Reveal The Gender Party Ideas

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Reveal The Gender Party Ideas – There are few moments in life as exciting as learning the gender of your child. Celebrate this special moment with friends and family by throwing a gender reveal party. Tell a family member or friend about the results from your doctor. Gather everyone in the backyard for great food and drinks and get ready for the big reveal. We’ve put together some ideas to get you inspired for your party. Get ready to pop the confetti dust. Plan a themed party invitation around ice cream, donuts, BBQ and more. Pink or blue everyone will love your party. Read on for top tips for planning your gender reveal party!

The glitter from the confetti and the color of the dust will fill the sky to reveal amazing sexuality. Get a bunch of cannons and have fun with friends and family! The more dust the better for your photos/videos. Various sizes and colors to choose from.

Reveal The Gender Party Ideas

Reveal The Gender Party Ideas

36″ confetti balloons are available in pink or blue accent colors. Add a designer tassel for extra fun.

Unique Gender Reveal Ideas 2022

Midnight blue and rose gold confetti balloons. Size: 36″ or 24″. Add hanging tassels for an extra touch.

Go ahead! Enjoy one of these fun pink or blue golf balls. XL, regular or basic golf ball sizes available.

Available in many colors. Twist the base and the compressed air sends the dust out! Shoots colors 15 feet in the air.

Download, edit, and print this colorful welcome sign at your local copy center. This purchase includes 8″ x 10″, 16″ x 20″, 18″ x 24″, and 24″ x 36″ models.

Outdoor Gender Reveal Party Ideas

Print and trim these fun girl or boy vote cards on 8.5″ x 11″ paper. Give the winner a fun gift!

This is an awesome decorating kit! You will receive one gold “Oh Baby” foil balloon, four pink and blue 18″ balloons, sixteen 12″ balloons, twenty-three 10″ balloons, thirty-two 5″ balloons, 1 pink and blue curtain, balloon hook, and balloon tying tool. An amazing deal for around $25.

These scratch cards measure 7″ x 5″ and are printed on 199gsm glossy white card stock. Customizable with your baby’s name and multiple envelope colors to choose from.

Reveal The Gender Party Ideas

Fun theme ideas for your gender reveal. Use a printed template design or order your printed invitations online.

It’s A…gender Reveal Party Ideas

Add some color to your party with these boys and girls t-shirts. Dress boys in blue and girls in pink. Get everyone together for fun photos!

Who doesn’t love barbecue? It’s the perfect theme for gathering everyone in the yard on a beautiful day. Place this beautiful sign in your yard to welcome your guests and get everyone excited for the reveal.

These beautiful dishes make the perfect setting for glowing mummies and make delicious party food easy! Each pack contains 6 plates measuring 23cm (diameter).

Use these matching napkins to manage and protect these clothes! Each pack contains 20 napkins measuring 33cm (square) open and 16.5cm (square) closed.

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Have friends and family from out of town and want to include them in the disclosure? This beautiful box is the perfect way to share your exciting news with grandparents and far away friends and family. The gift box includes a white onesie, customizable announcement card and silk floral decoration.

Customizable 16oz BPA Free Baby Shower Mug. Add your baby’s name and choose from different color combinations.

We would like to suggest other products that may be useful. Recommended articles contain affiliate links. We may receive a small commission for purchases made through these links. Are you trying to find some creative ideas to make your sex more special? Whether you’re looking for a classic and simple way to reveal a small gathering, or you just want to go all out, we’ve rounded up some great and unique ideas to spark your imagination.

Reveal The Gender Party Ideas

Many of these ideas can be customized to include siblings and create a great photo opp that you can share with your child along the way. Whatever you decide, you can’t go wrong celebrating pink or blue! Gender Reveal Decorations

Whether you’re having a room full of guests or keeping it simple at home with your family, revealing your baby’s gender with balloons is fun and easy! Incorporate them into a game, or pair them with confetti for a fun “pop” – the ideas are limitless.

(1) Balloon Pop Reveal: You can’t go wrong with a simple balloon filled with confetti to pop! A large balloon is great for this idea and they are easily available for purchase online. Check out the one used in this reveal from Shining On Design- pop with a pink or blue reveal pin! If you have older kids, consider letting them have some fun and pop balloons like @annelinsta.

