Photo Booth Backdrop Diy

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Photo Booth Backdrop Diy – If you’ve had a wedding recently (or even on Instagram), you’ve probably seen fun photo backdrops for people to pose in front of. Not only is this photo backdrop fun, it makes it easy for your guests to celebrate the event and mix things up when they’re tired on the dance floor.

The good news is that this backdrop is super easy to DIY. Using wedding-appropriate flowers, you can create a simple floral backdrop like this one from Add some fun accessories like hats or masks to make the background of your photo more fun. Your guests will love the variety and creativity, which means you’ll get some fun photo opportunities!

Photo Booth Backdrop Diy

Photo Booth Backdrop Diy

One of the best ways to create a photo background is to create your own background. This way you can reuse it for different celebrations and it’s easy to move around. We’ll show you how to make a background, as well as two ways to decorate it!

Stunning Yet Simple Diy Photo Booth Backdrop Ideas

The best thing about photo backdrops is how easy and cheap they are to make! Plus, it’s easy to resize to fit your space. All you need is some materials from your local hardware store.

Most hardware stores will cut PVC pipe for you, so make sure you get the right size for the top. You can also choose to cut the PVC pipe yourself. If you plan to cut pipes at home, add a PVC ratchet cutter to your list of materials. Follow the tutorial here for cutting instructions.

Now that you’ve gathered all your materials, it’s time to learn how to make the background. Follow these six steps to get a photo backdrop that will rock your party! Bonus points if you paint the PVC a fun color so you can see it in the shots.

Step 1 – Start by building a standing leg. Insert a 4-inch pipe into the center of the T-connector and two 1.5-foot pieces on either side. Repeat for the second leg.

Diy Photo Backdrop

Step 2 – Add another “T” connector to the top of the 4 inch pipe. The center line of the “T” should face inward.

Step 3 – Connect the two base pieces by attaching 5 feet of tubing to each “T” connector facing inward.

Step 4 – Add the edge of the photo background by inserting two 6.5-foot pipes into the opening facing up in the “T” connector.

Photo Booth Backdrop Diy

Add texture to your photo background with border colored triangles. This option is perfect for all kinds of parties from New Years to birthdays. Choose tissue paper that matches the theme, cut, tape and voila, you have a backdrop!

How To Make Your Own Diy Photo Booth: 6 Easy Steps

Fresh flowers are hard to resist! Add a floral touch to your bridal shower, birthday party or bachelorette party with this photo backdrop. Mix the leaves for a pop of green, and be sure to choose long-lasting flowers for a backdrop that will last all day.

To help you think of more creative ways to use backdrop frames, we’ve rounded up more photo backdrop ideas for your next wedding. Happy! Photo booth backdrop ideas are fun accessories for parties, showers, weddings, and photo shoots! We’ve been creating our favorite backgrounds on the internet since 2010, and now we’re collecting our favorites. Check out these easy and affordable photo booth backdrops to add fun and color to your photos.

Ten years ago, I made my first photo booth backdrop using a broom handle, some yarn, and some tinsel. I shared a DIY here on the blog and realized two things. First of all, I love creating photo backgrounds and using them for fun photos. And secondly, you are very happy!

I started thinking of an easy, fun and affordable way to create colorful and unique photo background ideas on Lovely Indeed. We now have a huge library of backgrounds that you can use, from weddings to photo shoots and more!

Unique Backdrop Ideas

So while you can check out the entire photo background library here, I wanted to round up the most popular and favorite ones. This list has backgrounds that people like to recreate, and I think they’re the best for cost and ease of use.

Psst – before you dive in, check out my exclusive list where I’ll be posting new ideas, DIYs and more!

There are many elements that make a great photo background. For me, they have to undergo some tests!

Photo Booth Backdrop Diy

Is it strong? This is a top priority because you definitely don’t want to make something that will break in the middle of a party or photo shoot.

How To Make A Simple & Elegant Photo Booth Backdrop

Most photo booth backdrops are built into existing walls, so there’s no risk of them falling over. Be sure to read the DIY notes on recommended adhesives or attachment methods to ensure that background elements of your photo are not lost.

Is it cheap? I really believe that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to make something that looks amazing. Check out our library to get inspired by the different materials you can have in your home.

Is it easy? I don’t think you need to be a DIY genius or design pro to make a nice photo booth backdrop! The tutorials I post here are full of easy techniques that anyone can do.

Is it fast No pre-rolled photo booth backdrops here take more than an hour to make! So you can finish quickly and move on to the fun stuff: the party and the photos.

Top 22 Extremely Creative Diy Photo Booth Backdrop Ideas

And now, without further ado, our 10 favorite photo booth ideas and how-tos! Drunk! xoxo

Our most popular and recreated photo booth idea is this simple crepe paper streamer backdrop! You can earn a few dollars in minutes.

We’ve seen it done in all kinds of different colors and patterns, and it’s a slam dunk every time. So easy and fun to make!

Photo Booth Backdrop Diy

This tissue paper background is one of the few that uses an actual background instead of a blank wall. Perfect for weddings, showers, birthdays and more. Click here for a link to the specific background you use.

Photo Booth Backdrop Ideas

I love this one (of all the background ideas) because it’s like a classic parade float, from the tissue paper stuffing to the chicken wire. It creates a full, smooth look.

This sparkling gold and silver backdrop is a must for New Year’s Eve! Guests like to take selfies in front of them. And you can reuse the material every year.

While it’s great for New Year’s Eve, I’ve also used this idea for anniversaries, showers, graduations, and more.

Colorful crepe paper makes it so easy to recreate a rainbow photo background! All you need is crepe paper and a dot of glue.

Photo Booth Backdrop Ideas

These tissue paper flowers make great photo backdrops for a variety of occasions! You can put this together in less than an hour for the cost of some tissue paper and double sided tape.

I love this idea for baby showers, weddings, spring celebrations and other happy occasions. It will also make a perfect photo background for baby photos!

This background is made from a roll of card stock, so it’s fun and easy! I like to use it at children’s parties, especially if you have a movie, circus or carnival theme.

Photo Booth Backdrop Diy

This is a great backdrop idea for product photography! It gives the photos a very cheerful and summery feel and is full of color.

Diy Photo Booth Backdrops

What’s more fun than balloons?! This DIY balloon backdrop checks all our boxes: easy, quick, cheap, and colorful!

Balloon backdrop ideas are also amazing for parties, carnivals, festivals, and more! Or set it up for a special birthday photo shoot.

Post-it notes are the perfect material for photo backgrounds because you don’t need any other supplies! Check out this easy tutorial on how to make the perfect post-it notes.

How fun would this be to do in the classroom for a school picture?! I also love this idea for office or graduation photos.

Way To Celebrate Halloween Diy Fringe Photo Booth Backdrop Kit, 8′

Here’s another idea you can reuse: vinyl record backing! It’s all about how you apply the photo booth background to your wall, so check out the secret here.

The use of background footage was unexpected, but brilliant. You can make this to be removable or you can make it as a permanent decorative installation. How amazing is that in a music lover’s home?

For something more boho, try a living wall! This botanical background is beautiful and simple.

Photo Booth Backdrop Diy

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Diy Photo Booth Ideas For Your Next Shindig

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