My Husband Just Told Me He Wants A Divorce

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My Husband Just Told Me He Wants A Divorce – I was having dinner with a friend a few weeks ago and he was telling me how his relationship with his partner was going.

One of the things she was happy to report was that her partner had started to get better at not immediately offering advice when talking about his day.

My Husband Just Told Me He Wants A Divorce

My Husband Just Told Me He Wants A Divorce

We laughed because we both clearly understood that. I have had many clients confide that “my husband is always trying to correct me and I just want him to listen to me.”

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A few years ago, when I was telling a friend about a particularly bad day, I got upset that he was trying to give me suggestions on how to fix it. I remember so clearly his surprise when he said:

“Why are you telling me this if you don’t want me to fix it? What is the matter? I don’t understand it.”

We had a good laugh about it, but he was really confused by the behavior. I wasn’t the only person who fell for him because of this. His wife complained about the same thing and he really didn’t understand why.

I don’t want to turn this into a gender fight because I’ve seen people of all genders behave this way, but here’s the thing….

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If someone is sharing something and they want to feel heard and understood, it can feel lonely and frustrating when they get advice instead.

It feels like preaching. It’s like you’re being talked over or like what you’re going through doesn’t matter. Because to the person receiving the advice, it feels like “this is how you fix it, can we just stop talking about this?”

Of course, to someone who offers a “solution” they often feel overly supported and love trying to solve what sounds like a pain point.

My Husband Just Told Me He Wants A Divorce

My partner and I use this very simple technique and it makes a huge difference in how supported I feel.

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If I start talking about something I’m struggling with or feeling bad about, my partner asks, “Do you want sympathy or advice?”

And if I really want her help, because she is so good at bringing new perspectives to my questions, I let her know. “I’d really like to know your thoughts, so advice is welcome.”

Sex educator and relationship guru Kate McCombs recently said: “Often the best way to help someone is not to make them feel ‘better’, but to make them feel ‘lighter.’

Of course, this technique requires your partner’s consent, but it’s a very simple way to make everyone feel less frustrated.

He Wants A Divorce

If you both start doing it, that’s even better. What if you always offer sympathy and your partner or friend really wants advice? It goes both ways.

It might sound that way. “I would like to tell you about this strange thing that happened today, and I would really like you to listen and sympathize. I don’t need advice, I just want to share. Is that cool?”

Not only does this help you learn how to assert your needs, it also sets your partner up for success by letting them know up front what will make you feel most loved.

My Husband Just Told Me He Wants A Divorce

Also, by ending with a question, they can tell you if it’s something they can really do for you right now. Maybe they’ve had a bad day too, and they just don’t have a sense of empathy.

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Wouldn’t you rather know before you spend five minutes sharing about your day and then feel rejected when they offer nothing?

You specify your need. You are asking for their support. They have a chance to weigh in. Everyone now feels heard and valued.

What if they go into advisory mode anyway? Gently remind them of what you asked for at the beginning of the conversation (remember you’re on the same team and assume they mean the best) and repeat your request.

The key to almost any communication technique is to make yourself and the person you’re talking to successful by being really clear from a place of kindness. Once you get a few easy scripts in your toolkit, doing these things becomes incredibly natural and eliminates a lot of frustration for everyone involved.

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We use cookies to ensure we give you the best experience on our website. If you continue to use this website, we will assume that you are fine with it. OkPrivacy Policy You meet a handsome boy and slowly fall in love with him. You imagine what it would be like to make love to him, but you’re still not sure. And how do you know he wants to have sex with you?

As important as knowing the real deal about his intentions, it’s just as important to know if he’s serious about you or not. Let’s first discuss the subtle difference between making love and having sex, how can you tell the difference?

Next, we’ll discuss 14 signs he “just wants sex” with you and 31 signs he wants to have sex with you.

My Husband Just Told Me He Wants A Divorce

The difference between “making love” and “having sex”. It lies in the emotional component, or lack thereof, behind his desire to make love to you.

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When he wants to “fall in love” with you, it means he is serious about you and wants a proper relationship. He is in it for the long haul.

Meanwhile, when he wants to “lay” with you, he only wants to get into your pants once or twice. He’s not interested in a long-term relationship with you, no matter what he says.

This article will help you understand the difference between the two situations, in addition to the signs that will tell you which one you are in. That way, you can make smarter decisions in your relationship with him and make sure you stay safe and happy.

Let’s start with the worse situation. he’s just hooking up and he plans to dump you after he’s with you. How do you know a guy just wants to have sex with you? No matter what he says or does, these signs will reveal his true agenda;

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This may be the clearest sign he could give you. He makes obvious hints about sex, and it’s hard not to notice.

“We can always, you know, just watch Netflix and relax.” Classic, right? It’s also a clear sign that he wants quick, no-holds-barred sex.

So what should you do when he suggests sex? Naturally, it will depend on what you want for yourself. If you don’t love him, but you trust him enough to keep your reputation intact, if you slept with him, move on. Just remember to stay safe.

My Husband Just Told Me He Wants A Divorce

Otherwise, if you are not interested in her, or if you want a serious relationship with her, then resist the urge to give in to her. If you do, chances are you’ll regret it.

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Another obvious sign that he wants sex is when he keeps turning the conversation to sex. No matter what you try to talk to her about, the subject always seems to turn to sex. He persists in this, and you noticed.

This one can get scary. He tells you about the fantasies he hopes to live out in his life, whether it’s a threesome or public sex, whatever fantasy he wants. Then he asks you

If you can’t talk about your sexual fantasies, humor him. If not, then tell him. “I don’t feel comfortable talking about those things.”

This is when you kiss, it feels extra sensual. When his kisses are this good, it’s easy to think he really loves you. However, be careful. it could just be a trick.

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Sensual kisses are especially common among narcissistic men. They know the right heart strings to pull to get what they want from you. If you want to be safe, or if you want to make sure that he really loves you, hold off on sex, no matter how good his kisses are.

This is a huge sign that he just wants sex with you. You both pass a linen store, he looks at the mannequins and says:

When he does this, he is prejudiced against you. He wants you to believe that you will strip for him later. So be careful.

My Husband Just Told Me He Wants A Divorce

Similarly, be careful if he offers to give you a massage, especially if it’s a “nice” massage or if it’s to “feel good” or give you a “happy ending.” Suffice to say, you will find yourself in a place of compromise.

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It’s one of the oldest strategies in the book. he takes you to your seat, massages you and gets you in the mood for sex. And if you don’t turn it on after the massage, she will ask

He makes bad jokes; he tells sexual stories; he throws hints left and right. These are all clear signs that he wants quick, easy, no-strings-attached sex. Be careful if the bad jokes start early in the relationship, if you feel things are getting too intense for your taste, just back off.

He is obsessed

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