Planning A Wedding On A Small Budget

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Planning A Wedding On A Small Budget – When it comes to your wedding venue, it doesn’t get more intimate or personal than your own backyard or your in-laws’ cabin by the lake. Planning a backyard wedding on a budget is not only possible, it can also be downright fun. No, I swear!

Don’t worry We live for this kind of wedding, where we dream and plan. And we all try to find ways to save money. Because surely there are other things you want to be able to enjoy after the wedding.

Planning A Wedding On A Small Budget

Planning A Wedding On A Small Budget

Like a honeymoon or new stockings. And if you’re footing a huge wedding bill, you might have to go barefoot. just say

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Ready to start planning an epic backyard wedding? Read on for inspiration on how to make every element of your wedding more affordable. Also read our general tips for keeping to a wedding budget.

The good thing about working with a small budget is that it encourages creative leaps outside the box. Whether you’re diving into the world of DIY, for example, or feeding a crowd by whipping up delicious recipes. You will discover many ways to save money while creating a unique and unforgettable backyard wedding.

Choose a place that makes sense to you or you like the atmosphere. It could be your grandmother’s garden, your girlfriend’s beach house, or your backyard. Walk around the area, learn about wedding planning and discover its potential.

Make sure it suits your needs and the number of guests you are hosting. Ask yourself these key questions:

Affordable Wedding Food Ideas That Actually Won’t Break Your Budget

Not being honest with your answers can get you into trouble later on in your wedding planning adventures.

There are so many great food and drink ideas for an inexpensive backyard wedding. To name a few:

The great thing about these menus is that they are easy and cheap to compose yourself.

Planning A Wedding On A Small Budget

Another popular option we’ve seen is the “donation bar.” It’s a cross between an open bar and a pay bar. Place a nice bottle on the bar, invite guests and throw in a dollar bill to cover your drink.

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We loved the food spread Kaitlyn and Jeremy served at their backyard wedding in North Carolina.

Since we are getting married outside, we need to wear clothes that are appropriate for the season and the surroundings. Something cool and casual is needed for a summer wedding, but it’s a good idea to wear two layers of clothing for a winter wedding.

While the weather will play a decisive role in your outfit choices, don’t let the location stop you from wearing your dream wedding dress (or tuxedo!). Whatever your style (chic, bohemian, modern or vintage), you can find affordable dresses to match.

Check out our guide to the best online stores to buy cheap wedding dresses and our articles on cheap wedding dresses.

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Seasonal flowers and wildflowers are always popular choices and are often less expensive than exotic flowers. Of course, you can always see what’s already in front of you, from the colorful potted plants spreading across the patio to the looming oak tree in the garden.

Place a single flower in a vase or a bunch in a box or basket. You can also create a garden by putting mini bouquets in recycled bottles or glasses and hanging them on trees, doors, etc.

When it comes to low-budget outdoor wedding decorations, nature is your best friend. Use it to your advantage when considering how to decorate the rest of your space.

Planning A Wedding On A Small Budget

The decoration is where you can save a lot by getting used or DIY without damaging the final look. Some of the most beautiful weddings we found featured lots of DIY decorating ideas.

Of The Best Tips To Plan A Small Intimate Wedding

Elevate the theme with candles and soft lighting like string lights and paper lanterns. Fill a bucket with flowers, wear textured clothing, or create an altar decorated with flowers and fabrics.

Wedding coordination includes logistical tasks such as cleanup, parking, permits, and back-up plans for inclement weather. You should also think about additional power, bathroom space, and neighborhood and yard maintenance.

Many couples outsource wedding planning or mediation to professionals. While this certainly saves time and stress, it can be an expensive investment. Take a look at your circle of friends.

Ask if you can help with certain tasks before the wedding, but be aware of time commitments.

A Complete Guide To Planning A Backyard Wedding Reception

For help on your wedding day, ask your family and closest friends to help with certain tasks after the ceremony, such as removing the cake or moving chairs. Spread the word so that no one misses out on enjoying the celebration. So everyone will feel extra special for their part on the wedding day!

Whether you’re hiring a professional photographer or have a devoted friend capture your special moment, you won’t want to miss the photos on your wedding day.

If you can’t afford to hire a professional photographer for your big day, consider hiring a photographer for your engagement session. Because the cost is minimal and the venue is in the backyard, you can take beautiful photos of where the wedding will take place.

Planning A Wedding On A Small Budget

No backyard wedding is complete without lawn games. Here are some wedding game ideas we love.

How To Plan A Wedding Step By Step: Tips & Budget Advice

Be creative with how you entertain your guests. If you love wine, why not host a wine tasting game? Even quizzes and scavenger hunts can be fun if done right and can serve as great ice breakers.

You can also create a wedding playlist and rent a small sound system to provide music. Make sure you know the Neighborhood Noise Ordinance.

End the night with your own ice cream bar, s’mores station or interactive dessert station like the Cupcake Carousel. Or you can set up a coffee and hot chocolate station and hand out homemade cookies.

We also love the idea of ​​dessert food. Almost everyone has a favorite dessert recipe to whip up for a special occasion. What could be more special than a wedding?

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It’s not cheaper than free! Check out our free wedding stationery printables for all kinds of templates and design styles. Just personalize, print and send to your guests.

In addition to your own printables, you can find many very inexpensive invitation templates on sites like Etsy. Alternatively, you can always opt for a digital invitation powered by Minted or With Joy.

You can save on wedding favors and decorations by combining the two. For example, at the end of a celebration, you can give your guests the succulents you use to decorate the table.

Planning A Wedding On A Small Budget

If you have a friend or family member who will officiate, consider giving them a gift as a token of appreciation for their time and effort (writing a service, attending a rehearsal, etc.).

How To Plan Affordable Beach Weddings

If this is not an option, religious officials or civil servants can also be hired. Religious celebrants do not charge, but are required to contribute to the chapel and tip the celebrant.

Clerks usually charge between $200 and $300, but you should check what is included in the service fee before making a reservation.

There are many things to think about when planning a wedding. We’ve tried to cover all the major items, but there are many other items to consider when planning a backyard wedding: silverware, tables and chairs, favors, rentals, and more.

The best thing to do is to follow the wedding checklist and budget so you don’t miss anything.

Creative Backyard Wedding Ideas On A Budget

Checking the wedding budget comes down to organization, communication and creativity. The creative side of planning a backyard wedding on a budget is of course the most fun part, but being organized and communicating with your partner is a great way to strengthen your relationship.

Here are some general tips on how to stick to a small budget no matter where you’re hosting your wedding.

Getting the financial details out of a budget wedding doesn’t have to be intimidating or overwhelming. One of the best ways to avoid the stress of counting numbers is to decide on a budget and break the total down into smaller categories. for example:

Planning A Wedding On A Small Budget

Continue through each category covered in the previous sections, including dress, flowers, decorations, invitations, and more. This system helps you allocate costs and provides a roadmap to stay on schedule.

These Small Wedding Ideas Work For Covid & Beyond

One of the easiest ways to stay on budget is to limit the number of guests you invite to your closest family and friends. In addition to cutting costs, an intimate celebration allows you to spend more time with each guest.

Done and done! The backyard is one of the best options for the budget-conscious couple, and depending on who you count among family and close friends, the “backyard” space includes a beautiful outdoor patio with a pergola, a beautiful green space with a backdrop of mountain

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