Navy Sparkly Heel Dilemma

Saturday, November 5th 2022. | Weddings

Navy Sparkly Heel Dilemma – As winter approaches and events begin to fill our calendars, the question of what to wear can become a weekly issue.

From cocktail parties to winter weddings, getting an invite in the evening can be as scary as it is exciting. But no matter how good the dress is, a shiny cashmere shawl or a glittery evening shawl will help.

Navy Sparkly Heel Dilemma

Navy Sparkly Heel Dilemma

After dark dresses always call for a little sparkle, but a rose gold shimmery evening shawl or a black sequined shawl will give you more than an instant glow. It can make a little black dress more interesting, make the jumpsuit less noticeable, and be the perfect showcase for the dress that falls to the floor.

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A lavish cashmere evening dress will be a real savior in all your winter relationships this year. So are you ready to find your partywear match made in heaven? It’s time to shine…

It may be the best time to wear a dress, but at least you know what to expect. For men, white tie means a dress suit worn with a white wing collar shirt. For women, it calls for a floor-length dress with a choice of gloves and an updo.

Of course, most of your efforts will go into searching for your costume. But finding the outerwear is just as important, because the wrong shirt can make you look like you’re making your grand entrance.

Cashmere Evening Shawl feels luxuriously warm, looks effortlessly elegant and doesn’t hide an inch of your gorgeous dress. For a pretty tie, embrace your inner Grace Kelly by draping your sequin evening gown loosely around your shoulders and letting it fall gently into the creases of your elbows.

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When it comes to color, it’s important to match your evening shawl with your accessories. For something different, why not opt ​​for rose gold jewelry and pair it with a rose gold shimmery scarf? Our Symphony cashmere shawl is interwoven with a delicate rose gold shimmery yarn that will give your shirt a striking sparkle.

The second most common dress code, black tie, means tuxedo for men. But for women, such an invitation can be ambiguous. Cocktail dresses and long dresses are the norm, but there are always exceptions. If this year’s Oscars is anything to go by, the formal wear is also the black-tie’s friend.

If you have chosen to wear a cocktail dress to a black tie event, there is a danger that you will look the same as everyone else has opted for red carpet dresses. To avoid this, keep the color of your cocktail dress rich, the silhouette design and the hemline at the knee.

Navy Sparkly Heel Dilemma

Add some sparkle with a pretty evening dress, because a shrug can also carry a simple style. To complete this evening dress, wrap the evening dress over your shoulders before tying the ends in a simple knot behind your back.

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If you’re wearing a light outfit, choosing a nice black shirt means you don’t have to spend time looking for the perfect color-matched shirt.

When winter weddings call for semi-dresses, it can be difficult to find the sweet spot to wear a dress underneath or a dress. A cocktail dress is always available and this time you can go for something with an asymmetrical or above the knee hemline.

But why not show off your fashion credentials with a smart silver jumpsuit? As elegant as a dress, jumpsuits are much more comfortable and can be worn either up or down.

Wearing a combination of silver or evening shawl draped over your shoulders will add shine to this beautiful winter. Our shiny cashmere evening shawls are all woven with a soft, shimmering yarn in the weave to catch the light. But while they shine, 3-layer cashmere will still keep you warm and safe under wraps while the bride and groom take their vows.

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When it comes to evening work, you will look well dressed if you keep your office attire on. If you work in a healthcare environment, you must also dress professionally.

A nice dress, a wrap dress or a nice dress worn with a blouse will work well. Stick to negative images, but don’t be afraid to be bold with your accessories. Choose a sturdy necklace or boots with a high heel.

Adding a sequined scarf or shawl can also elevate your nine-to-five outfit into something extra for the evening. Wearing a smart black blazer with a hot pink sequin scarf like Moondust will take you straight from the plate to the business gala. Hold the shawl at an angle to style, let it fall down. The spot wrapped over your blazer allows the two ends to hang evenly for a business look.

Navy Sparkly Heel Dilemma

Our Shimmer or Sparkle cashmere shawls and sequin scarves can help you shine this winter. Or buy all our cashmere scarves for women or men’s scarves.

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Today I would like to tell you what color shoes you can wear with navy blue dresses. Matching the neutral skirt with the right colored shoes is often a challenging task.

But with a shade like navy blue it is sometimes difficult to match the best color of shoes. Especially if you’re trying to pair shoes with navy blue jeans for a wedding, gala or work.

Sparkly High Heel Shoe Phone Holder, Red

Ok, so I say, finding the right color of shoes for some outfits will be harder than others. Navy blue may seem like a more difficult color to match with the right color of shoes, because it’s an almost black-but-not-black shade that can make you tired.

It’s easy to find blue dress shoes when the dresses have brighter shades of the hue.

However, you will be surprised to see how many beautiful and unexpected colors go with an anavy dress. This applies not only to colored shoes, but also to colored accessories.

Navy Sparkly Heel Dilemma

And don’t worry, with each shoe color option I’ll share the best color to go with your navy blue jeans!

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Oh, and these shoe options are perfect shoes to wear with skinny jeans that also have deep indigo or cobalt blue!

But then again, which shoe shades don’t go with the best classic? But I digress….back to what shoes to wear with navy blue dresses!

Like to wear bare shoes (especially heels!) with a navy blue dress. Of course, I intend to “fall behind” because the color suits your skin.

If your shoes match your legs and you’re wearing a short skirt, they look like they’ll go for miles!

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However, beige “bare skin” like the ones worn above will look good with navy blue jeans, no matter your skin tone. A great pair of nude shoes to add to your closet (that will last you forever and are totally worth the price) are Stuart Weitzman’s Nudist sandals & designer stiletto sandals with low heels called Nudist Song, which is great too!

Louboutin’s Pigalle Follies pumps are also great and come in many shades of pink. Three beautiful shoes that are also colorful to wear with purple jeans & dresses!

Bag Color Ideas: A white, gold or brown bag goes best with your pink shoes and navy blue jeans.

Navy Sparkly Heel Dilemma

Okay, so these shoes aren’t gold, but they look pretty good with navy jeans, right? Gold, unlike silver, is a warm metal that creates a greater contrast when paired with an outfit.

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Gold shoes are also the perfect shoes to wear with a navy blue jumpsuit! They’re also the perfect shoes to wear with a navy blue dress to a wedding, because they’re fun and bright!

I like the ‘paler’ gold with navy blue, but if you’re more into orange gold, go for it! Hot Shoes & Accessories is the perfect solution to your “what color shoes to wear with navy blue jeans conundrum”. And also makes a great shoe color for cocktail dresses and wedding combos.

Unfortunately, the heels I’m wearing in the photo above are no longer available, but the popular, all-in-all-hot sandals are Stuart Weitzman’s minimal Nudis curve.

Feel free to scroll through the hot shoes above, above, for more of my in-store favorites.

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Wallet color idea: white or pink and if the gold you chose is not enough color, you can take a small bag and still beautiful!

Colored shoes and navy blue dress ready to make you fall? But more importantly, can you wear black shoes with a navy blue shirt? You have probably asked yourself that and guess how you can wear black shoes with a navy blue dress.

Funnily enough I’m not the biggest fan of black pants and navy shoes, but I am

Navy Sparkly Heel Dilemma

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