Outdoor Wedding Arbors

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Outdoor Wedding Arbors – There are arbors to suit all wedding sizes and styles. Take some inspiration from our favorites to find the perfect style for you.

If you choose to get married outdoors, it may be because you like the scenery in your area. However, most couples want to put their own style stamp on their wedding venue to make it truly theirs. Wedding arbors are an easy way to personalize an outdoor wedding and define an outdoor ceremony space. But don’t think there’s only one way to make a wedding arbor. Now is the time to think outside the box. Whether you’re looking for ideas for a chuppah or a decorated place to frame your wedding, there are many ways to personalize a wedding arbor and make it special.

Outdoor Wedding Arbors

Outdoor Wedding Arbors

Draw inspiration from your color palette, theme or season – no rules. You can get creative with different fabrics, florals, and textures. Make sure your wedding arbor matches the ambiance of your ceremony, reception and décor. Whether you’re going for whimsical, classic or totally down-home, there’s a style and design to suit you.

Pc Outdoor Wedding Arch Curtain White Transparent Background Curtain Snow Cloth Curtain Used For Gazebo Wedding Arch Ceremony Party Ceiling Decoration Background(w54xl216inch)

Pro tip: Use what’s around you! Combining florals and greenery or wood and fiber are organic ways to bring a natural feel to your décor. See below for some wedding ideas to inspire you.

See what you like? Whether you are a talented couple and choose to build your own wedding arbor, or simply need a wedding arbor idea to inspire your design and bring it to your architect, there are many ways to create one that represents you and is unique to you. You can recruit friends and family to help make your wedding arbor special.

Whatever outdoor wedding arbor you decide on, enjoy the process, get creative with your materials and let your outdoor space and scenery inspire you.

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Outdoor Wedding Arbors

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Wedding arches are some of the most popular types of wedding ideas, and there are many ways to customize your own based on the color, season, style, or even the types of flowers included. Whether you need a wedding band to set a romantic mood for your vows or you’re looking for something really trendy, like triangles or circles, we’ve got you covered with these ideas.

This simple yet stylish arch is perfect for any type of outdoor wedding. Pastel flowers are the theme if you want a spring garden vibe, but you can swap them out for anything springtime, like blue hydrangeas in summer or flowers in fall.

Outdoor Wedding Ceremony Backdrop Wood Arch Arbor With Greenery And White Roses And Suspended Hanging Stock Flowers

Trendy half arches made of soft pampas grass instantly bring bohemian charm to your wedding altar. Complete the set with an optional hot seat scenic view!

If you’re having winter outdoors, consider a beautiful wedding ceremony with green trees and red roses. The open top and slightly asymmetrical design give this backdrop a really bad look.

The round wedding arch (you might call it a big flower) is a modern version of the classic arch. They add beauty to your ceremony decor and you can personalize them with everything from fresh flowers and greenery to pampas grass, ribbons and macrame. It is made of vines and branches for a rustic and woodsy finish.

Outdoor Wedding Arbors

Here’s another wedding design idea: Use veins and columns of different heights to create the impression of an arch on your outdoor altar. Switch up vessels to suit your wedding ceremony—for example, a stone jar for a classic romantic theme or a tall glass vase for a modern look.

Wedding Arch Decorating Ideas To Inspire You

The crimson and white flowers add a sultry and romantic feel to this green circle (we love how perfectly it frames the seaside view!).

Give your wedding a challenge by choosing only triangles. This geometric background pairs well with other trendy themes, such as dry green, proteas, and rattan furniture accents.

We can’t stop looking at the beautiful exterior of the wedding altar. The warm yellow and orange color scheme (aside from the neutral pampas grass) makes this place a fall design.

Why settle for one wedding bouquet when you can have three strong flowers? Create some floral arches filled with pink, red, and white flowers for a pretty look that fits the story.

Metal Garden Arbor Garden Arch Arbor Green Wedding Arbor With Round Top Outdoor Decorative Pergola Arbor Outdoor Wedding Party

If your big day happens in the fall, you’ll want to add these photos to your Pinterest board ASAP. A cluster of white pumpkins and a matching arch of monochromatic flowers is a match made in the sky.

Some arbors and wedding canopies, such as chuppahs and mandaps, serve cultural or religious purposes, while other types are decorative items. Check out some of the beautiful wedding pavilions with flowers, fabrics, greenery and more below.

The light blue curtains add the loveliest touch of color to the traditional chuppah, which is topped with a heart and coordinating blue hydrangeas.

Outdoor Wedding Arbors

Sometimes, all it takes is a simple addition of fabric in between the curtain fabric and greenery to complete your wedding arbor. Colored glass bottles add a bit of character – you can use mercury glass candle holders or vases.

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Feeling crafty? If you can’t rent a wedding pavilion from your venue or a local vendor, you can build your own using thin tree branches to great effect. We love these white branches, which are especially beautiful against a backdrop of pale green and blossoms.

Whether you’re getting married in the desert or just want to keep it bohemian, we love the idea of ​​adding potted cacti and succulents to your wedding arbor. The large, open design of this wooden structure is really cool.

Your ocean view probably doesn’t need much support, but it’s hard to argue with this beautiful wedding arbor! Line your path with tall flowers, such as delphiniums, larkspur, or gladiolus, to create the illusion that you are walking through a flower bed on the beach.

We’ve never seen anything like this chuppah, filled with trees, Spanish moss and giant air plants! It fits perfectly with the bride and groom’s jungle wedding theme.

The Wedding Arch

Inject beautiful color into your wedding décor with a wooden chuppah featuring vibrant seasonal flowers. As a bonus, models of this type are easy to reuse at receptions; Your florist can divide them into different types of flowers or just mess them up and use them to make beautiful messages or cakes.


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