Purple And Gray Wedding Cakes

Sunday, November 27th 2022. | Weddings

Purple And Gray Wedding Cakes – Get ready to be dazzled by all the shades of wedding cake in this guide. Pink is a popular wedding color and I think you will be amazed by these purple wedding cake ideas. From super chic pink wedding cakes, to one layer purple party favors, to purple ombre wedding cakes, the ideas are endless.

We love the sweet berry layer on this beautiful pink cake from Flour and Floral Cake on Instagram

Purple And Gray Wedding Cakes

Purple And Gray Wedding Cakes

From shades of purple to berry to violet, this beautiful statement on purple wedding rings really stands out and makes an impact. For the ultimate purple lovers, this one is for you…

Ombre Wedding Cakes Yellow, Coral, Blue, Pink, Purple,gray

Jennys Cake Creations on Instagram This double pink wedding cake with drip effect and flowers is beautiful.

The bold color combinations from @anaparzychcakes via Instagram create a truly beautiful look. Photo credit: @jagstudio_photography on Instagram

Beautiful wedding cakes from @aveclafleur via Instagram. With so many shades of purple, be sure to work with your wedding cake designer to find the perfect color for you.

I couldn’t resist posting these two beautiful flowers from @theyummypuddingco on Instagram. I’m sure you’ll agree that they’re pretty cool.

Green And Purple Wedding Cake

Beautiful pink fondant ombre flowers are featured on this purple wedding cake, it’s hard to believe they aren’t real flowers. Cake credit: @yvonnesdelightfulcakes via Instagram

The beauty of this beautiful frangipani cake is a perfect wedding bouquet decorated with a beautiful purple lavender. If you’ve chosen purple as your wedding color, you already know how amazing it can be in floral arrangements, decorations, and photography. – but it’s a great choice for your wedding party! There are many ways to decorate purple wedding cakes, from ombre frosting and marble font, to fresh flowers and grape or fruit combinations. Although purple is one of the most popular colors for weddings, the truth is that it is a classic choice regardless of the season of your wedding. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite purple wedding cake designs that you can bookmark and share with your cake chef as you prepare for the big day.

Get a new effect by decorating your cake with different tones and color, like these 3D sugar cubes flowing down one side of the cake. For more pizazz, add edible gold leaf for a touch of bling.

Purple And Gray Wedding Cakes

Vineyard wedding or wine wedding? Decorate your cake with bunches of purple grapes for a simple yet mouth-watering treat. Advantage: no fruit because you can eat the grapes instead of throwing them away.

Purple And Yellow Wedding Cake

These colorful prints are fun and cheerful, thanks to the red and purple flowers hand-painted on dark purple oil. The small 3D look of the flowers is perfect for adding the finishing touch to an otherwise purple wedding cake.

You might not immediately think of orange as purple, but when paired together, this bold duo is stunning for a fall wedding. Use flowers in different shades of orange, burgundy and purple – this arrangement includes roses, rununculus, dahlias, wax flowers and astrantia – to jazz up a white buttercream cake.

This sweet cake is a piece of art you can eat. Start with plain white fondant, then add abstract purple brushes and finish with beautiful floral accents (a raised base or applique that has a sculptural effect). Purple sugar flowers and gold leaf elevate this purple wedding cake design.

As if the purple ombre effect on this wedding cake wasn’t cool enough, the simple layers added visual detail and wow factor.

Wedding Cake White And Purple

If you’re leaning towards a simple pink wedding cake design, a few bunches of lisianthus will look great against a buttery white cake. Handcrafted glassware and a silver cake complete the look to make this a beautiful and classic setting.

Make the most of the current colors by decorating your wedding cake with purple marble fondant. Shades of pink and dark purple are perfect for an upbeat celebration.

At a vintage wedding, there’s nothing more beautiful than an edible lace cake (aww, something!). Your cake maker can use special molds and a mixture of thick sugar to create lace pieces that are placed directly on top of your wedding cake. Pink sugar lace looks so beautiful as a pop of color on a white cake.

Purple And Gray Wedding Cakes

Pastel colors and shades of red can look similar to their bright colors. This three-tiered fondant cake with lavender roses would be perfect for a summer or summer wedding in the country.

Two Tier White Wedding Cake With Purple Flowers

Chocolate lovers, we have found your perfect purple wedding cake. Turn your cake into a masterpiece by adding chocolate cake and other desserts such as macarons, meringues, fresh fruit or powdered sugar.

Give your wedding cake an outdoor feel by decorating it with a small wreath made of monkey vines or vines. Add small purple flowers such as wax flowers, rosebuds or lisianthus to add some color to the design.

If you don’t want to decorate your cake with real flowers, try hard sugar flowers. It’s an easy way to add a decorative twist to your wedding cake—keep the rest of the cake for a traditional look, or go modern by adding fondant marbling and color, e like the cake above.

Add some pastel shades into your purple wedding cake design for an ethereal, romantic look. Pastel pinks, pinks and peaches look best next to light pinks – use flowers, cake decorations or frosting to bring all the colors together.

Semi Naked Wedding Cake

For a really unique design (and a guaranteed display), cut your cake in half and display it with a centerpiece filled with flowers. Work with your cake chef and florist to consider these considerations – you may need to make some adjustments to the cake design, style and flowers, but it’s worth the effort. results!

We love how these ‘floating’ vines contrast with the pink wedding cake. This design is amazing for a garden wedding theme!

Purple clematis vines will give your cake a rustic look, do it if you’re going for an earthy, boho vibe. Apple blossoms work well with ice cream foam.

Purple And Gray Wedding Cakes

Whether you’re an artist or not, there’s no denying that this water-inspired cake is a great craft. It’s proof that you can add a variety of styles to one cake—fresh flowers, fruit, frosting, abstract brushes, gold leaf—and complete the look.

Purple ‘n Pink 2 Tier Cake

Make sure your dessert looks as good as it tastes by recreating one of these fall-themed wedding cake ideas.

Weddings and delicious wedding cakes are back. Be inspired by these 2022 wedding cake styles that are as sweet as they are delicious.

There are many ways to decorate your wedding cake for the season without going too holiday colors and details. These winter wedding cake ideas are fun but beautiful.

Are you wondering what the best wedding cake dessert is? From caramel apples to cakes and creams, find the perfect flavor for your wedding.

Tender Grey And Lavender Wedding Ideas

You love flowers We do too, especially when it comes to cake. These wedding cakes with flowers only enhance our flowers.

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