Recycling Your Sos Old Engagement Rings From Past Fiances

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Recycling Your Sos Old Engagement Rings From Past Fiances – Choosing a ring should be fun and exciting, but with such a plethora of engagement ring styles, it can seem like a confusing process.

The internet is full of trivia questions designed to help men define their girlfriend’s personal style and find the perfect ring. But even if you manage to answer the questions about your ideal date and your favorite flower correctly, it is questionable whether you will get any closer to your dream ring.

Recycling Your Sos Old Engagement Rings From Past Fiances

Recycling Your Sos Old Engagement Rings From Past Fiances

Nowadays choosing an engagement ring is often a joint decision and there is no online quiz or even looking at pictures instead of trying on the piece of jewelry yourself. Even the most savvy jeans and t-shirt girl might find that when it comes to engagement ring styles, she prefers a decadent, romantic design.

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Whether you’re buying a ready-made design or commissioning a custom ring, it’s good to know what you’re looking for before you head to the jeweler. To streamline the process and help you distinguish your halo from your solitaire, we’ve put together a guide to the most popular engagement ring styles available.

Simple but elegant, the solitaire features one stone, usually a diamond but it can be another gemstone such as ruby ​​or sapphire, on a relatively simple band, unadorned. In terms of the center stone cut, a perfectly round diamond is the classic choice, although fancy cuts can make another eye-catching choice. From emerald, asscher and marquise to pear, cushion and heart, there is a plethora of beautiful cuts to choose from. The cushion cut, for example, adds vintage-style glamor while the clean, clean lines of the emerald cut create a wonderfully chic look.

Halo style engagement rings, where the central stone is surrounded by a row of smaller diamonds, are very popular these days. Reflecting the romance of yesteryear, this style is reminiscent of the heirlooms you might find in your grandmother’s jewelry box. Gemstones of almost all shapes and sizes can be accented with a circular halo, adding dimension and carat weight to the center stone.

Adding two stones side by side also emphasizes the center stone and helps increase the total carat weight without playing a big stone. All three stones can be the same size, but the side stones are usually slightly smaller and sometimes have a different cut. Tapered baguette cut diamond side stones can beautifully set off a central stone in a statement cut like asscher or emerald.

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Another way to up the wow factor without stepping into bling territory is by opting for a pavé ribbon. The word pavé comes from the French word for paved and placing accent diamonds close together makes the band look as if it is paved with diamonds. Sleek and elegant, there are many different ways to incorporate pavé set diamonds into an engagement ring. Paving can be done in one layer or in multiple layers, filling the entire band or stopping halfway up each side. You can even omit the center stone and wear a pavé diamond engagement ring.

Wedding sets that include both an engagement ring and a wedding ring ensure the two rings fit together seamlessly. They come in many different designs, from rings that sit next to each other to rings with intertwined bands that fit in two pieces of the same puzzle. Choosing sets makes it easier to find a wedding band to match your engagement ring.

If you want to eschew tradition in favor of a ring that will stand out wherever you go, you have many options to choose from. A non-white center stone, whether it’s a colored diamond or a different gemstone entirely, like a ruby ​​or a sapphire, will make your engagement ring stand out. The combination of white diamonds with colored stones adds drama and enhances the fire and sparkle of the stones.

Recycling Your Sos Old Engagement Rings From Past Fiances

Bulge engagement rings feature a band that is divided into two layers at the crown to further accentuate the center stone. Both bands are usually set with pavé diamonds and the result is an intricate yet elegant design that complements many different diamond shapes. When the split shaft is combined with a halo design, the effect is more impressive.

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As for the type of total statement ring that comes into the room before you, take a leaf out of the celebrity book and choose the largest stone your budget will allow. From Victoria Beckham and Kim Kardashian to Elizabeth Taylor and Grace Kelly, these famous women agree on one thing: when it comes to making your engagement ring sparkle, size does matter.

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