(2) Surprise the older kids with a bunch of balloons: Another great way to include your older child(ren) in the big reveal is to surprise them with a bunch of blue or pink balloons. You can have a trusted adult pick up the balloons and hand them to your kids for the big reveal. @sazan has a cute example of this idea where the kids hide in another room and then surprise their parents with balloons.

(3) DIY Colored Powder on Balloons: Making your own colored powder in blue or pink is very simple – check out the recipe from Then go ahead and fill up a balloon and it’s ready to pop!

Melissa & John’s Gender Reveal Party

(4, 5) Box of Balloons Revealed: Instead of popping a balloon, you can have a box full of them! “Girl or boy?” Take a large box to decorate with. (via Snickerplum), orquestion marks “He or she?” (via Sugar Spice and Sparkle), then get someone you trust to pick up the pink or blue balloons, who knows the gender. To fill the box. When it’s time to be amazing, open the box to let the balloons fall!

(6) Balloon Milk Box: Adding a giant milk balloon to accent Pa Hanna’s sex-like cake will make the surprise even more fun.

(7) Custom Balloon Boxes: Don’t feel like making your own box? It’s easy to order a custom one, complete with your signature.

Reveal The Gender Party Ideas

(8) Reveal gift bag balloons: Cut out a large box for gift bags and give one to each of your children (or nieces, nephews, grandparents, etc.). Place a balloon inside and tie it closed with a simple ribbon. Then open them in unison. (via Gender Reveal Decorations, Gender Reveal Ideas, Gender Reveal Decorations Kit, Gender Reveal Party Supplies, Boy Or Girl Gender Reveal Party Supplies, Baby Gender Reveal Party Supplies, Baby Reveal Party Decorationss :

(9) Throw balloon darts: A fun way to incorporate balloons into your gender reveal is to make it a game of darts. Create a plywood board with dozens of glued-on balloons, only one of which is filled with pink or blue confetti. Guests can take turns throwing darts until the confetti-filled balloon pops to reveal the gender! You can check out @sarahs_day for inspiration.

(10) Read or Read Pop to Watch: This kit includes everything you need to make a fun gender reveal game. Collect and throw darts to pop the balloons. Once you pop 3 pink or 3 blue balloons, you will find out the gender of the baby!

(11) Burst the Belly Game: How fun is it to burst this balloon through Smudge? Fill the balloons with white paint and one with pink or blue. Keep it clean by throwing darts, or mess it up with a comb!

Nothing says “party” or “celebration” like confetti! Confetti is a fun and easy way to add a touch of whimsy to your party and is definitely a fun way to reveal your gender.

Burnouts Or Bows Gender Reveal Party

(1) Confetti Poppers: Keep it simple and reveal your baby’s gender with a confetti popper. If you’re a secret revealer, or each guest has one for themselves, these little poppers are the life of the party! (Photo via @poofthereitisreveals)

Confetti Cannon Roulette: This is a fun way to build anticipation for the big reveal. Pick up this confetti cannon roulette set with 6 cannons: 5 of them white confetti and 1 of them pink or blue. Roll the dice and fire the cannon with the corresponding number. Finally you will shoot the surprise cannon like a fit mommy in heels.

(2) Butterfly Confetti: If you choose to use confetti poppers for your reveal, make it unique with butterfly-shaped confetti. Little butterflies fluttering in the sky adds to the magical experience!

Reveal The Gender Party Ideas

(4) Hire a confetti machine: If you’re looking for a large amount of confetti to fill an area or a bolder look in your photos, hiring a confetti machine will do the trick. Check out the amount of confetti that made for an awesome photo from @jessi1012.

Exciting Gender Reveal Party Ideas For Your New Baby

(5) Confetti inside eggs: This idea is really unique! These are called cascarones and they are eggs filled with confetti. They are made from real eggs, which are carefully poured, colored, then filled with confetti and covered again with paper. Then you crack the eggs open to reveal each other. Guests can join in on the fun too – check out how Vintage Modern Wife used this idea.

(6) Pull-String Piñata: Get showered in confetti with this fun DIY pull-string piñata from Funny.

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