Rustic Barn Wedding Ideas

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If your space has a more open, rustic feel rather than a formal, fancy romance, you’ll want to fill the space with decor that makes sense. With these 40 DIY barn wedding ideas, you have just it; designs with a variety of country flavors that will make your holiday a thing of the past.

Rustic Barn Wedding Ideas

Rustic Barn Wedding Ideas

As always, scrolling through Pinterest we found a lot of great inspiration. The first stop on our journey through barn wedding ideas takes us to this lovely staircase show. Grab your antique and display it at the reception, filling it with fun details.

Rustic Wedding Decor

Some simple flags can help decorate the wedding space. Whether it’s a ceremony or a party, a small bunch of garlands can add subtle spice to the area. See more inspiration like this in Nouba.

Candles have always been part of palace-style weddings. Whether you illuminate the hallway or use them as a centerpiece, like here, they are a cute and fun addition. Then you can get creative by styling them in different ways.

Pinterest won this simple idea as well. Even beginner DIYers can cope with this floating lantern. Light up your hallway and add romance without the hassle or fuss.

Rustic Wedding Chic had beautiful inspiration in the field of rustic or country weddings. And along with these genres come vintage touches like these antique suitcases. Use them to store the guestbook and greeting cards of all your loved ones.

Country Style Barn Wedding Table Decorations Stock Photo

Journals will always be the staple material in the world of palace weddings. From tables to chairs! All you need to do is use a few scraps to create the arch in the VIP seating area and you don’t need to hire anyone to host it.

You and the girls can be more creative at a craft party before the big day arrives. With a scrap of wood and paint, you can create something special for your ceremony or reception space. It’s easy to personalize and a way to add a few styles to your daily design.

Brandy Hill Farm presented these beautiful shiny bottles that look great on any table. It’s an easy way to add a bit of glam to a rustic setting like a barn without looking too exaggerated or out of place. Even if you’re getting married in the countryside, it’s a good thing you want the day to be romantic and feminine.

Rustic Barn Wedding Ideas

You can even welcome your guests to a big event by setting up a hay bale. Our favorites at Homedit showed this cool idea, and we couldn’t help falling in love with how simple it is. The same design can be done in a ceremonial place.

Amazing Barn Wedding Ideas

The feeling of home should be added not only to the decor of the day, but also to the food! Whether displayed at a dessert bar or served as a home appetizer, these apple pies are the perfect way to celebrate your wedding. Check out all the details at the Bird Party.

Here’s another great idea for a wedding! Watch this YouTube video and follow along to learn how to plant some of these gorgeous miniature succulents. Garland them or leave them naked, it’s up to you.

A classic cookie with chocolate chips will also work well. They have a home style and flavor that makes them fan favorites. Send them with your guests or serve them near the dance floor at the reception.

The cup contained this flavored water station and we couldn’t help but think what a great idea it would be for an outdoor barn wedding. By using fresh fruit, you can add colorful and organic spirits to your carefree celebration. Raspberry, lime, lemon, grapefruit slices etc .; use all your favorite teeth.

How To Find [or Diy] The Perfect Rustic Wedding Venue

Grab a few chocolate chip cookies and add other flavors as you prepare a dessert table for your guests. You can nibble on them on the go or enjoy them while you feast! Get even more inspiration in the Northern Nest.

We love this simple and cute idea we found on Pinterest. All you need to do is start with a few big balls! Using them as a focal point at any table is innovative and goes well with the style.

At Whimsical Wonderland Weddings, we found a seating chart that fits perfectly with the look of a castle wedding party. An old wooden chest turned into a reception table is unique and cute, don’t you think? Make sure you add some pretty petals to soften the design.

Rustic Barn Wedding Ideas

Some old cans have the potential to transform a table top – with some flowers, of course. We love the wildflower design because it blends in so well with the homely, country atmosphere. Check out Perfectly Disheveled for more ideas and inspiration like this one.

Barn Wedding Ideas For Any (yes, Any!) Style

Katie Byram showed this great photo from her wedding day, and we couldn’t help but show it here! Create a unique photo opportunity by collecting grass and trees in all the right places. Texture, interest and fit for a barn wedding are another easy way to bring your vision to life.

Homedit captured this innovative and unique idea and we immediately fell in love. Converting an old shovel into a welcome sign is a great way to creatively welcome your guests. You can do it yourself in the afternoon!

The sunflower always has a special place in the heart of the village. Decorate your yard with sunflowers nearby. Colorful stains look beautiful on cakes, on reception tables, and even sprinkle in the aisle.

We love the pattern found on the Green Wedding Shoes. Decorate your shed with a fence and paper lanterns. Done the right way, it’s not only pretty, but also very cute and adorable.

Rustic Wedding Ideas For Casual And Cozy Nuptials

Kendra Koman Photography has decorated her decorations with her favorite books. Bringing a home-made vintage spirit that is perfect for a barn, these books provide the perfect base for your light or floral petals. The best solution is solid page titles.

Another way to add an accent to your big day is to pick a mismatched wedding dress. There is something more casual and carefree when you decide to take an alternative route from the chiffon formal pieces we are used to. Make them or buy them with the girls.

Wooden signs from J to Z were also made. Again, you’ll need scrap wood and paint to get started. Use colors, have fun and add personalized styles.

Rustic Barn Wedding Ideas

The chalkboard menu icon also works. Of course, you can use these arrays for a variety of reasons. Regardless of the destination, this style fits in well with your wedding routine – without the fuss or complications.

Rustic Wedding Decoration Ideas

These gorgeous ribbon chairs appeared in Rock My Wedding and we immediately fell in love. This idea is not easy to solve, even for those who have never done it with their own hands before, because it is as simple as tying a knot. Choose your colors and highlight VIP seats!

If you say yes in the fall, use the Focus Center. Pay tribute to the season and location with something that speaks of rustic value. Thanks to 99 Wedding Ideas for this inspiration.

When you get married in a barn, you’ll want to focus more on natural textures and decorative details. This is exactly what happened with this wedding cake we found at Whimsical Wonderland Wedding. A few fresh lilacs can be the best dessert for the day.

If you have an eye for a new wedding, you can even create country-style wedding invitations. Make every part of your big day look handmade. You can do anything from saving dates to programs if you want.

Rustic & Barn Weddings Diy Wedding Decor • Ohmeohmy Blog

Nuba gave us even more inspiration, including the sign of the “new name” decorating the castle grounds. Paint it or leave it naked, we love the photo for the Bride and Groom and guests! Get some smarts in the garage.

Here are some simpler wedding ideas to go with your barn scene. Skip the wildflower seeds! They won’t break the bank and you can easily fold them yourself.

You can always mix and match the chair

Rustic Barn Wedding Ideas

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