Mint Green And Purple Wedding Theme

Thursday, May 11th 2023. | Weddings
Bright Purple and Mint Reception Tables Mint green wedding
Bright Purple and Mint Reception Tables Mint green wedding from

A Perfect Combination of Elegance and Refinement

Mint green and purple is the perfect combination for a wedding theme. The colors are elegant, sophisticated, and timeless. They look stunning together, and create an atmosphere of serenity and grace. Mint green and purple are perfect for wedding ceremonies, receptions, bridal showers, and even engagement parties. From pastels to darker shades, there is a color combination that will fit your wedding theme perfectly.

Mint green is a light, cool hue that symbolizes renewal and growth. It’s a great color for a spring or summer wedding. Paired with purple, it creates a soft, romantic atmosphere. From a light lavender to a deep amethyst, there are many shades of purple to choose from. To create a more modern look, try pairing mint green with a deeper shade of purple, like plum or aubergine.

Creating a Mint Green and Purple Wedding Theme

When creating a mint green and purple wedding theme, start by selecting your colors. Choose two shades that complement each other and create a balance. The colors should be used throughout the wedding décor, from the wedding invitations to the cake topper. Another way to incorporate the colors into the wedding is through the bridesmaid dresses. Mint green and purple bridesmaid dresses look beautiful and create a unified look for the bridal party.

When it comes to the wedding venue, a few bold pieces of décor can really make your wedding theme shine. Hang strings of mint green and purple paper lanterns from the ceiling, or bring in large vases of purple and green flowers. For a more subtle look, use lots of white and then just a few pops of color here and there. Mint green and purple candles, tablecloths, and other décor can really bring your theme to life.

Three Sample Mint Green and Purple Wedding Theme Ideas

Romantic Garden Theme

Create a romantic garden wedding theme by combining a light shade of mint green with a medium-dark shade of purple. Start by decorating the venue with lots of white, and then add in paper lanterns in both colors. Place purple and green roses in vases around the venue, and use purple and green tablecloths to decorate the reception tables. The bridesmaids could wear lavender dresses, while the groomsmen could wear suits in a light mint green shade. For the cake topper, use a pretty purple and green flower.

Vintage Glamour Theme

Channel the glamour of the 1920s with a vintage wedding theme. Choose a deep purple for the bridesmaid dresses, and a light mint green for the groomsmen. Place white chairs around the reception tables, and then decorate with purple and green tablecloths and napkins. Use lots of white candles and then place a few purple and green ones here and there. For the cake topper, use a gold-rimmed porcelain figurine. Create a vintage photo booth with a deep purple backdrop and mint green props.

Beach Theme

For a beach themed wedding, pair a light mint green with a light lavender. Hang white lights from the ceiling of the reception venue, and then add in a few strings of mint green and purple paper lanterns. Use lots of white decorations and then add in some purple and green touches here and there. The bridesmaids could wear purple dresses and the groomsmen could wear light mint green shirts. For the cake topper, use a starfish or seashell in both colors.

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