Masquerade Themed Wedding Reception

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Masquerade Themed Wedding Reception – Are you looking for a way to make your wedding stand out? Are you a fan of drama or drama? Many couples try to surprise their guests by transforming their wedding ideas for a sudden inspiration.

In this article, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite wedding masquerade ideas that will wow everyone in attendance. We break down what to look for in a venue, how to decorate for the theme wedding of your dreams, and how to bring the elegance of a classic ball into your reception.

Masquerade Themed Wedding Reception

Masquerade Themed Wedding Reception

1. Carry the masquerade theme throughout the event. From the invitation to the ceremony itself, using the same color, style and level of formality, the makeover wedding will be from start to finish.

Elegant Masquerade Wedding Inspiration

2. The theme and dress code should be clearly written in the invitation. Tell your wedding guests what to expect. Are you promoting a full costume or just a mask? Is your makeover wedding a formal black tie affair or something casual? Use your wedding website for details on themes and wedding dress codes.

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3. Help guests dress to impress. Use the “dress code” section of your wedding website to help guests find their makeup look. Include contact information for nearby clothing rental stores, online links to purchase masks, and other resources. The easier it is for your guests to dress up, the more likely they are to participate in the theme.

4. Create a masquerade playlist. Feel free to play dress up wedding songs. Roaring classical music, like a rousing waltz, can heighten the drama of an event, but modern music works just as well. Wedding playlists with many modern twists include EDM, hip-hop and other popular music.

Refined And Unique Masquerade Wedding Ideas

5. Give your guests a themed party. Masquerade-inspired bubble wands, mini masquerade masks, and personalized balloons are a touch of luxury that captures the spirit of the day.

6. Get attention with a tall mask cake. Don’t be afraid to go with the cake; Masquerade weddings are not known for their details. Dress up your wedding cake with a beautiful masquerade mask or serve your guests with masquerade cupcakes.

7. Set the mood with high ceilings and open spaces. Consider looking for a wedding venue. Look for a warehouse or large loft with lots of open space, or a spacious space with a large ballroom.

Masquerade Themed Wedding Reception

8. Find places with unique architecture. Think of balconies, chandeliers, floor-length windows, and decorative moldings as “built-in” decorations to help you save on decorations later. The Montelon Hotel is a landmark in New Orleans, with high ceilings, glass chandeliers, and intricate paintwork.

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9. Start your quest with a purpose. What do you see when you envision your perfect makeover wedding? A giant hanging chandelier? A grand ballroom bathed in high ceilings and dimly lit by candles? Start your location search by looking for specific features to help you narrow down your options.

10. Look for “pre-decorated” places. When visiting potential wedding venues, consider changing colors, wallpaper designs, and even velvet curtains that match the makeover theme. The more decorations you start making, the less you will need to buy later.

11. Don’t be afraid to change your location. If you can’t find an event venue that can accommodate both the ceremony and the reception, you can host the reception nearby. Allow at least an hour for guests to travel from the ceremony to the reception location and provide transportation information in advance.

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Masquerade Wedding Invitation Mardi Gras Wedding Printable

12. Incorporate classic elements of transformative fashion into your wedding decor. For example, create silk or lace place cards to help guests find their seats at the reception.

13. Design centerpieces that will distract your guests. Save money on wedding flowers by matching the style of your wedding decor and using larger flowers, beads and lace.

14. Mimic the firelight setup of a masquerade ball with lots of candlelight. For safety reasons, it is recommended to use LED candles.

Masquerade Themed Wedding Reception

15. Line hallways and walkways with vintage lamps. Antique lighting guides visitors through dimly lit areas of the building and provides a moody glow. For small, intimate weddings, lighting changes can be used to clearly define different event spaces and define the energy of each room.

Victorian Gothic Themed Wedding

16. Tie mirrors around centerpieces, chairs, and flower arrangements. Check out the clearance racks at great decor stores and craft stores to add a splash of transformative color and glamor to otherwise plain decor. Small ornaments can be used to refresh a bland decor and turn it into a themed discussion piece.

17. Use large leaves and green plants to fill empty spaces with pops of color. Add large leafy ferns or hollyhocks to your wedding decorations. To save money, ask your florist what their prices are for the season.

18. Let your mask speak for itself. Wearing an extravagant mask is one of the best parts of a makeover wedding. Couples often opt for fancy masks and obscure costumes, but the choice is yours!

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Masquerade Themed Events

19. Pair themed accessories with your outfit. Wedding accessories like lace gloves or stunning earrings are elegant and won’t distract from the mask.

20. Beads, beads, beads. At a covered wedding, beads can easily become a dress, decoration, or part of a fun costume for your guests to wear.

21. The wings are amazing. Feathers add an extraordinary sense of mystery to makeup and are a popular decoration for domino masks.

Masquerade Themed Wedding Reception

22. There are extra masks for those who forget. A guest or two will definitely forget to bring a mask. Partygoers who “left their masks at the hotel” get an extra bonus.

Overseas] A Gothic Themed Masquerade Wedding Party

23. Make a big door. Play with the idea of ​​lighting, long aisles, or even having attendees walk a winding path on their way to the altar. A little theater is always inspiring at a masquerade wedding!

24. Draw the edges with peacock feathers. Large peacock feathers can be used to guide you in the placement of floral arrangements and create a one-of-a-kind charm that’s perfect for a makeover wedding ceremony.

25. A themed under-the-altar wedding with lace, roses or crystals. What elements do you often use in your wedding decorations, such as lace, beads, feathers, and roses? All of them? Add the same elements to your altar decorations for true unity.

26. Fancy glassware is a transformative wedding idea. Large glasses and long-stemmed wine glasses are perfect accessories for any guest. Observe the children involved and replace the plastic if necessary.

Masquerade Theme To Give Your Pre Wedding Party A Dramatic Effect

27. Play with lots of contrast. Don’t be afraid to lean towards the dramatic side of the Masquerade genre. The tables have a bold contrasting design with red dinner plates covered with black cloth and will impress your guests.

28. Book a live band to play at the reception. If it’s within your budget and your venue can accommodate a band, nothing says “masquerade wedding” like a well-trained string quartet playing live music. However, a curated playlist will work just fine.

29. Set up a masquerade themed photo booth with props. Encourage guests to post their photo booth photos using wedding hashtags or, if possible, share them in an online photo album.

Masquerade Themed Wedding Reception

30. Offer easy-to-eat snacks through masks. Skewers, small sandwiches and other finger foods can be easily eaten while holding or wearing a mask.

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31. Skipping formal dinners (or even dinner). Choose from delicious appetizers like oysters and prosciutto-wrapped melon, bruschetta or grilled polenta bites. Heavier than some traditional wedding bites, it’s sure to save your guests from awkward attempts to fill up and eat a variety of disguised or dressed-up food.

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32. Serve a three-course gourmet meal at a black-tie makeover wedding. If you want to go the dinner party route, give your guests a convenient place to store their tokens to prevent spills and other mishaps.

33. Spice up cocktail hour with a drink that has a great makeover. Dark-colored cocktails look scary and especially edgy when served in clear glasses. Add some dark magic to a red velvet martini, a bright red wine, or a bar menu.

Labyrinth 2021 Masquerade Gallery

34. Add the champagne toast you make most. To make it darker, add a little dark vodka (dark vodka) or raspberry syrup to the champagne.

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