Purple Gold Wedding Colors

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Purple Gold Wedding Colors – Have you decided on your wedding colors? Purple, the crowd favorite wedding color, is in the limelight today with the latest wedding color combinations! It comes in many colors such as lavender, lilac, plum, fuchsia and violet, just to name a few. But they all scream beauty and both fit into your wedding color scheme. We know this can be confusing (there are so many options, folks!), so we’re here to help! If you’re having trouble deciding, or purple comes to mind, this is for you. Check out the fun color schemes below!

Lavender is a surprisingly intense purple shade perfect for purple weddings. This shade works well with dusty roses, burgundy purple shades, and more. Mix different shades of green for a warm look.

Purple Gold Wedding Colors

Purple Gold Wedding Colors

The combination of plum and gold color can be created well by combining it with small details like plum cutouts and gold and plum monograms. To make this color combination even brighter, it can be arranged with glitter.

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Lilac is a dusty violet and has a very soft purple undertone. Its soft colors are attractive and comfortable. Meanwhile, greens with different tones add to this soft and colorful combination. For an affordable price, you and your partner can get lavender or lilac dresses and green floral arrangements.

Beautiful purple is a great choice for a wedding color, and whether you choose a light or dark shade, you will find many different ways to incorporate purple into your wedding ceremony. The lavender color complements the purple plum, adding a touch of spring to the event. If you’re looking for greenery to help decorate your event, decorators always have plenty of flowers and plants to choose from.

When it comes to lilac wedding colors, soft colors and pinks are probably the best favorites. This purple evokes a sense of love, with strong emotions that attract young brides. Gerbera, tied silk tulle and silver jewelry will complement the modern shades of fashionable lilac, perfect for today’s styles.

I love the lightness of gold and the uncertainty of purple. This color combination will elevate any event and make you feel dignified, elegant and beautiful.

Gold, Emerald Green, Purple Floral Wedding Invite

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Lavender and purple go very well together – it’s softer than pink, but still has something to say. This wedding color combination is not expected and suits the modern style – a good partnership.

Purple Gold Wedding Colors

The purple wedding color combination is a popular choice, and for good reason. It’s beautiful and sophisticated, yet playful and fun at the same time. If you want to add a little flair to your wedding, this is definitely an option to consider! What other colors should we add to our list? Let us know in the comments below. Purple and gold is a very sophisticated color scheme, and if you like beautiful and rich colors, this combination is for you! Any type of wedding that is unique and eye-catching can go with this color: beauty, candy, carnival, modern, hot, and so on. This bright color scheme can be very difficult – bright purple shades and touches of metallic or shiny gold, to avoid a dull look, you can add creams and whites. Let’s see how you can remove these colors.

Top 10 Purple Wedding Color Combos 2023

It is not necessary to use both colors in your look, but you can choose a chic wedding dress in purple and gold if you want – but add shades of gray or cream to make it easier. Brides can choose a purple or gold wedding dress, and grooms will complete the look with a purple velvet coat with black lapels: you will look great, and velvet is one of the hottest styles this year. The bridesmaids can wear purple or gold dresses, or all the girls can wear purple and the bridesmaids can wear gold sequin dresses. If this bold solution is too much for you, amazing purple and gold heels and a chic geomanicure in these shades will do the trick.

Purple and gold wedding stationery looks great with laser cut details, glitter, cream ribbons and vintage brooches. A color combination like this always looks amazing, and you can add a beautiful look to your writing with an agate print.

Rock purple tablecloth with gold glitter tablecloth, purple candles in gold candle holder, purple flower arrangement in gold vase, purple napkin with gold charger. Create a chic lounge with purple and gold drapes, flowers and lights. If you think this is too much, add cream, gray and white to tone down the combination a bit.

A place with gold chargers and cutlery, purple napkins and gold and purple gift boxes

Stunning Wedding Colors In Shades Of Purple

Bright living room with purple and gold drapes, cream love seat and pillows in two primary colors

Order stunning gold leaf wedding cakes to suit your style: purple and gold leaf cakes for modern weddings, purple petals and gold glitter for elegant weddings, trendy amethyst geode and gold leaf wedding cakes and any others. Swirl in purple and gold candies and display signature purple drinks in gold-rimmed glasses. Get inspired!

Chic wedding cake with purple-green tiers, white tiers trimmed with gold lace and purple flowers

Purple Gold Wedding Colors

Unique modern wedding cake with purple frosted tiers, white tiers, glittery gold foil tiers and gold foil toppers

Trending Wedding Colors For 2018: Burgundy And Dusty Purple

A Wedding Cake With White Layers, Glitter Gold Layers, and White Layers With Red Ribbon Red and gold is a very sophisticated color scheme, if you like bright and rich colors, this combo is for you! Any type of wedding that is quirky and eye-catching can go with this color: beauty, candy, carnival, modern, hot, and more. This bright color scheme can be very difficult – bright purple shades and a touch of metallic or shiny gold, to avoid a dull look, you can add creams and whites. Let’s see how you can remove these colors.

Plum and gold wedding colors are beautiful, natural, and often earthy. These colors go together perfectly and are suitable for rustic and elegant weddings. In addition, these colors tend to be more affordable for those on a budget. Be careful choosing colors like these, as many variations of these color combinations can make your wedding look unnatural. The key is to keep your colors simple, such as wearing a plum dress with a gold jacket instead of a plum dress with a pink jacket.

To highlight the colors of your plum and gold wedding, include these bold plums, pinks, oranges, grays, whites and neutrals as part of your centerpiece. Think silk flowers, tablecloths and candlesticks inspired by shades of plum and gold.

Plum purple is a great choice for wedding color ideas because it is elegant and classic. It’s also a popular color for bridesmaids’ dresses, so be sure to include it in your wedding dress too! If you want to take this classic shade up a notch, try one of our favorite gold and purple combinations below. Did you pick your favorite? Share with us on social media!

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