Rockabilly Wedding Centerpieces

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Rockabilly Wedding Centerpieces – The world works in a funny way; A mutual friend showed Dora a picture of his tattoo artist, Kristian. A few days later, Dora took the train to visit this friend, and Kristian, who had never heard of Dora. Before, saw her at the ticket counter and decided to sit next to her on the train. “I recognized him immediately,” the bride told us, “because at that time he had a red beard, long hair and enough tattoos for the whole village.” A three hour train ride later and they became firm friends. “The strange thing about this is that my mother and father met on the train!”

When asked to describe the theme of their wedding, Kristian called it “badass rock ‘n’ roll,” and we quickly agreed. “We both love rock and roll, and we wanted a day that reflected us. So we went in an unusual way, and found a middle ground between a formal wedding and something more rockabilly. We keep the traditions we like, and implement new ideas. In Hungary, weddings are almost 100% conservative, and based on vows. Judging from our guests, they seem to like the informal things we have planned. Thank you tattoo corner!”

Rockabilly Wedding Centerpieces

Rockabilly Wedding Centerpieces

The whole day is a DIY project – as self-confessed control freaks, they relished the idea of ​​making every detail perfect. Kristian designed all the print elements and visual plans for the designer, while Dora designed her wedding dress, and her mother made the ring bearer pillows. Kristian is very bold about his outfit; He bought it a week before the wedding, and it happened that the store had a great sale. Many of their accessories and parts are purchased online, not only to save money, but there are no local stores that sell what they need.

Dimitris & Andriana

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Their favorite part of the day was the Catholic ceremony. “I don’t like fancy churches, with golden angels and red chairs,” explained the bride, so our traditional ceremony was held outside, in a Romanesque church in the Zambezi. “I actually cried the whole ceremony, my best. My friend’s purse was full of used tissues! We had no roof, protected by an 800-year-old stone wall that covered with a tree while I was married to the man I love is what I’ve been dreaming.”

“The ceremony was simple, touching, and it brought the groom to tears. We were lucky that all our loved ones could attend, and I was especially happy to see my older cousins ​​with us.” They conducted a second civil ceremony to sign the agreement, at At their reception in Csilagkert of Budapest.

Leading up to the wedding, they took a break from the stress of planning to walk around the city to take photos at their favorite spots, enjoy their favorite foods, and get a chance to tattoo each other. “Luckily, it’s Kristian’s role… not lucky for him because it’s my first time,” laughed the bride. “It’s nice to spend time together in the midst of all the stress of wedding planning to just enjoy each other’s company and celebrate each other.”

A 1950’s Rockabilly Wedding With The Coolest Car Couch Ever!

“We want to show the world that even in Hungary, a country with traditions, it is possible to host a wedding that is different from the norm and truly reflects the couple”, concluded the bride. “You can organize an event, which has an Anon-Conformist background, but still contains elements of ordinary Roman Catholic ritual. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!”

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Rockabilly Wedding Centerpieces

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Rockabilly style wedding with hot rod and rock’n’roll! Rachel Webb Jen and Powell March 29, 2017 Sue and Tommy wanted their wedding to reflect their collective attitudes and what their lives are about. Sioux is a pin-up girl and Tommy likes hot rods and rock’n’roll. Their relationship is basically straight out of Pulp Fiction! Not surprisingly, their wedding theme is rock ‘n’ roll, hot rod, rock ‘n’ roll festival, complete with cars, candy table and Harley Davidson located near the card table! Read more… Jessica and I are a very strange couple. We love to laugh and be silly with each other (for example, her nickname is Nerdface and mine is Pixie). So naturally, we had to do something else. We decided on a rockabilly style with candy, because the centerpiece of the table and Stupid pictures everywhere.

We urge people to wear black and red. I even wore a non-traditional red wedding dress, which I will explain. next. Our night is full of love and fun! I could not have asked for a better experience.

Funny story like this…when Jessica and I first met, her friend asked if she liked me. Her answer was “maybe.” So with us getting married in April, when it came to my part in “Do you take this woman?” I said maybe.”

Rockabilly Wedding Centerpieces

She and I are the only ones who get this quote, but it’s perfect. Our vows are short and sweet. We know our love for each other, so we don’t make a big deal about it. with the oath.

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We danced all night. I even have some friends trying to do it.

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