Outdoor Wedding Decoration Ideas On A Budget

Tuesday, December 13th 2022. | Weddings

Outdoor Wedding Decoration Ideas On A Budget – 30 Brilliant Small Intimate Backyard Wedding Ideas On A Budget Backyard Wedding, &nbsp Outdoor Wedding Ideas, &nbsp Small Wedding Ideas, &nbsp Wedding Themes

Whether you want complete flexibility for your big day or want to save money on wedding decorations, the backyard is always the perfect place to consider as a wedding venue. One of the advantages of having a backyard wedding is that you have complete freedom to make the wedding personal, unique and perfect! From the ceremony to the dance floor to the photo booth, here are some of our favorite backyard wedding ideas to help you have an intimate party that saves you some money.

Outdoor Wedding Decoration Ideas On A Budget

Outdoor Wedding Decoration Ideas On A Budget

Creating a walkway in your yard can be easy. Whether you want a classic and minimalist wedding arch, a simple and elegant greenery or floral arch, a bohemian macrame arch… the possibilities are endless.

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Having your own wedding sign is super easy for a casual backyard wedding. You can also add your own personalities to the signs that will deeply engage your guests.

Charming string lights are both decorative and functional, and are a wonderful way to brighten up a space after the sun goes down. You can hang them in trees, on a fence, or on tent poles across the yard.

Backyard weddings are about family and friends-turned-family. Keep the living room comfortable and open with a long, banquet-style table. Guests will experience the warmth and joy of celebrating a couple side by side.

The courtyard is a good place to organize an inexpensive wedding that is modern and beautiful at the same time. Try decorating your wedding table with green leaves or nearby interesting elements like flower pots or plants.

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Black and white photos of the newlyweds stack white boxes filled with eucalyptus and lanterns for a sophisticated yet rustic personal touch. Or add a sentimental touch by displaying photos of family weddings that have been passed down through the generations.

A campfire is a fun backyard wedding idea to plan after dinner. Set up a s’mores station and provide cozy blankets for lounging.

Whether you leave the games out during cocktail hour or guests use them before the ceremony, lawn games add something special to make your backyard wedding memorable.

Outdoor Wedding Decoration Ideas On A Budget

Whether it’s a traditional lounge or a boho-style tent or cozy theater, you can easily achieve this with outdoor furniture you already own.

Outdoor Wedding Ideas

We’re all about kicking off your shoes and dancing in the grass, but if you’re looking for something a little more traditional, set up a makeshift dance floor that will make you forget you’re in your backyard.

If you’re ready to plan the ultimate wedding, check out some of our favorite send-off ideas.

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Decorate your wedding aisle with beautiful rustic dried flower aisle decorations. Walk the love of your life down the aisle with a burgundy bridal bouquet. Always promise in front of a wooden arch with burgundy wedding flowers. Celebrate love with an outdoor wedding reception complete with beautiful string lights and rustic centerpieces.

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1. Combine your love with a backyard wedding ceremony in front of this rustic wooden wedding arch. Decorate this wedding arch with this red wedding flower.

2. Hang your escort cards on these artificial green wall panels with LED lights with jute ribbon.

Outdoor Wedding Decoration Ideas On A Budget

3. Make this rustic DIY wedding banner for just $28. Click here to follow this simple step-by-step guide.

Backyard Wedding Ideas That Are Anything But Casual

4. Spice up your rustic indoor wedding with this wooden folding screen. Decorate this wooden screen with flower garlands and lights.

5. Commit to your partner for life between these two tall arched window frames. Decorate a window frame with this rustic wedding flower inspired by a fall wedding.

8. This giant wooden candle holder deserves a spot on your wedding table. Style this candle on your wedding table with a eucalyptus wreath. Fill the card holder with an assortment of candles that match your wedding decor.

10. Cover your wooden rectangular tables with this vintage wedding table runner. Create a rustic bohemian wedding feel with this whiskey barrel candle holder.

