Red White And Navy Blue Wedding

Friday, January 6th 2023. | Weddings

Red White And Navy Blue Wedding – Red and white wedding colors are two of the most popular colors for a bride. This is because both colors stand for romance, love, strength, purity and peace. Red is dramatic, while white is a neutral tone that brings balance to the mix. They come together to play an important role in setting the tone of the wedding.

So brides, if you haven’t finalized your color scheme, now is the time to do so. Choosing colors early will help you connect details and create a cohesive theme. From stationery to clothing, floral arrangements, food and venues; your plan becomes clear. And if you’ve decided on a red and white wedding, you’re in luck.

Red White And Navy Blue Wedding

Red White And Navy Blue Wedding

Both colors are easy to work with and we are here to help you with creative red and white wedding ideas. From rustic to bohemian and vintage, indoor to outdoor, summer to winter, discover wonderful ideas in this post.

Cascade Bridal Bouquet Navy Blue Callas Real Touch White Navy

It is the color of passionate love, seduction, violence, danger, anger and adventure. Also this color of fire and blood – energy and the main life force.

Red and white wedding dresses are beautiful and suitable for sophisticated weddings. We’ve gathered everything you need to know about them below.

Red and white wedding dresses are a step out of the ordinary. With the exception of some parts of Asia where it is a tradition, it has become a trendy idea. However, before you don that red dress, consider a few things.

Styling Tips: Be sure of your style, wedding theme and accessories. Red and white wedding dresses are perfect for glamorous and vintage wedding themes, says Bridals David. Add some blackness and it becomes gothic. A white dress with a red accent can be worn on a waist, bodice or another layer of tulle skirt.

Top 10 Navy Blue Wedding Color Combo Ideas For 2023

Keep your makeup as minimal as possible, but focus on your lips and eyes. Accessorize with gold/silver jewelry pieces, but keep it simple so you don’t feel overwhelmed. Gold studs, simple neck pieces and bracelets are enough. Wear a crown of red, gold and white flowers or a red crystal vine. Arrange a bouquet of red, gold and white flowers and finish with hot red stilettos.

The groom will be stunning in a white tuxedo with a red lapel and a pair of black trousers. Complete the look with a pink bow tie, a green and pink button, and a pink pocket square. Another neat look is wearing a white or ivory suit. Combine the dress with a red vest and a red tie. Wear red and gold buttons and the groom is ready.

Styling Tips: To match the groom, groomsmen will wear red tuxedos with black lapels. This will be paired with a white undershirt and a pair of black pants. Red and white buttons with black accents work best. Finish with a black bow tie or black and red striped tie and a black pocket square.

Red White And Navy Blue Wedding

In addition, all men will wear red or black cufflinks and black belts. A silver chain or black leather watch straps are best for this outfit. Seal the look with classic brown brogues or lace-up shoes. Navy Blue Red White Party Decorations 16pcs Paper Pom Poms Honeycomb Balls Lanterns Tissue Fans For 4th Of July Day Patriotic Shake Theme Birthday Graduation Nurse Party

As a wedding guest, it is against all etiquette to wear a white or red hot dress to a wedding. This is because while the color white competes with the bride, bright red stands out like fat. Therefore, if the color code is not white and red, bypass all colors.

Styling Tips: The rule of thumb is to wear darker berry shades for winter or formal weddings. For summer or casual weddings, yellow tones based on reds in prints are best. Do your make-up in shades of simple red or big smoky colors. Work with white pearls or silver accessories depending on your style.

For the perfect combination, pair a deep cherry top with white trousers or a skirt for a messy wedding. Match with a red clutch and elegant sandals and a silver necklace and headphones. For summer beach weddings, try a short floral red dress with yellow undertones. Accessorize with white flat sandals, a red/white hair clip.

Bridesmaids can wear long or short red and white dresses depending on the style of the wedding. White is the constant, but you can choose from different shades of red to suit fantasy, casual, daytime or beach style. Uwedding 10 Inches Artificial Wedding Bouquets, Navy Blue Burgundy Rose Bridal Bouquet With Real Touch White Rose Bridal Bouquet For Wedding Anniversary, Bridal Shower, French Rustic Wedding (corsage)

For girls, choose vibrant coral, deep burgundy, cherry red or rust brown with a hint of white. Combine with classic or very formal accessories. However, the rule of thumb is to keep your make-up simple, as the dress is enough attention.

