Open Back Engagement Rings Question

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Open Back Engagement Rings Question – One thing I will probably never do is hide an engagement ring from a partner and BOY AM I GLAD. Between picking out a ring that I desperately hope they don’t hate, constantly keeping it in our house, and *lying* about all of the above, I’d definitely sink between two and three steps. Fortunately, love (and lifelong commitment) is more than a foolproof proposition. And frankly, accepting each other’s faults is the foundation of a stable relationship. Here are six women who spotted the ring before the proposal.

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Open Back Engagement Rings Question

Open Back Engagement Rings Question

1. “My mother gave my now-husband my great-grandmother’s diamond ring, but first she asked me if it was okay. To further spoil the surprise, he put the ring in an envelope and “took it” while I was in the bathroom. He brought it home and put it in the sock drawer where I had to look at it for almost a year when I put my clothes away. Sometimes I would get some wine when he wasn’t home and bring it to me for the evening. The tension was killing me! Finally, after sitting in the ring for about 14 months, he popped the question in our living room around midnight after going out with the girls. I was surprised but mostly relieved that the tension was over! He knows I knew the ring was there, but I still haven’t told him to try often when he’s not home.

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2. “My fiancé had told me early in our relationship that he wanted to buy an engagement ring from a jeweler friend of his in his college town. So when we went to his hometown for Easter, I wasn’t too surprised when he said he had to go with his brother to a “business meeting” with a potential new investor who was just in his university city He’s not the best liar, but I accepted his incomplete reasoning.

On the flight home I fell asleep on his shoulder and woke up just as he was sending a picture of my mom’s ring. I closed my eyes and pretended not to see him. When he hung up, I pretended to wake up, at which point he said his dad had sent him a picture of a ring with no other story or information. I replied, “That’s strange! Why did you do that?” and he said “I don’t know” and immediately changed the subject. When he proposed later that week, I pretended I didn’t know anything about the ring. To this day I haven’t had the heart to tell him that I knew all along.

3. “I knew for months that the proposal was coming and it happened during our big trip to the national park. My sweet fiance isn’t the best with surprises. He gets too excited and can’t keep things to himself. We planned the whole trip together, but he asked me to let him plan on Wednesday alone. As soon as he asked me that, I knew. The ring was the only thing that managed to maintain a surprise for so long. The day before we left for our trip, I was sitting next to my now fiancé when he opened the phone to show me something. I had previously shown someone a picture of my engagement ring and that was the first thing that came up when they unlocked the phone. I knew I saw it, but we both tried to act like it didn’t happen because I love surprises.

He proposed at Arches National Park in Moab, Utah. While I wasn’t surprised that the proposal happened that day, they ended up having some pretty big surprises that I never would have known from seeing this photo. For example, his mother had given him a diamond that she bought when he was exactly my age, and he had the rest of the ring custom made for me around her stone. It was better than I could have planned or dreamed. Plan the perfect day to propose. No surprise, but it was perfect.”

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4. “I found my engagement ring while looking for an important role in our small apartment in New York. My boyfriend insisted it wasn’t in the closet, so of course I looked in the closet again after looking elsewhere. Behind a pair of shoes, at eye level, was a white box. As I ran my hand over the embossed sticker of a famous jewelry store in Charleston, where we both met and fell in love, it appeared behind me. I felt weird – they don’t write a manual on how to find your engagement ring in front of your boyfriend! But we agreed that after seven years we knew it had to happen anyway, and it was still going to happen the same way I had planned. A few weeks later, over a three-course dinner he made, he told me to pack, we were leaving New York for Charleston to go back “to where it all began.” It gave me plenty of time to do my hair and nails, which I appreciated. It was still very exciting and even though I knew it was coming, I still bawled my eyes out when it happened! “

5. “Facebook’s advertising algorithms really ruined the surprise. My now-husband and I share a computer, and I suddenly started to notice that I was getting a lot of ads from jewelry companies, especially those focused on diamond rings. It turned out I was doing research online, and since I wasn’t searching incognito, the ads followed. Of course, we discussed this extensively before we got engaged, but still, if you’re planning to propose and want it to be a surprise, check your internet safety! Since we had been talking about getting more serious, it wasn’t too awkward to say, “You know, I’ve never been comfortable with diamonds, and I really love sapphires—I think they make beautiful engagement rings. . . . the listings started to shift to etsy and less conventional jewelers which was great.The ring I have now is an estate sapphire she found on ebay and it is absolute perfection.–

6. “We went to Door County, Wisconsin for a few days to celebrate my 24th birthday. I had a feeling something was up because I was calm and nervous the whole way. We were checked into the hotel and I went to freshen up. He planned to propose as the sun went down while we were on our way to dinner along Lake Michigan. Thinking it would take me longer to get ready, I left the bathroom just as he was taking the ring out of his bag. He had a panicked look on his face and said, “So this is going to be awkward.” He got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I’m actually glad it happened the way it did. We’re both pretty weird, so I think our engagement story suits us.

Open Back Engagement Rings Question

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It’s the most important piece of jewelry you’ll ever own, so you want to get it right when it comes to engagement ring etiquette. From who should choose the ring to how much to spend, there’s no shortage of important engagement ring details to consider when getting engaged. And on the rare occasion that you don’t like your ring, how do you make it look great?

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Definitely. In fact, 62 percent of couples now buy an engagement ring together. If you don’t feel comfortable doing this, be sure to communicate those feelings to your S.O. Just tell them you don’t want to shop together because you

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