My Suprise Jack And Jill Cake

Sunday, January 15th 2023. | Weddings

My Suprise Jack And Jill Cake – Serve this beautiful and tasty Cheeseball Wedding Cake at your bridal shower or wedding! This amazing appetizer is perfect for any wedding and can be decorated in any theme you choose!

Welcome to all Fox 45 Morning Show viewers. Thanks for stopping by Hungry Happenings to check out my wedding cake cheesecake recipes and designs.

My Suprise Jack And Jill Cake

My Suprise Jack And Jill Cake

A few years ago, I made my first cheesecake wedding cake, pictured above, and received an incredibly enthusiastic response to the recipe. This bridal shower appetizer will be featured in the next issue of Woman’s World Magazine and was listed on the Glamor Magazine website as one of the week’s brightest wedding ideas.

How To Host A Bridal Shower

I’ve been meaning to revisit this edible craft idea for a while now and was finally inspired when I was asked to feature the project on my morning show on Fox TV.

I had so many decorating ideas it was hard to choose just one, so I decided to share a few different ways to turn a plain cheese ball into a beautiful appetizer to serve at a bridal shower or reception. Some of these cakes would also make a nice addition to Mother’s Day or a birthday party.

The cake, pictured above, is very simple to make. After using the instructions found here to make the basic wedding cake, you can use fresh dill and some roses to decorate it. I simply put dill around the cake and added some very small roses to add some color. If you can find organic roses that were grown without pesticides, they can be placed directly in the cheesecake. I didn’t, so I just washed them gently and placed them next to the cake.

I tried several different types of fresh herbs, including rosemary. My first attempt felt very earthy and a little silly. I wasn’t sure I liked it so I tried something else.

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This one is better, don’t you think? The flowers I used are called Wax Flowers. I would like to use them in the cake, but they are not organic either. Next time I make these cheesecakes, I’ll look for organic flowers. I think the cake would look really pretty with flowers cascading down the steps. I figured if I couldn’t use real flowers, I could at least make them out of food.

This is exactly what I did for my favorite of all wedding cakes. I cut marigolds from the mozzarella cheese and attached them to the cake to make a magical cheese ball. I love it, don’t you? In the process of making these cookies, I also tried out some new cheesecake recipes that I shared in the tutorial. The recipe I used for the daisy cake has a bit of apricot/peach juice in it which gives it a nice peach color. The daisies stand out against the soft color of the cheese ball. It wasn’t my favorite of the three recipes, but I like the look of it. If you’re a big fan of Camembert cheese, you’ll probably love it. Personally, I prefer the parmesan cheese ball with roasted garlic.

Combine all ingredients and blend using a hand mixer, hand mixer, food processor or large spoon.

My Suprise Jack And Jill Cake

Using a cookie cutter or stamp, cut about 50 faux flowers from white cheese slices. Brush yellow food coloring over two slices of cheese. Let the food coloring dry. Use a small circle cutter or stamp cutter to create yellow stamens for each daisy. Attach the yellow letters to the tweeters using some cream cheese.

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Attach the ticks to the cake using cream cheese. I filled a piping bag with cream cheese and attached a small round tip, then piped the cream cheese onto the back of each pie and pressed them into the cake. You can also use a knife or spatula to do this. You can spread the frosting on the cake or just circle each layer of the cake with the frosting like I did.

Adorable, isn’t it? Serve your cheese ball with crackers and see the surprise on your shower guests’ faces when they realize it’s an appetizer, not dessert.

You can make this cake several days in advance, just keep it covered and refrigerated until your party guest arrives.

Beth is a professional chocolatier, recipe developer, event planner and cookbook author who loves creating fun food. Best Desserts on the Grande, According to Yelp Pictured – Maple Buttercream Banana Blueberry Cake, Sugar Me Desserterie – Photo by David Petkiewicz,

Jack & Jill Bakery

In 2018, the Best of team went in search of the best sinful dessert in Northeast Ohio. We asked readers to nominate their favorite desserts and then vote to determine a regional top 20.

