Romantic Wedding Themes

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Romantic Wedding Themes – 1. Lighting sets the tone. You can never have too many candles when creating a romantic setting – and the light is softer. Notice in this photo, twinkling lights flood the space with glamor and remind guests of a starry night sky.

2. Make your guests feel comfortable in all the little details. Thin fabrics hang gently around the reception entrances, bringing them into a dream. Chevron rugs are placed under the tables mixing the comfort of home with the originality of nature. Every detail is both relaxing and inviting.

Romantic Wedding Themes

Romantic Wedding Themes

3. Add a little whimsy and an element of surprise. You don’t want your guests to get too comfortable, it’s a party after all! In this wedding scene, the chairs and benches are interchanged creating interest and visual variation. It gives the space an elegant lounge feel that reminds guests it’s time to party.

Old World Wedding Theme { Old World Romantic Wedding }

4. Keep flower arrangements low on the table. To encourage good conversation while dining, make sure your guests can see each other. Floral arrangements are not the only way to decorate and sometimes less is more. At this wedding, the arrangements add a pop of color without being distracting.

5. Enjoy! Enjoy the romance and enjoy the scenery. Let all the planning melt away as you dance under the stars. Don’t forget to have fun, relax and be with the ones you love.

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Utterly Romantic Wedding Color Palettes

When it comes to all the myriad styles of outdoor ceremonies, a romantic wedding theme may seem more fitting for a day filled with so much love and appreciation. Many couples are smitten by this gorgeous aesthetic, and it’s not hard to see why.

To start planning a big, romantic day, check out the wedding venues that boast an ethereal and fairytale atmosphere. Alfresco ceremonies in gorgeous gardens and receptions hosted in cozy French chateaux definitely set the theme, but you can really turn any venue into a romantic oasis with beautiful details. Start by sending wedding invitations with classic calligraphy and place the flowers with lush hanging installations and romantic wedding centerpieces. You can also serve a wedding cake topped with fresh garden flowers.

For a more romantic wedding decor, try a bright and airy color palette and light up your party with lots of twinkling candles. The options are truly endless – and stunningly beautiful.

Romantic Wedding Themes

Ready to fall in love? We tapped the minds of industry experts to help curate these romantic wedding ideas, featuring all things ethereal, floral and delicate. Read on for some serious romantic inspiration.

Romantic Wedding Inspiration With A Modern Twist

If you are planning a romantic wedding atmosphere, why not start things from scratch. Set the scene with a stunning floral wedding invitation.

Go alfresco for your ceremony! “Napa has always held a special place in Suzy and Stephen’s hearts,” explains Lisa Vorce, planner of this gorgeous outdoor wedding at Meadowood Napa Valley. beautiful exterior elements. For this Napa Valley structure, a floral chuppah and light wooden chairs keep the overall design soft and ethereal.

A garden backdrop located minutes from the city also makes for a quiet getaway to say I do. “Add a whimsical touch to your floral design and you’ll have an elegant and romantic garden party,” says Elizabeth Lane, marketing coordinator at Fearrington Village.

Match the floral altar around your ceremony. “When I take on decor design, I see the romantic elements that translate into the final images when the design mimics those romantic elements,” says Jonathan Scott, owner of Jonathan Scott Studio. “A chuppah or altar should feel like it is part of the place or location itself.”

Best Wedding Theme Ideas For 2022 For Any Taste And Style

There is nothing more romantic than bunches and bunches of flowers. “The arrangements that marked the beginning of the aisle were full of white and pink,” said Thomas Bui, owner of Thomas Bui Lifestyle, of the beautiful ceremony above. “The flowers continued effortlessly throughout the romantic design of the ceremony adorning a tree at the end of the aisle – a focal point for the couple’s ‘I dos’.”

Handing out romantic poems and love notes around your reception is a sweet and memorable touch. Plus, guests can take this decoration home as a favor that will remind them of all the love from your big day.

The lush and colorful flowers that adorn this ceremonial arch scream spring. Whether you opt for simple romantic touches or a bold color palette, a floral bow will be the perfect match.

