Pine Cone Decor Ideas

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Pine Cone Decor Ideas – Thinking about making a pinecone centerpiece for your fall decor? great idea! DIY pinecone centerpieces are an inexpensive, easy and fun craft project for your home. Let me show you how to make a mid-autumn pinecone.

Creating a DIY pinecone centerpiece for your table is a great idea for your fall or Christmas decorations. Pinecones are abundant and free and are a great way to add a little rustic and natural decor to your home.

Pine Cone Decor Ideas

Pine Cone Decor Ideas

You can make your own fall pinecones in 30 minutes or less. Use different types and sizes of pinecones, stick them in the flower foam and you are basically done.

Amazing Diy Pine Cone Crafts & Decorations

I love nature walks, especially in the fall. Those magical fall days when the leaves are in full color, the sun is shining, the temperature is always nice, and nature is at its best.

And when I went to the autumn market, an empty backpack came with me. Because fall is the best time of year to find free decorating supplies everywhere. And no matter the total number of crates I have full of fallen pinecones of all shapes, sizes and shapes, I always bring home more. Can’t help myself.

I have seen many crafts for pinecones already but this pinecone center inspired me to make my own pine cone table decorations.

So what is a woman with a serious pinecone problem? Make a pinecone craft of course!

Pine Cone Crafts To Add A Seasonal Touch To Your Home

Today’s project is a beautiful pinecone tree that is so easy to make, you can whip it up in less than 30 minutes. With all the free decorating materials out there, it’s a cheap and expensive project too.

In my humble opinion, pinecones are the perfect fall decoration that works great for Thanksgiving decorations too. Fall is the season where all pinecones naturally dry out and tend to fall off the tree. They are there to harvest and use in cone crafts and decorations.

So let’s get to it, and make a mid-autumn DIY that will look great all fall until Thanksgiving.

Pine Cone Decor Ideas

The first step in this inexpensive fall centerpiece tutorial is to gather and prepare your basic materials. You will need lots of pinecones of various sizes.

How To Preserve Pine Cones To Use For Home Decorating

Go on a beautiful nature walk and collect as many pinecones (or pinecone like berries) as you can find. I have used pinecones from trees and shrubs such as cedar, fir, pine, larch, common alder, and spruce. Anything I can find easily and collect without damaging the trees. If you are interested in learning about the various types of pinecones, I found this article to be particularly useful.

After bringing the treasures you found at home you must prepare them for crafting. The first thing is to clean all your poppins of mud, leaves, and pine needles. Use a soft brush or some tweezers to remove dirt and dust from your pine cones. Spread the pinecones on some newspapers and let them dry, this will give small bugs and critters time to leave.

If you are worried about germs and bugs, you can soak your pinecones in soapy water to clean them better. This also means you have to be extra careful in drying them afterwards.

Spread your pinecones out on some newspaper to dry. Pinecones dry when opened, and no longer feels cold. This can take a few hours to a few days, and it depends on how fresh the pinecones were when you found them.

Diy Candy Corn Pine Cones

If you have soaked your pinecones, it may be a good idea to dry the cones in a medium to hot oven. Spread it on a tray and put it in the oven for one or two hours.

How you prepare your pinecones for crafting depends on where and how you will use them. Like, cut them in half to make a pinecone wreath, paint or glitter them for a pinecone garland, or give them a wire rod to use in an arrangement.

Once you’ve done your basic prep, it’s easy to put the pinecone center together. Start by making an outline with the top piece, fill the centerpiece with pinecones of different sizes and add the last extra decoration. I will show you the steps I took in the video and written instructions below.

Pine Cone Decor Ideas

Place your oasis in the center of your tray (optionally use a dab of hot glue to hold the oasis in place).

Cute And Natural Diy Pinecone Christmas Ornaments

I started with some small cedar trees still attached to the branches. I created the basic shape in my center this way. I highlighted this shape with some wood-like seed pods (like the ones from the Honey Locust tree).

In the next round, I started adding larger pinecones. To attach the pinecones to the oasis I used ‘trunks’ created from wire.

Next, I determined the height of my center. I used the dry head of hogweed to put the smell.

Then it’s a matter of going round and round adding more small pinecones and groupings of alder chatin.

Awesome Pinecone Crafts And Projects

For the final step, I added some additional decorations. I used feathers, some woodsy decorations, a bunch of cinnamon sticks, and other accents, saved from previous arrangements. This step is optional, but add some unexpected elements, loosen up the whole arrangement and make it less serious.

If you love easy ways to craft and decorate then I have some home decor craft ideas that are perfect for your fall decor.

This fall center can easily transition into a Christmas center that will last all season. Simply replace some brown pinecones with painted pinecones or ornaments. Sprinkle your homemade centerpiece with faux snow, and use white feathers instead of brown. Voila! Instant winter holiday centre.

Pine Cone Decor Ideas

Instead of a solid block of floral foam, you can use an oasis in the form of a crown. This way you can place a candle holder in the middle and build your homemade centerpiece around it. Place your candle in a vase or mason jar so the candle flame stays away from your fall arrangement because all these dry ingredients can catch fire.

Diy Pinecone Crafts: Creative Pinecone Decorating Ideas

I love round centerpieces for the dining table or coffee table. And if you want to make a centerpiece for your side table, mantel or buffet you can also use a rectangular tray and make a long arrangement.

I really hope you love this cheap and easy fall fragrance. I know I had fun making it and I love how it looks on my dining room table.

If you want to make a centerpiece like this one day, don’t forget to save this project to your inspiration file.

Bringing in my pine center is my contribution to this month’s Sustainable Pinterest Challenge. Be sure to check out all the other projects my talented blogger has done. Nature was our challenge that month and it led to many beautiful projects that are perfect for fall. Pine cone crafts are perfect for fall! Make pine cone decorations or just have a great time crafting with your kids.

Need An Easy Diy Pinecone Christmas Tree?

Here are 25 EASY pine cone craft ideas – plus watch the video in this post for bonus ideas. You can watch a video on how to make a pine cone bouquet!

I know it’s easy to walk around pine cones in the fall and think of them as landscape fodder, but they’re a surprising craft base that you can make a whole bunch of things from.

You and your kids will not only have fun crafting, but it’s also a great excuse to get out and collect. Not only are cones great for crafts, but also for decoration.

Pine Cone Decor Ideas

It also lasts a long time. I have the same bowl of pine cone decoration on my mantle that I have had for 21 years now.

Pine Cone Decoration Crafts For Christmas

One of my forestry teachers gave me two large pine cones and I use them all year round. They are not even painted. . . but I like the natural look they give my decor. I just love cone bread!

Before we get to the projects, I want to address some frequently asked questions. If you’re curious, read on – if not, you can scroll down to get all the ideas.

Whether you’re using pinecones for crafts, decorations, or some other use, you’ll want to prepare them.

You don’t have to*, but if you want them to last for years, you’ll want to remove the sap and fleas. There are two ways I recommend.

Pinecone Crafts And Decorations You’ll Want To Try

You will preheat the oven to 200ºF and line a baking sheet with aluminum foil. Put the bread cone in the oven for 30 minutes or until all the juices have melted.

You will notice that putting bread cones in the oven causes them to open well and dry a little. Not only that, but you will kill one of the small animals that live in.

Another option is to wash your bread cone. Add 1/2 cup to 1 cup of vinegar to warm water, and leave it there

Pine Cone Decor Ideas

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