Red Summer Wedding

Tuesday, January 10th 2023. | Weddings

Red Summer Wedding – As a wedding guest, I am always looking for the perfect wedding guest outfit idea. If you’re getting married in 2021, you’ll want to wear something spectacular after ditching your isolation clothes. right? Well, it’s time to grab your heels, dance partner. Wow in a crowd with these super special spring + summer wedding guest dresses I’m sharing today!

I’ve had a few conversations with friends who are constantly looking for spring and summer wedding dresses. Especially cheap wedding guest dress! We are planning to get married in 2021 and can’t wait to wear something amazing. Even though the wedding is in October, we’re already looking for the perfect and fun wedding guest outfit. I have a wedding in July and October and I am looking for something very elegant. I love fun, floral dresses and lots of dresses. But, you may prefer a lighter or classic LPD. Whatever you decide to wear, I strongly suggest that it be unique. For a long time our beautiful clothes have been locked away in our closets. It’s time to be the best dressed guest this year and I’ve got you covered!

Red Summer Wedding

Red Summer Wedding

So, below are some beautiful spring + summer dresses to wear in 2021 and beyond. Hope this inspires you when shopping for your perfect or cheap wedding dress. I think we all want to change the way we live this year!

Colourful Lux Boho Wedding Ideas For Summer Wedding

When I saw this beautiful, flowy red dress from J.Crew, I knew it would be the perfect spring + summer dress for a bridal shower or beach wedding! I love the airy fabric and bright red poppy color. I’m wearing an XS and it has an adjustable front strap (perfect for us petite gals!) so you can tie it even tighter or looser. To be honest, I think the girls in the store said it was a swimsuit, but the fabric is barely visible and it’s amazing to wear in the shower! Don’t you think so? To dress it up, you can switch out the sandals and throw on heels and espadrilles instead.

So will you be the best wedding guest in 2021? Shopping for the perfect spring + summer wedding guest dress? Share in the comments below! I’d love to know what kind of wedding you’re going to and what your ideal wedding guest outfit would look like! Happy shopping, friends!

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Madison’s Musings is a lifestyle blog written by Madison Klevenstein. Dedicated to classic, beautiful style, home decor and travel. Rooted in a desire to inspire and motivate others to create the home, life, + bedroom they want. For more information, visit my This will summarize our journey with these two lovebirds. You never know which way to go when a client walks through your door, but you can tell magic happens 10 minutes into the first creative conversation. That’s what we thought when we discussed the floral and decor details with Frances, her color and lace and Lily’s wedding day aesthetic seemed so effortless and natural to her.

Beautiful Spring And Summer Wedding Colors

Let’s start with the saturated color palette we created together. Francis spoke about his use of bold and bright tones and his love of reds paired with rubies. This palette is so unique and fun to work with and adds the perfect punch to the lush landscape of Beaver Creek, Colorado. If this doesn’t scream summer romance – we don’t know what does!

The wedding was so perfect, if you haven’t been to Beano’s Cabin in Beaver Creek, it’s worth a visit! Many thanks to Courtney Cyr Design for the beautiful day and One Oak Photography for capturing the beauty of the day! We hope you enjoy this wedding as much as we do… Now to print these photos for our new studio walls, we can’t live without them!

One of our favorite design details of the day was their beautiful ceremony circle, which we created with bold and vibrant flowers mixed with lush green grass. We are so lucky to live in Colorado and have a wedding in this beautiful backdrop…one thing we want to remember is not to overshadow the beauty of Colorado. This flower circle is the perfect way to add color to the rolling green hills and make a beautiful statement without blocking the view your guests want to see! It turned out perfect!

Red Summer Wedding

Super stylish bridal party and we absolutely loved their red and white dresses! This is what you get if you’re not afraid of color – these girls are to die for!

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This wedding, this venue, this couple and this collaborative team…it was a dream come true and it was a pleasure to help create such a beautiful day. We are so grateful to have been a part of that creative journey and hope it inspires other couples to be bold, unique and creative! Summer weddings are often associated with big, bold, bright and beautiful colors. Bright is perfect for our summer months after reaching for winter’s many deeper tones and spring’s lighter hues. I have some of our favorite wedding colors for Ever After couples summer weddings.

Yellow is a perfect color for summer because it goes well with other colors. Hannah and Chris made great use of yellow by choosing a summer sunflower and paired it with orange and pink for their wedding flowers, creating the perfect bright summer mix. Their colors were matched with a gray dress that allowed the summer colors to stand out.

Red is often used in weddings because it is the color of love. Most couples opt for colors like burgundy and pair it with tartan for a dark winter look. Choosing a bright red and pairing it with white creates a beautiful summer color that allows the red to really POP. Alice & Tom paired their bright reds and whites with a navy suit, which is a very popular summer color for men and goes well with any color.

Alena and Dave used two different tones of the colors used above and combined them for their summer wedding colors. Mustard is a duller shade of yellow, but still tops summer color palettes. Strawberry is a dark shade of red, but when paired with another summer color like yellow it’s not dark enough to be considered a winter palette. The couple chose summer wedding colors to compliment each other.

The Red Barn At Hampshire College Rustic Summer Wedding :: Amherst, Massachusetts :: Sneak Peek :: Raeanne And Tim — Connecticut And Massachusetts Wedding Photographer :: Michelle Girard Photography & Design

Pink and orange are often used in summer weddings. These colors are so bold, there are so many different shades to work with, and both colors are always a summer staple. Sam and Mike added a touch of style to their summer wedding by combining pastel colors with white and green in their flowers.

Zoe & Ben also chose bold summer colors like orange and pink. Yet they kept their shadow alive, taking on bright oranges and pinks and purples that gave their wedding an ultra violet. This is one of my favorite summer wedding combinations.

Another favorite of mine was Rachel & Francis’ wildflowers for their summer wedding. Picking wildflowers offers a wide selection of summer colors, from bright blues and deep purples to bright yellows, pinks and whites. These colors blend well because they grew together in the wild.

Red Summer Wedding

Want to see more from our wedding partners about the best wedding colors for summer weddings? Check out our real summer wedding gallery here.

Summer Wedding At The Magnolia Plantation Carriage House In Charleston

Some of our wedding partners filmed their weddings here with their short film and their wedding colors.

We offer a suite for couples who want up to 6 guests (10 guests in warmer months). Last month? Well, I asked all of you who follow Chic Vintage Brides on Facebook to vote for your favorite, and while it was close (this sky palette lost by one vote), the famous Strawberry Fields! A bold and fun palette of red, white and blue, it’s easy to see why you chose it,  it’s perfect for the season!……

For this color scheme I strayed from the traditional beach and ocean theme and added pink to give the garden a more natural feel. Opting for red for floral arrangements and most decorations, with just a splash of blue

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