Romantic Wedding Themes

If you can swing it, find a ceremony location with naturally growing flowers and plants to include. We love the romantic vibes of this ceremony, set on top of a hill surrounded by blooms.

Cartoon Romantic Wedding Theme Illustration Png Hd Transparent Image And Clipart Image For Free Download

A favorite color in bridesmaid dresses (especially for a romantic style wedding), light pink will help you complement each member of your party, adding softness to your final photos of the day. The deep green background helped the soft, muted pinks of the maids’ dresses above really shine, says photographer Brian Leahy, owner of Brian Leahy Photography.

“Adding a little blush to a white and green color palette creates a totally romantic vibe without being too over the top,” says Jennifer Zukovsky, co-owner of Fionna Floral. Flowing silk ribbon will gently hold the romantic look you want.

Hand-painted fans were given to guests at a couple’s outdoor wedding ceremony in France. Each fan has a different painting, making the subtle details even more special.

What’s cuter than a trio of super cute flower girls? Their woven baskets and flower crowns are so precious!

Tropical Romance Wedding Ideas

For this indoor reception, bringing outdoor elements inside—like fresh flower arrangements—added a subtle pop of color to the all-white space. Sticking to a clean palette of white with splashes of pastel will give your event a soft and romantic feel.

“A blush wedding is the epitome of femininity and romance,” says Yumiko Fletcher, owner of Hana Floral Design. “Having a pastel palette throughout your wedding instantly conjures images of romance, whimsy and beauty.” For this canopied space, soft green and red fabrics drape an elegant seating area.

“Hanging flowers that flow and fall organically … are incredibly romantic,” says Becca Knuth, managing partner of Asheville Event Co.

Romantic Wedding Themes

We love this unique way to incorporate blooms. Rows of plant wreaths line all sides of this outdoor tent, culminating in romantic floral chandeliers flowing down the center of the space.

Adorable Wedding Décor Ideas

To add just a touch of romance, consider a floral wedding cake. “A romantic wedding cake is anything with a soft color palette, elegant details and a classic design,” says Sherene Hulugalle, owner of Wisteria Lane. “For this wedding, the pastel flowers seen at other events of the day brought it all together.

A bare cake is perfect for those looking for a minimalist and romantic look for their wedding cake. The style looks stunning with floral accents and is a popular choice for rustic or garden themed weddings.

Nothing speaks of a romantic wedding more than the flickering of soft candlelight. “When Laura and Zack wanted to set the tone for a truly romantic day, we knew right away that mixing tall tapers, pillars and votives with low, lush flowers would create an intimate and romantic feel for them and their guests .” said Sarah Worsley, owner of Mint Julep Productions.

With soft pink frosting and sprigs of garden-fresh lavender, this wedding cake is undeniably romantic. Include plants and a bold flower in your display, along with a variety of sweets, for a stunning look.

Romantic Wedding Ideas For Your Fairytale Wedding

Adding a sentimental detail to your wedding day look is an incredibly romantic detail that you can share with your guests or keep to yourself. This groom has “tu alma gemela,” meaning “your twin soul,” inscribed on his collar that can be seen when turned upside down.

What’s more romantic than dancing for the first time to a band playing your song live while you waltz down the dance floor? The sisters performed romantic ballads at this real wedding as the couple walked down the aisle.

Plan your getaway with a vintage car for you and your partner to drive while your guests say goodbye. Wedding trends come and go, and a romantic wedding theme is one that never goes out of style – but

Romantic Wedding Themes

Is it exactly? While the word “romantic” can be applied to all sorts of different things (wedding-related or not), it has a very specific meaning when it comes to wedding style, and we’re talking about great stuff here. For starters, think of lots of candles, twinkling chandeliers, flower petals, and anything else that will create a magical, fairytale-inspired arrangement at your wedding ceremony and reception.

Romantic Wedding Decor At Reception, Low Floral Centerpieces With Peach, Pink And Yellow Roses, Greenery, Tall


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