington Beach.

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Taylor’s attorney acknowledged that his client was stabbed on the Capitol grounds, but said he did not enter the building and was “arrested in speech and excitement.”

“Ross Taylor is a normal person who is emotionally invested in the libertarian beliefs that make America the America she believes in,” Dick Hosch told the Times.

Taylor’s lawyer said the incident was a “cautionary tale of too much political interference to be seen openly.”

Los Angeles And Orange County Bees Marry In Laoc Or Dw

Orange County has long been a megaphone for conservative extremism, which a Harvard historian has identified as the “radical fringe” of the New Right.

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Until the 1950s, the entire county was considered a hostile “sunset city” for people of color. The new suburbs of white defense and aerospace workers provided the following opportunities for the pro-communist John Birch community, as well as the militant Walter Knott, his patriotically themed berry farm and his anti-communist school.

The right-wing remains a force in Orange County, drawing on a long history of extremism.

Saturday night’s curfew-breaking parties set the stage for political theater in Huntington Beach, attracting not only Trump fans but Grippers, a group the FBI says supports white supremacy.

Huntington Beach Road is home to skinheads, white supremacists and neo-Nazis, including a local far-right militant group that trained to fight at political demonstrations across the state and whose members in 2017 attacked the U.S. Anti-US protesters attacked. . Right to March in Charlottesville.

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But the county has seen significant demographic changes over the past two decades, with the influx of more Asian and Latino residents that have helped tilt the area toward Democrats. In 2016, the district voted for a Democratic presidential candidate for the first time since Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1936. Joe Biden defeated Trump last year, even as Republicans still control much of local politics.

On voting maps, conservative strongholds like Ledra Ranch and coastal enclaves like San Clemente and Huntington Beach are islands surrounded by growing liberalism and racial diversity.

Such demographic changes are strong predictors of political extremism and hate crime, and some fear that their Life will be threatened. Those pressures have pushed Orange County’s right to an even more extreme level, he said.

Los Angeles And Orange County Bees Marry In Laoc Or Dw

“When Obama was elected, it was an opportunity for people to start organizing,” Sammy said. “When Trump came in, it was another opportunity for those who were on their side.”

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The result is one of the most concentrated sources of hate speech and right-wing extremism in the United States, Sammy said.

He spent 23 years as a legislator, mostly in Fontana, before being named police chief in 2010 in the quiet town of La Habra. He had been on the job for just five months before taking medical leave, and his departure was “sudden and unexpected,” said former Deputy City Manager Jennifer Cervantes. Hostetter, 45, received state disability benefits for a psychological injury, online state records show, but details were not immediately available.

Hostetler later told a business magazine that her marriage had broken up and that she suffered from insomnia and a “contradictory mind”. I needed a knockout cocktail of Xanax and alcohol to fall asleep. She took refuge in yoga and took up the gong, chanting and didgeridoo to perform musical healing rituals she called “sound baths.”

In February 2020, he added the song “Om, Shanti, Shanti, Shanti” that invokes peace in his performance.

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“It’s stuck inside me and it’s looking for a way out,” he told his YouTube followers.

A month later, the COVID-19 outbreak shut down much of California. The host wore the first mask while volunteering to deliver food to the elderly and was encouraged to donate more masks to the San Clemente Senior Center. But the facility’s director, Beth Apodaca, found herself walking around town without a mask, promoting protests on social media using hashtags like #DontBeSheeple and #ItsTheFlu. Confronted, he said poetically but expectantly, he told the hostess that he could no longer deliver food.

He adopted his trademark hat, a stars-and-stripes fedora, and later added a Q pin to the group, a nod to QAnon, the wildly false conspiracy cult that Trump equates with Satan, communists and pedophile Democrats. Depicts as a soldier.

Los Angeles And Orange County Bees Marry In Laoc Or Dw

Hoster’s social media accounts have fueled weekly protests and street protests against the “tyrants” who issued the pandemic health orders he claims are fake. He founded the American Phoenix Project, a nonprofit organization described in public filings as dedicated to promoting constitutional liberties, and Hostetter has said during protests that he seeks to overhaul the government and American media. is

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Alan Hostetter has led a series of protests against maskless shopping at health food markets, including the Costa Mesa store.

He loaned the nonprofit $75,000 and used $50,000 to fund several federal lawsuits that a major GOP law firm brought against Newsom over pandemic-related health care orders. The hosting was temporary; The judge refused to grant a temporary restraining order.

In May, Hostetler demonstrated to tear down a wall in a San Clemente parking lot and ignored police orders to disperse. He was tied to a chain link until sheriff’s deputies freed him.

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