Red & White Wedding

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Red & White Wedding – If you’re into drama and glamour, prepare to be blown away by this amazing red and white wedding inspiration from the amazing photography team at Rudy & Marta Photography! Plus, with Valentine’s Day just 2 days away, this color palette is perfect, don’t you think?!

Inspired by a bold red floral dress, Everlasting Events and their team created a glamorous red and white wedding shoot that’s sure to make a statement. The lush red and white flowers and organic free-flowing bouquet created by ELD Events by Flower Studio favorites will take your breath away. We love the unique image of the circular background, the flowers and paper flowers are so romantic. Cake & Bake’s masterpiece, with unique textures and design layers in metallic and red colors.

Red & White Wedding

Red & White Wedding

Venue: 1902 In the Maintenance Room. // Planning: Eternal Stories // Floral: Floral Studio Stories // Cake: Cake & Bake // Hair & Makeup: Laura Reynolds Artistry // Photography: Rudy & Martha Photography

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Did you like the post above? Every last detail went into making this post beautiful! Featured vendors are selected and approved by Lauren. Learn more by clicking them below: Red and white wedding colors are the most divisive after bridal colors. This is because both colors represent romance, love, strength, purity and tranquility. Red is dramatic and white is a neutral tone that balances the mix. They come together to play a big part in setting the tone for the wedding.

So, brides, if you haven’t finalized your color scheme yet, now is the time to do so. Choosing your colors early will help you connect the details and create a cohesive theme. From your stationery, to your clothing, flower arrangements, food and event venues. Your plans will be clear. And if you chose to marry the red and white, then you will succeed.

Two colors are easy to work with and we are here to help with red and white wedding ideas. From rustic to bohemian, vintage, home outdoors, and summer to winter, find beautiful ideas in this post.

Hand Painted Red Flowers On White Wedding Cake

It is the color of passionate love, seduction, violence, fear, anger and adventure. Also this color of fire and blood is energy and primal life forces.

Red and white wedding dresses are suitable for elegant and sophisticated weddings. We’ve compiled everything you need to know about them below.

Red and white wedding dresses are a step up from the norm. Except in some parts of Asia where this is a tradition, it has become a fashionable idea. But before you don that red dress, keep a few things in mind.

Red & White Wedding

Style Tips: Determine your style, wedding theme and accessories. Red and white wedding dresses are beautiful and perfect for vintage wedding themes, says David’s Brides. throw in some black and it becomes gothic. You can wear a white shirt with red stripes at the waist, a blouse or a second layer of tulle skirt.

Gorgeous Red & Black Wedding Color Ideas For Fall Or Winter Brides

Keep makeup to a minimum, but focus on your lips and eyes. Accessorize with gold/silver jewelry, but keep it simple to avoid overdoing it. Gold studs, simple necklaces, bracelets are enough. Wear a crown of red, gold and white flowers or a vine of red crystals. Make a bouquet of red, gold and white flowers and finish with red hot stilettos.

The groom stuns in a white tuxedo with red patent leather and black pants. Complete the look with a pink bow tie, a green and pink boutonniere and a pink pocket square. Another clean look is to wear a white or ivory suit. He combined the suit with a red waistcoat and a red tie. Throw in a red and gold boutonniere and the groom is ready.

Style Tips: To match the groom, groomsmen wear red tuxedos with black patent leather. They combine it with white underwear and black pants. A red and white boutonniere with a touch of black works well. Complete with a black bow tie or black and red striped ties, as well as a black pocket square.

For accessories, all men wear red or black cufflinks and a black belt. A watch with a silver chain or black leather strap is best for this outfit. Accessorize with classic brown brogues or lace-up shoes.

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As a wedding guest, it is against all etiquette to wear white or hot red to a wedding. This is because whites clash with the bride, while bright reds are a sore thumb. So unless the color code is white and red, work around the shades.

