Purple And Lime Green Wedding Decorations

Thursday, November 17th 2022. | Weddings

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This year and the last ones have shown that we can never account for all the uncertainties and surprises that life offers us. But what we can always count on as humans, and to follow time, is how calm it has always been! Day always follows evening and after spring follows summer and a bright and cheerful summer moves to autumn. Autumn is the gateway to fall, the gentle filter to make everything around you deeper, warmer, soft and welcoming. While you fall in anticipation of the holidays, it’s also a beautiful season in its own right, rather than a lead-up to Christmas. There is something magical about the month of August because the leaves haven’t changed color yet, the days are still warm and summery, but then, in the shadows, you see what’s to come. You will see signs of fall before it is even here, because the night greets you with the least amount of air.

Purple And Lime Green Wedding Decorations

Purple And Lime Green Wedding Decorations

A wedding in August is a real joy. Summer is still going strong, but the month has a definite vibe and offers the most beautiful shades for couples to play with. August, the late summer month with flowers still in bloom, offers some of the brightest color palettes for brides. As the season changes and we prepare to welcome the sweetest month of August, here are some of the best looks of the season! If you’re a bride planning an August wedding, take note, because these are colors you’ll see a lot at this time of year.

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Shades of Blue: How about bringing out all the shades of blue to play with? Painting different shades of blue together has a charm unlike anything else. Blue is a soothing color and has a calm and precious vibe, but with the added dimension of combining different shades of this beautiful color, you can see the beauty of this color in a new way. Blue is always bright and elegant, and light blue bridesmaid dresses promise to make your August wedding perfect. Also, wedding arch flowers and decorations in various shades of blue, navy suits accented with baby blue bows, white wedding dress and French blue bridal flower crown, all these combinations are sweet and forever beautiful. Look for blue baby’s breath, blue bridal shoes, and a slide of blue ribbon holding your wedding flowers. We promise you won’t regret it!

Mint Green + Gray + Peach – If you’re having flashbacks to the early 2000s in these color options, we got it! Mint and coral worked together and were all the rage at the turn of the century, but both are back, better than ever! At weddings in August, colors are at their best with pastels, diluted to very few shades. Undertones of peach work incredibly well with mint green and gray acts as the perfect neutral tone that works well with both. You can mix and match bridesmaid dresses in peach and mint, and let the gray go with the groomsmen suits. Small details like peach blossoms in the bouquets and mint on the sweet table tie the color palette together nicely.

Navy + Green + Gray: You can never go wrong with complementary colors like green and blue together. Here we have the darkest blue, almost navy, along with the side of the bright green that balances with the gray. You can also use a soft pastel green to make the colors flow more easily. This is an easy color palette to incorporate as you can easily incorporate navy with suits, gray with bridesmaid dresses and green foliage can add some much needed green to frames . You can add enough whites to the wedding to make the colors feel better.

Purple + Blue + Black – A slightly changing color palette, purple, blue and black work wonderfully together, bringing class and sophistication to any event. You can go darker and lighter as you like, the colors will work seamlessly. You can go for lighter shades of purple, such as lavender, and pair with a darker blue for an unexpected twist on your wedding theme. Whether it’s curtains, wedding flowers or table settings, there are many ways to bring this combination to life. You can bring a touch of black into the table setting, in the bride and groom’s outfits and in unexpected ways in the decor.

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Purple + Gray + Peach – A current version of coral and mint, purple and peach are definitely having a star color moment and look beautiful in every season and can be pulled off effortlessly as the colors do all the work themselves It is a good idea to use different shades of purple in wedding decorations in August. Lavender bridesmaid dresses with peach powder bouquets, purple begonia gowns, purple napkins and gray suits with purple bows, this is a color palette that will never let you down. There can be a million shade combinations for this, none of which will be less than perfect!

Watermelon Pink + Green – Watermelon pink is a perfect peachy pink color that is perfect for a summer summer wedding and combined with green, it comes alive in a refreshing way. Watermelon pink accented with a contrasting green color makes an August summer wedding rich, clean and fresh. You can incorporate these scenes into your wedding stationery in watercolor detail, or let your wedding party wear them and do them justice. Greenery can be brought out with foliage in wedding gazebos and foliage in table settings. Overall, this is not a new color combination, knowing that pink and green have been around forever, but it sure feels refreshing and new every time.

Yellow + Tangerine + Grey: There’s something about citrus tones paired with grays that feels timeless and forever appropriate for summer, something you can’t go wrong with. But there’s a certain subtlety to the colors that make them perfect for fall weddings too, so an August wedding will definitely do justice to these three colors. The trick is to focus mainly on yellow and gray, making the orange an accent shade, and this will make the combos work perfectly for a summer wedding in August. The hint of gray makes this color palette hard and elegant, which is what these fun, summery citrus tones call for.

Purple And Lime Green Wedding Decorations

Shades of Brown: Although fall is still a ways off, shades of brown are still popular no matter the season, and it’s easy to see why. Earthy, natural and calm, there is something about brown tones that makes it unexpected. Maybe it’s the sepia-toned filter that inspires, or maybe it’s the ease with which it combines with other colors, shades of brown definitely bring a lot of appeal. Color combinations to consider for August are the different combinations of brown, whether it’s paired with champagne foil or deep ivory, whether it’s cinnamon subtones with orange or with icy blue , there is something about brown that just makes sense. this year!

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Illusion Blue + Blush + Khaki: Illusion Blue, a subtle blue that can sometimes look like gray, when paired with a soft blush tone, makes for the most beautiful hazy, ethereal summer weddings . Illusion blue bridesmaid dresses combined with white wedding dresses are visually soothing colors for summer weddings, and blush wedding bouquets can pull the look together beautifully. Dress up your wedding reception with cream table linens, leaf wedding centerpieces and blue table numbers, and khaki suits with blue ties and blush corsages for the groomsmen and bridesmaids. The ideas are truly endless! The tones are light and airy, and the vibes are unstoppable with this combination.

Champagne + White + Navy Blue: Elegant as they come, this color palette is elegant yet neutral. And this makes a lot of sense for your August wedding too, with the sultry tones, soft whites and warm champagne punches of Christmas. While the bride can be a white wedding, the bridesmaids can be dressed in champagne mermaid dresses. You can choose from blush and white flowers, a white wedding cake, neutral wedding invitations, white table linen with navy napkins and blush peach centrepieces. Your groom can wear a navy blue suit, white shirt and champagne ties. The options are numerous, and all are just as gorgeous as this one!

Lavender + Green: Lavender is very beautiful and feminine, but still has a charm. Bold yet colorful, something about the shade of lavender

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