Post Your Funny Engraving Ideas For Wedding Ring

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A popular word when it comes to today’s weddings. Most couples want their marriage to be an authentic representation of their love story, and rightly so. But personalization goes far beyond signature cocktails and bespoke gifts. In fact, one of our favorite ways to personalize your party comes down to your jewelry. Getting your wedding ring engraved is a subtle yet beautiful way to add a thoughtful touch to the bracelets you will wear every day for the rest of your life. The best part? It’s a secret shared only by you and your partner.

Post Your Funny Engraving Ideas For Wedding Ring

Post Your Funny Engraving Ideas For Wedding Ring

The use of wedding ring engraving has been around for a while – it is believed that it actually started in the courts of medieval Europe. However, today we know that engraving your wedding bands requires a machine or hand laser to create an inscription on the inside of the shank or even around the circumference of the stone. Not only is it completely safe for your jewelry, it’s also one of the easiest ways to personalize an engagement ring or your wedding rings.

Wedding Ring Engraving Ideas To Get You Inspired

If you’re considering ring engraving, you may have a few questions about the process, such as when to start and where to go. To help you out, we’ve put together this handy, expert-led guide that answers everything you need to know about wedding ring engraving, followed by some of our favorite ring engraving ideas to steal.

Meet the Expert: Page Neal is the co-founder of Bario Neal, a Philadelphia-based fine jewelry and wedding ring brand specializing in ethical sourcing and careful manufacturing.

Why have your wedding rings engraved? After all, if the message is on the inside of the ring, chances are no one will see it except you and your partner – which is exactly the point. While you certainly don’t have to have the ring engraved, it does serve as a secret message to share with you and your partner. A nickname, a love quote, a psalm or even a joke that only you know could be the perfect idea to engrave. In addition, the engraving can serve as a reminder of your marriage. You may want to add a wedding date or a popular wedding phrase, such as “I married you.”

Plus, engraving your ring personalizes it and makes it something that is truly yours. (An added bonus? If you ever lose your ring and find it again, you’ll know you’ve got the right one.)

Unique Ideas For Wedding Ring Engravings

If you’re thinking about getting your engagement ring or wedding ring personalized, handing them over to a jeweler to laser mark them can seem a little daunting. But considering how long this practice has been around, wedding band engraving won’t harm your precious gems. “Ring engraving is completely safe and we would never recommend it if it wasn’t,” Neal tells us. However, you should consider the size of your tape as it can affect the quality of the engraving. “The only limitation our customers face is whether the band is too narrow to be engraved. Very delicate rings are technically difficult to engrave and will not be legible.” Don’t worry, your local jeweler can advise you on the best ring engraving options for your specific band.

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Post Your Funny Engraving Ideas For Wedding Ring

The cost of engraving a wedding ring varies from jeweler to jeweler, but usually depends on the number of characters in the inscription, the font used, and whether it is engraved by hand or by machine. For example, Neal says that Bario charges Neal a flat rate of $50 for all hand engravings with no character limits.

Proposing Without A Ring Or With A Temporary Engagement Ring

The average price to engrave a wedding ring depends on the company and the style of engraving. Machine engraving can be cheaper, while hand engraving is sometimes more expensive, but it gives a special hand-forged feel. Contact your local jeweler (or the company that designed your ring) to inquire about engraving costs.

When ordering a ring, ask the jeweler to engrave your ring. Keep in mind that not every jeweler has wedding rings engraved; If they can’t do it, they should be able to refer you to an engraver. If you decide later that you still want an engraving on your ring, you can always inquire at another local jeweler at another time. “We work with couples who come back to us after the ceremony to have their rings engraved, which is definitely an option,” explains Neal.

Regardless of when your ring engraving process begins, it is critical that you are diligent in your request. Write the description on a piece of paper to avoid miscommunication. Double check the spelling before handing it over to the engraver and double check it when you receive your engraved wedding bands.

Engraving can be done as soon as you wait, or it can take up to a month – it all depends on your jeweler. In general, Neal tells us, couples can expect the process to take several weeks, so it’s recommended you start as soon as possible (especially if you want your ring engravings done by the time of the wedding). During your initial consultation, ask your jeweler how long your jeweler will last and plan accordingly.

Creative Jewelry Engraving Ideas For Your Loved One

If you want to have your wedding ring ready by the time you say your vows at the altar, we recommend starting the process at least two months in advance. If you’re getting your engagement ring engraved after the proposal but before the wedding, check your pre-wedding event schedule to find a few free weeks when you won’t need it. (Trust us, you want your sparkle in your engagement, wedding, and party photos!)

Of course, that doesn’t mean you can’t get your ring engraved after the big day. If you change your mind a few months (or years) later, you can start this personalization process at any time.

Now you know pretty much everything about wedding ring engraving – but what should you put on your jewelry? If you don’t have a few wedding ring engraving ideas yet or can’t think of something short enough, we’ve got you covered. Here are some great ideas for engraving engagement and wedding rings, from romantic quotes to funny phrases and number combinations.

Post Your Funny Engraving Ideas For Wedding Ring

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Top 11 Engraving Ideas For Wedding Bands And Engagement Rings

From wedding dates to nicknames or jokes, choosing your engraving is a very personal decision. The message should be meaningful to both of you, not just a whim, after all you will be holding these rings

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