Purple And Pink Wedding Bouquets

Friday, January 20th 2023. | Weddings

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Pastel Pink, Purple and Blue Bouquets – Custom Wedding Bouquets – Eternal Flowers – Bridal Bouquets – Wedding Flowers

Purple And Pink Wedding Bouquets

Purple And Pink Wedding Bouquets

Made just for you, this pastel pink, purple, blue and green bouquet makes the perfect bouquet for your wedding or event. The pictures show a similar flower arrangement. Your bouquet arrangement has the same elements and colors!

Hot Pink Roses Purple Peonies Bridal Bouquet

Hand-painted and hand-painted, this natural wooden bouquet features a stunning array of blue, lilac, wisteria, polka pink and lavender flowers.

This listing is meant to represent our pink, purple and blue pastel designs, but if you need other matching pieces please get in touch and let us know! The following pieces can be created to match this bouquet design:

Want to customize this design even more with your own color palette or create your own collection with your own floral patterns, leaves and more? If you want to create a free collection with us, see below for more information!

Add some personal flair by customizing your color palette! Just indicate in the comments section what colors you’d like from our color chart or if you don’t need any customization, just “as pictured” and we’ll make it happen!

Wedding Bouquet, White, Pink, Purple Flowers. In The Hands Of The Bride Stock Photo, Picture And Royalty Free Image. Image 54810794

Not sure which size is right for you and your wedding party? Tip: To see which shape you like, cut a circle out of paper and keep it for yourself.

If you choose a scent at checkout, it can last 2-6 months depending on the bouquet arrangement and presentation.

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Purple And Pink Wedding Bouquets

Our packages are made to order, check your receipt for current operating times. If you have any questions about your order or shipping time, please drop us a line. The pictures show a similar layout, but will be created when you order.

Plum Purple And Blush Pink Bridal Bouquet Classic Wedding

Need an order faster? We offer quick designs for bouquets at the link below. Every item in your order should include this option for faster processing. This expedited option will process and ship your order within 3-5 business days. Note: Shipping time may vary, so we recommend selecting “Priority Express Shipping” using this option at checkout to speed up shipping time.

As our flowers are made from organic, eco-friendly materials, remove them from the packaging as soon as you receive them and store them in a cool, dry place until your wedding day. Allow time for any bouquet garni and pickled vegetables to “merge” after they are distributed to you. Additional care instructions are included with the order.

Please contact Pine and Petal Weddings with any questions or special projects using these colors or this bouquet style. We support any idea you want to bring to life!

For custom orders, please contact us for more information :)! With our custom collection, you can choose your colors, petals, flower styles, wrapping styles and custom matching corsages, boutonnieres, flower girl accessories (sticks, bracelets, bouquets, incense balls), back pieces, wreath forms, headpieces, hair combs, centerpieces, cake clusters, scattered flowers, complimentary fragrances, extras (brooches, pearl sprays, flags, bookmarks/cards/music/funny book flowers), etc. We can provide you with more information and search for your inspiration to create the perfect flower collection for your special day!

A Glossary Of Wedding Flowers By Color

The custom color palette matches some of our favorite wedding brands. Have a unique fabric swatch you’d like to pair? Contact us and send us your fabric samples for matching. We carry some of our favorite brands like David’s Bride and Azazie Patterns. Drop us a line for more info!

*** Places are limited and we are booking up fast this year, so please contact us to confirm your wedding date! ***

Once you’ve purchased your collection and saved your date with us, we’ll begin the creative process and send you images of your flowers as your special day approaches!

Purple And Pink Wedding Bouquets

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Purchase Protection: If there’s a problem with your order, shop with confidence knowing we’ll support you with all purchases – see program terms

Can I customize this bouquet, arrangement or accessories? yes! !! Add your request to the seller’s note at checkout

We can make any bouquet, accessory or product in your colors! Add your request in the note to seller and we’ll make it happen (and send cute little pictures along the way).

What is Muhua? Our delicate wood flowers are made from soft cassava wood (like balsa wood). This makes them so realistic and delicate that they should be treated as gently as real flowers (with less watering of course!). All these flowers are handmade

Wedding Bouquets, Pink Shades/ivory Or White & Natural Looking Greenery

All flowers are handmade and the plant edges will be cut or split and even the insides will be naturally peeled. We also use natural materials such as book pages, comic books, rocks, preserved leaves and flowers, and mulberry paper. Sometimes, if we want a certain look, we use fake succulents, sheep’s ears, pollinators, or similar. If you have any questions about the materials in your package or order, feel free to ask!

When will my order ship? Custom wedding collections are usually processed within 6-8 weeks. In-store options are available if you have special requests or need to rush your order.

Check your receipt for current operating hours or let us know if you need an update!

Purple And Pink Wedding Bouquets

Custom wedding collections are usually processed within 6-8 weeks. In-store options are available if you have special requests or need to rush your order.

Pink Wedding Bouquets & The Best Pink Wedding Flowers To Use

Once you’re done, let your flowers rest for a few days while they dry out on the way. They are sometimes exposed to moisture during transport (hot cars, rain, etc.), so since they are organic material, it is best to open them immediately and store them in a dry, cool place. Keep your bouquets and decorations out of direct sunlight to keep the colors vibrant.

Flowers are made from organic materials and are therefore environmentally sensitive and can discolor or mold if exposed to moisture. Keep wedding bouquets in a cool, dry place before the wedding to ensure they are as vibrant as they are received.

How big is your bouquet? Remember to get the right measurements when shopping – check and compare the diameters of the bouquets you buy to find the best ‘fit’!

We follow and enforce their practices and policies. During checkout, you will be asked to confirm and verify your shipping address. Just double check and know where you’re going. If your address changes, please contact us immediately using the new address and wait for us to respond to your verification request. In some cases we cannot change the shipping address and must ship to the address provided to us accordingly. We cannot change a note once it is created, as it will be in transit at that point.

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Pink, Purple and Blue Pastel Bouquet – Custom Wedding Bouquet Custom – Flower Garden – Bridal Bouquet – Wedding Flowers

I just got married in October and wanted something to add some color to my outfit. It was amazing, arrived quickly and was a lovely touch on my wedding day. Amd, these flowers are not real, this is a special day with us!

I love the vase, I love every single flower, I just wish my arrangement had black flowers like the pictures. My flowers are lighter than I expected from the pictures

Purple And Pink Wedding Bouquets

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Brides Holds Wedding Bouquet Purple Blue Flowers Stock Photo By ©jurajarema 219806760

I am so happy with this bouquet! I can’t wait to use it on my wedding day! The seller was very accommodating throughout the entire process! 🤗💕

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