Style tip: combine clothes with neutral skin tones, metallic gold or silver accessories. Combine red, white and gold to create a bouquet. For a monochromatic look, add red and white with gold accents on the sleeves, headphones and shoes. You too are married to blush, rose gold or light pink. If you choose a red and white dress, combine it with navy blue accessories. Leave the white parts just touched in honor of the bride.

Your invitations, bouquets and cakes express the tone you set. So find inspiration in the creative red and white wedding ideas below.

Red White And Navy Blue Wedding

When choosing guests, you must first decide on the style of your wedding. Will you be classic, glamorous, modern, elegant or casual? This decision will help you incorporate the right colors and motifs to make your invitation collection stand out.

Red, White And Blue Wedding Cake

The currently trendy color combination is red and white. They are perfect for almost any wedding style. The difference is in the added color. For example, red, black and white invitations are perfect for gothic style weddings. The black floral damask card with red bow and white lettering is a hit.

Design Tips: For rustic weddings, try a black and white card with ruby ​​accents. A modern wedding will be equipped with white cards with red and gold flowers. If you’re going vintage, try Gerber Daisy’s elegant red accents in a black card with white lettering. There is also the option of an all-white card with a red or silver bow.

A red and white bouquet is almost a constant for weddings. But incorporating a variety of other colors can change the bouquet game. Start by choosing flowers based on your style, the season and the theme of your wedding. For red flowers, roses, orchids, tulips, poppies, aquila, gerbera daisy, aster, henna, ranunculus and more are available. Combine them with white snowdrops, baby’s breath, calla lilies, irises, daffodils and yucca or white roses.

Design tips: Add pale peonies, muted coral, purple lavender, large rose petals or greenery to your bridal bouquet of white and red roses. Include a few accessories to make a statement with your bouquet. Add some rhinestones or brooches for a glamorous wedding style. Use pearls to display timeless elegance, succulents for the desert or rustic style. Add some feathers for a whimsical feel, crystals for sophistication and sparkle. Use jewel-toned butterflies for a whimsical vibe or cotton, greenery and strawberries for a rustic look.

Best Navy Blue Bridal Party Dresses Of 2023

Red and white cakes are stunning and with a few elements you can achieve amazing cakes for any wedding theme.

A romantic wedding theme will work with stunning shades of pale pink on buttery white ice. Decorated with gum-paste tulip flowers attached to fabric covered with edible thread. Finish with a delicious vanilla cream and praline filling.

Design Tips: For the conservative or traditional at heart, go for a classic wedding theme. Embrace the White Rose Flower Butter Cake. Have your baker create fondant vines and gumpaste flowers. Create edible blue roses and fill the cake with rose cream.

Red White And Navy Blue Wedding

A modern theme will love the dry white ice, the shock of red roses and the cactus puree frosting. Prepare a delicious vanilla and lime curd filling. The rustic theme includes apples topped with ivory and strawberry cream to mark the harvest. Let it be spiced up with eucalyptus and fresh bay leaves.

The Most Popular Wedding Colors This Year: A List

Red is a dramatic color that blends well with the calm nature of white. For red and white wedding decorations, we will include some elements and color accents.

Red and white hallway decorations are versatile. A wooden theme will require covering your arch with red and white lace. Garlands of green, purple and white flowers are attached to it. Finish by arranging the rose petals all the way. Set the tone for romance with a large frosted white floor and scattered red petals. Finish with a few flower vases of varying heights filled with pinks, purples and whites.

Style tip: For a rustic theme, incorporate hay bales and a red carpet for that eclectic feel. Make beautiful flower arrangements in green, white, red, pink and blue. The boho look will add delphiniums, red roses, golden lanterns and cacti.

Incorporate reds and whites into outdoor themes that inspire your nature. Edge the arch with a red and white flower and some presence of vegetation. Light the torches and level up all the way to touch that sublime gold.

Wedding Color Schemes To Inspire Your Own

The main colors are red, white and hazel. Combine all these colors for beautiful red and white wedding reception ideas. A pair of red chiffon table runners with gold flatware and white napkins. Make white side poppy cards to go with the menu cards.

Design tips: Make table runners in a combination of red, white, green and with a hint of silver. Hang floating roses, carnations, delphiniums and lilies

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