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12. Create a rustic lantern centerpiece with this black ornate lamp, wood pieces and LED candles. This is a lamp with burgundy floral pieces.

13. Hold this maroon wedding bouquet in your hands and walk down the aisle to the love of your life.

14. Your guests will laugh when your ring bearers walk down the aisle with these ring bearer signs. Dress up your ring bearers as cowboys in these junior cowboy hats.

Outdoor Wedding Decoration Ideas On A Budget

15. Design your dream wedding cake in one step with this farmhouse wedding cake topper. Order a regular three-layer cake from your local bakery and add this cake filling.

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A rustic wedding theme is a combination of natural elements (ie wood, greenery and dry grass) and bold mood colors (ie burgundy, blue and sage green).

Hi, I’m Morgan Falconer. I’m so glad you stopped by. 👋 I am 26 years old and I live my life in color. I want to live a bold, colorful, fun, creative life. Every day of my life is one big party. Nothing excites me more than creating beautiful DIY table centerpieces, styling a wedding table, or creating a DIY balloon backdrop. Learn more about my adventurous and creative career

Hi, I’m Morgan Falconer. I’m so glad you stopped by. 👋 I am 26 years old and I live my life in color. I want to live a bold, colorful, fun, creative life. Every day of my life is a big fun. When it comes to wedding venues, nothing gets more intimate or private than your own patio or your father-in-law’s lake cabin. And planning a backyard wedding on a budget is not only possible, it can also be fun. No, really, we swear!

Don’t worry, we live for this kind of wedding day dream and intrigue. We’re all looking for ways to save money, because we’re sure there are other things you want to enjoy after the wedding.

Budget Friendly Outdoor Wedding Ideas

Like a honeymoon, or some new socks. If you are paying a large wedding fee, you should start going barefoot. Just saying’.

Ready to plan your epic backyard wedding? Read on for inspiration on how to make every element of your wedding budget budget-friendly. Also read our general tips for keeping your wedding budget under control.

The nice thing about working on a shoestring budget is that it encourages you to step outside the box and take creative leaps of faith. Whether it’s diving into the world of DIY or coming up with delicious recipes to feed a crowd. You’ll discover tons of ways to save money while creating a unique and memorable backyard wedding.

Outdoor Wedding Decoration Ideas On A Budget

Choose a place that you like or that you like because of the atmosphere. Maybe it’s your grandmother’s garden, your fiance’s cottage by the sea, or your own backyard. Walk around the area and learn about it on a wedding planning level to discover its potential.

Low Budget Diy Backyard Wedding Decorations And Ideas — Cushla Marie Photography

Make sure it suits your needs and the number of guests you are hosting. Ask yourself key questions like:

Be honest in your answers or you’ll be in a bind later on in your wedding planning adventures!

There are many great food and drink ideas for a backyard wedding on a budget. To name just a few:

The great thing about many of these menus is that they are easy and affordable to put together yourself.

Best Small Backyard Wedding Ideas

Another popular option we’ve seen is the ‘donation bar’. It’s a cross between an open bar and a paid bar. Place a beautiful jar on the bar and invite guests to put bills on the dolla dolla to cover the cost of their booze!

We absolutely loved the food served by Kaitlin and Jeremy at their North Carolina backyard wedding.

Since you’re getting married outdoors, you’ll want to dress appropriately for the season and setting. For a summer wedding you want something cool and casual, for a winter wedding you want to wear layers.

Outdoor Wedding Decoration Ideas On A Budget

While the weather should certainly guide your dress choices, don’t let the location stop you from wearing the wedding dress (or tuxedo!) of your dreams. Regardless of your style (elegant, boho, modern or vintage), you can find an affordable dress that suits you.

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Check out our guide to the best online stores to buy a cheap wedding dress and our article on cheap wedding dresses.

Seasonal flowers and field flowers

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