Our Sams Club Flowers Arrived

Saturday, December 24th 2022. | Weddings

Our Sams Club Flowers Arrived – So you’ve heard about Sam’s Club Wedding Flowers and how they can save a lot of money on your wedding flower budget with affordable wedding flower packages? Well, we’re here to give you our Sam’s Club wedding flower review!

We had a wedding outside the reception, (see all the details of the wedding here) so we didn’t need a lot of decorations, but of course every wedding should have beautiful flowers! When we first saw how the farmers were collecting your wedding flowers, we almost decided to go to the farmers market and make them ourselves.

Our Sams Club Flowers Arrived

Our Sams Club Flowers Arrived

But, we also know that putting together flower arrangements, bouquets, boutonnieres, etc. will be a lot of work the day before or even on the day of the wedding. So when we found out that Sam’s Club had pre-made flowers, we were sold!

Flower Pot Candy Bouquet

And, they’re just a few of the prices you’ll get by getting them through florists!

We’re all planning on raising money for our wedding, so we don’t have to worry about getting Sam’s Club wedding flowers!

Doing your own flowers doesn’t mean you have to spend all day getting everything right before your wedding. With the Sam’s Club Wedding Collection, most of the work is already done for you! You will have cheap wedding flower packages all prepared and ready to go!

Sam’s Club has over 100 options of wedding flower packages that you can choose from for your big day. Choose a color, and see all their options here.

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Since we are doing a lot of things in our DIY wedding, I decided it would be better to buy a pre-made collection, so we went with the White Rose Wedding Collection which includes 43 pieces!

I wanted white flowers for my wedding, so this collection was perfect! It contains everything you need for the ceremony, and some for the reception. This wedding package comes with:

All for just $1000! It’s a steal for wedding flowers! If you already have ideas for your wedding flowers, you may not agree.

Our Sams Club Flowers Arrived

Another thing that made it difficult for us is that there are no real reviews or pictures of what you get, their appearance, size, etc., so it felt like gambling without knowing, that we would be real. Accept This is why we want to write this post for other brides who want to do their own wedding with Sam’s Club.

A Glossary Of Wedding Flowers By Color

Let me just say, they turned out perfect!! I couldn’t be happier with this collection. And they have over 100 different options to choose from, so you can choose your perfect collection.

Ordering flowers on the Sam’s Club website is straightforward. You cannot order flowers for more than 3 weeks, so be sure to set a reminder to order them. But, you can order them at least one week. (The shipping date will depend on the day you order them, so if you order on a Saturday, you may not receive them until the following Tuesday…so 10 days).

Each of our Sam’s Club wedding flowers comes with free shipping! So no worries about shipping madness. (Although some of these flowers are shipped from other countries! Our flowers are from Ecuador.)

Sam’s Club recommends sending your flowers 2 days before your event. This gives them plenty of time to open up and “breathe” after the long work they’ve done for you. 2 days is a good time for our roses and lilies to open, but I would say if you have some flowers that need longer, maybe add a day to your order. Our flowers will still be perfect if we order them 3 days in advance. Also, it can give you more time to plan things if you need to.

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We had a bit of trouble trying to get our order to us quickly. Our place is 2 1/2 hours away, and we won’t get there in time to get the flowers. We didn’t know it until the last minute, but we found out that we could ship the flowers directly to our local Walgreens, and as soon as we got the email notification that our flowers had shipped, we changed our delivery to FedEx.

If you’re out of town and can’t travel with your flowers, send them there, then send them to the nearest FedEx location, where you can pick them up when you get there. Here’s a little tip we discovered.

You can worry about your flowers drying up and sitting in a box while they are just waiting for you… .

Our Sams Club Flowers Arrived

Our Sam’s Club wedding flower package is packaged in 2 large boxes, and the flowers are in perfect condition.

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Sam’s Club will send you instructions with a wedding flower package, but it’s good to know what to do first, so you can plan your schedule. That’s why we also include a picture of their care instructions here for you. But here is the root cause…

You need to open your flowers as soon as you receive them, and place them in water.

Your flowers will be without water for more than 24 hours, so they will need to have some water to rise and get ready for display. Our flowers can be placed right on the table, after adding them to the vases, they are beautiful. But, we want the flower and Lily to open a little more, so we opened them and took tissue paper from each one so that they would open more.

If you are working on your flowers somewhere other than the venue, you may want to have a sheet of paper with you to help move them there.

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2. Remove the “Hydration Sponge and Bag” from the lower case. Each flower arrangement, including the bouquet, will be transported with a sponge on the ground to help them get as much water as possible. You will want to remove them and cut off the ends with the flower cutters provided. (Double check to see if your flower cutters are included in your package…some are not included, so we recommend these.)9

All your wreaths, corsages, and flowers will come in a clear box, and all you have to do is put them in the refrigerator. You want to leave them there until the last minute, then they can be put together right before the party.

*Please note that corsages can be pin and not wrist corsages. A friend of ours referred us to the bracelet.

Our Sams Club Flowers Arrived

We didn’t really do that for the bouquet or the centerpiece. (We did it for our extra flowers).

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Instead, we kept them in the refrigerator where they were sent. I’m not telling you it’s perfect, but I’m telling you that’s what we did, and they were still perfect at 5:00 pm at our Saturday wedding. We put them in the fridge around 5pm on Thursday. I flipped them over twice, so they wouldn’t lie on one side. We put hydration sponges on them!

**If you want your flowers to be “harder” or more “budded” chill them. If you want them to bloom a little, keep them at room temperature. The warmer it is, the sooner they will bloom.

We made a big family friend with all our flowers that day. She went above and beyond, and we can’t thank her enough for her amazing work!

This morning, we arranged the flowers to be the centerpiece. We have 10 centerpieces in our collection, and 15 tables. So we made 5 more from the extra large flowers we ordered.

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Vases were not included in the package, so we had to go find something that would work.

This is one thing that I was really nervous about, because they recommended 8 “globe vases, and they were out of my price range for what I wanted to spend. We grabbed all the vases around the house, and they were beautiful. We’ve used tall, short, round and square, and they all look great. I also love the little variations on each table. Check out these and these if you’re not sure which vases to go with.

We modified our bouquets, because I personally don’t like how long the stems are, but that’s the only modification we made to them. We took the wedding bouquet and added some beautiful blue and green hydrangeas, as I wanted more color and florals.

Our Sams Club Flowers Arrived

And it is! Flowers were ordered on samsclub.com, sent to a local FedEx location, picked up and placed by us.

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