Mama Catena’s cannoli cake won our hearts—and our taste buds—and came out on top.

But that was then – long before the pandemic. A lot has changed. We’ve teamed up with our friends at Yelp for a fresh twist.

My Suprise Jack And Jill Cake

Whether you’re looking for the perfect ending to your meal or just something to satisfy your bliss, you should find something on this list.

Mami Eggroll: A Rustic Picnic Jack & Jill

This is the all-time list of the Greater Area’s best dessert companies, according to Yelp. Yelp identified businesses in the desserts category and ranked these places using a variety of factors, including overall volume and review ratings.

We worked directly with Yelp on this listing to reflect accurate data. Want to see your favorite place make the list below? Write your first review and join the Yelp Elite Squad today:

Dragon Eggs by Fear’s Confections Gourmet Brownies & Sweets located at 15208 Madison Ave, Lakewood – Photo by Yadi Rodriguez,

Sample Review: “Their pecan turtles are the best ever!! I love everything I’ve tried here, but the turtles will blow your mind.” – Aimee E.

Brooklyn Baker Serving Up Southern Style Treats

Sample Review: “Without a doubt, the best donuts on. Their flavors change every month and are always very creative and fun. The Choco Taco donut was my favorite. All the donuts had a great texture and all the toppings weren’t too sweet and went really well with the donuts.” – Gracie W.

Sample Review: “I’ve been to many locations and the service is always excellent. They move fast and their ice cream tastes amazing! I highly recommend this ice cream shop.” – Aidan B.

A selection of French Moroccan biscuits at Momo’s Kebab on Lee Road in the Heights (Lynn Ischay/The Plain Dealer) The Plain Dealer

My Suprise Jack And Jill Cake

Sample Review: “…we found ourselves surrounded by vibrant colors and eclectic decor, transported to a charming home shop in Morocco!” The owner himself took care of us. He certainly promised and delivered!… We ended our meal with an assortment of delicious cookies, baked by his wife. What a once in a heart experience! All four of us agreed that this place deserved 6 stars, no less. We’ll be back!” -Henedine A.

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Sample review: “…And the pie! Don’t drop the cake! My personal favorite is the banana cream, but again, they are all delicious and flavorful. Rood’s cooking is akin to walking into a modern garden party, which for me echoes the freshness of the food…. And the staff are friendly. – Aubree B.

Sample Review: “Definitely one of the tastiest experiences. I love this restaurant…. The coconut butter cake melts in your mouth. Worth every penny despite the high price. Servers are so nice and willing to talk you through menu items. Must try!” -Maria F.

Example review: “Great gelato!!! I had cookies and cream and a Nero. Nero is a water-based (vegan) chocolate gelato. It tasted like dark chocolate or brownie batter. The cakes and cream were absolutely delicious. Great gelato at a great price and portion size! Highly recommended!” – Raquel D.

This is the rustic apple pie at On The Rise Artisan Bread and Pastries at 3471 Fairmount Blvd. Heights. The Plain Dealer

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Example review: “I’ve had the standard sweet roll + small coffee (room for cream!) every Thursday for the past 20 weeks. Enough said. The staff are always smiling and helpful and the sweet bread is perfect.” -Andrew R.

Sample review: “Absolutely the best ever! Soft radiance, dreamy and sweet. Great options and great service. Even vegan!” -Kristin G.

Cake Pops from Campbell’s Sweets Factory located at 2084 W 25th St., and inside the West Side Market – Photo by Yadi Rodriguez,

My Suprise Jack And Jill Cake

Sample Review: “…We were amazed at the wide variety of items and managed to bring home enough to share with the family and now we are hooked. Fortunately, Campbell’s ship. I recommend a trip here. The popcorn tastes so good, the caramel apples are dripping with sweetness, the cupcakes are AMAZING (to put it

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