Styling Tips: The rule of thumb is to wear dark berry shades for winter or formal weddings. For summer or casual weddings, reds and yellows are best. Do your makeup with simple reds or heavy smoky shades. Work with white pearls or silver accessories depending on your style.

For the perfect combinations, pair deep cranberry tops with white pants or skirts for a salon wedding. Match with a red clutch and fancy sandals, plus a silver choker and earrings. For summer beach weddings, try a short floral red dress with yellow accents. White flat sandals, accessorized with red/white hair clips.

Red & White Wedding

Bridesmaids can wear long or short red and white dresses depending on the style of the wedding. White is stable yet whimsical, there are different shades of red to choose from for casual, daytime or beach style.

Red White And Blue Wedding Bouquet

For girls, choose a vibrant coral, deep burgundy, cherry red or rusty crimson. Pair with classic or very formal accessories. But the rule of thumb is to go easy on your makeup, as the dress is quite the focus.

Styling Tips: Pair dresses with neutral skin tones, metallic gold or silver accessories. Combine red, white and gold to create a bouquet. Layer red and white with gold accents on the cuffs, ear cuffs and shoes for a monochromatic look. You can also pair it with blush, rose gold or pale pink. If you choose a garnet red and white dress, pair it with navy blue accessories. In honor of the bride, just leave the white parts untouched.

Your invitations, bouquets and cakes reflect the tone you’ve set. So get inspired by the following creative red and white wedding ideas.

When choosing invitations, the first thing to decide is the style of your wedding. Are you going for classic, glam, modern, chic or casual? If you decide to do this, the invitation will help you incorporate the right colors and patterns to make your suite stand out.

Red & White Themed Wedding

Currently, the trendy color scheme is red and white. They are perfect for almost any style of wedding. The difference is the colors added to them. For example, a red, black and white invitation is perfect for a gothic themed wedding. A black floral damask card with a red bow and white lettering is a hit.

Style Tips: For rustic weddings, try a black and white card with ruby ​​accents. Modern wedding favors include white cards decorated with red and gold flowers. If you’re going vintage, try elegant red Gerber Daisy accents on black card and white lettering. There is also the option of a white card with a red or silver bow.

The red and white bouquet is almost the main part of the wedding ceremony. But adding a variety of other colors can change the bouquet game. Start by choosing your flowers based on the style, season and theme of your wedding. For red flowers, include roses, orchids, tulips, poppies, oranges, gerbera daisies, asters, cannas, ranunculus and more. Pair them with snowdrops, baby’s breath, lilies, irises, daffodils and yucca or white roses.

Red & White Wedding

Styling tips: Add colorful peonies, muted coral bells, purple lavender, deep pink petals or greenery to a wedding bouquet of white and red roses. Use some accessories to dress up your bouquet. Add some rhinestones or pins for a glam wedding style. Use pearls for timeless elegance, succulents for the desert or rustic inspired style. Add feathers, intricate and sparkling crystals for a bobo feel. Use bejeweled butterflies for a whimsical vibe and cotton, greens and berries for an elegant look.

Outdoor Wedding Decorations, Arch Decorated With Red And White Flowers Stock Image

Red and white cakes are amazing and with some elements, you can achieve amazing cakes for any wedding theme.

A romantic wedding theme works with magical shades of soft pink on a buttery white surface. Decorated with bubblegum tulip flowers attached with fabric covered edible wire. Finish with a delicious vanilla cream and praline filling.

Style Tips: For those who are conservative or traditional, work with a classic wedding theme. You have a white butter cake with roses. Ask your baker to make fudge vines and gum paste. Create edible blue roses and fill the cake with rose cream.

The modern theme includes crisp white frosting, red rose shock and cactus-pear puree frosting. Make the delicious vanilla with lime curd filling. The rustic theme features ivory cream and tiny crab apples with strawberry cream. Garnish with eucalyptus and fresh bay leaves.

Inspirational Classic Red And White Wedding Ideas


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