Purple And Royal Blue Wedding Theme

Monday, September 12th 2022. | Weddings

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Blue and purple make a beautiful color combination all year round – the depth of the shade determines the final look.

Purple And Royal Blue Wedding Theme

Purple And Royal Blue Wedding Theme

Blue and purple make a beautiful color combination all year round – the depth of the shade determines the final look. Soft blues and purples are common in spring or summer, and midnight and purple are perfect for winter celebrations. We hope these blue and purple ideas will inspire and delight you…

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Blue skin and a soft shade of purple (maybe more of a lilac color) create a cool, inviting atmosphere for a summer day.

These tones are perfect for a beach wedding, especially when the blue blends well with the sea and sky!

There are many flowers to choose from for a blue and purple wedding theme, and they blend beautifully with white, ivory and green.

Adding a little depth to the two colors creates a palette of deep blues and purples – shades that lend themselves to weddings throughout the year. Match the colors of your flowers and don’t worry about mixing them with anything else. Blue dresses, for example, look amazing with purple flowers – there is no need to have purple and blue dresses.

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Taking a shade of ‘Tiffany blue’ and purple is very effective, especially when used as a deep shade in the lower areas.

For a beautiful evening, stone sounds are very nice, especially in autumn and winter months when you can decorate the place with candles. Groomsmen and bridesmaids can wear midnight blue, with purple accessories such as fur, hats, ties and shoes. A subdued golden shade completes the look of the background color of favor boxes and wedding cakes.

Prepare a wedding dinner in the evening, the midnight blue and purple have given a perfect addition to the gold chairs. A bold color scheme is best because the decorations are toned down, allowing the beautiful floral centerpieces to speak for themselves!

Purple And Royal Blue Wedding Theme

When it comes to flowers, sometimes a pop of color is all you need. This delicate picture of cream flowers is the best for spreading blue and purple orchids.

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Make sure your invitations give a statement about your chosen color scheme. We love this elegant wedding design.

And finally, the cake. The elegant cake, frosted in white, is a perfect base for the flowers, decorated with purple ribbon and a little glitter. If you are thinking of something unusual for your wedding, you can try a colorful theme. And if blue is your only favorite color, then a blue wedding theme is a wonderful idea. The most common and unique color, blue comes in many interesting colors that will look beautiful in this theme.

Whether you’re having a poolside party, a beach wedding, or a boho themed wedding, you can find just the right shade of blue for your event. Formal weddings go well with dark blues, while weddings with a rustic or organic theme prefer lighter colors. Scroll down for more information as we share our favorite wedding theme ideas for your happiest day.

Many colors go well with a blue wedding, depending on the type of wedding you are having. A traditional spring wedding will be perfect in pastel colors such as French or navy blue, which will add tenderness and love to your space. A dark color like midnight blue will add a modern touch to a traditional wedding. Gold and silver are also good examples of blue symbols.

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At the top of our list of blue wedding ideas are wedding invitations. Watercolor painting would be a great choice for invitations. A good color combination for a traditional wedding would be navy and gold. The gold accents will go well with the blue and metallic details on the envelopes and invitations.

Make a wedding sign with beautiful flowers like delphinium for a stunning look. Among others you can add tall bunches, including thistles, hydrangeas, allium, scabiosa and irises. These flowers can also be arranged to line your bridge. Your guests will love the wedding reception you can make, and it will be great for photos too.

If your place has an entrance or an entrance, it’s another opportunity to work with the blue wedding theme. Create a wallpaper with monochrome blue papers. A beautiful decoration idea that will add a special and heavenly element to your big day. Just another place for good pictures.

Purple And Royal Blue Wedding Theme

Add that elegant feel to your wedding with a blue dress. Table set with beautiful blue glass in different colors. You will not only create a cool and calm experience, but you will also feel warm. Allowing a laundry room on the floor will also add a romantic feeling to the whole scene.

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Don’t forget to add your centerpiece to the blue wedding decoration theme. Centerpieces play a significant role in the overall look of your event. If you go for an electric or rustic look, you can use blue ribbons and different colored bottles to achieve this. Add some beautiful greens to complete the centerpiece.

There is much to explore in blue wedding themes. Allow us to show you some of our favorite ideas on this wonderful topic.

Whatever wedding favors you choose to give your guests, there are endless ways to add your wedding color to the mix. If your wedding is going to be held outside, you can think of beautiful blue colors. For other wedding favors like cookies or macaroons, you can consider making them in blue or printing them with a nice blue image.

A blue cake is a wonderful idea for a blue wedding theme. From a beautiful blue monogram or topping a white cake, to blue flowers around the cake. You can also make a cake with dark blue stripes. Place slices of tea leaves to decorate your cake to add a stunning dessert table.

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In addition to the idea of ​​true blue flowers in your bouquet, you can add a little something about the main wedding bouquet to make sure it stands out from the rest. In the true spirit of your wedding, you can attach your flower arrangements with colorful ribbons to the stems of the flowers. These long bangs will create a soft and beautiful blue color that you are sure to love.

You don’t have to think about blue decoration ideas, your wedding dress can also fall into a fun color theme.

If you really want to stand out and do something unusual for your wedding, consider a blue wedding dress for your special day. Wearing your favorite color instead of the usual white is another way to celebrate your engagement in your own way. Channel your favorite fairytale wedding with a tulle ball gown, elegant and elegant with a touch of light blue shade.

Purple And Royal Blue Wedding Theme

There is no rule that says your wedding shoes can’t be colorful or that they have to be neutral. This is one of the most subtle and unique ways to add your wedding color to your outfit. To find the balance between classic and bold, consider navy blue suede for a modern and stylish look.

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With a blue wedding theme, you can throw convention out the window, especially something like a garter. Use silk ribbon to create a beautiful, patterned dress, or stack blue and white ruffles for a blue surprise for your special day.

With the theme of the blue wedding, the groom can choose to have a blue suit, or not. A blue or midnight suit can be stylish and comfortable. However, if it’s considered extravagant and out of the question, brides can go with elegant blue suits. The groom can then wear his chosen suit with a blue suit. It can be blue or formal blue to match the look of his wedding.

Color matching wedding dresses can be very interesting. With this kind of color theme, wedding dresses can be the same or not. A blue or midnight blue wedding dress can be as beautiful as a matching dress. If you decide to put together and combine, then the dress of different shades of blue can be well suited, especially for a traditional wedding, wedding.

A lot is possible with a blue wedding theme. From a rustic wedding to a nautical wedding theme. This popular wedding color is good for many occasions. With these inspiring ideas, you can see how. Dusty blue is like a classic wedding color and for many years weddings are looking for something different and special, like the big change of cycles, this shade of sassy blue has a vengeance and is this time. to bring

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