Rustic Groom Attire

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Are you looking for an unexpected groom to grace your wedding? Try lumberjack style – we’re talking plaid flannel shirts, pinecone boutonnieres, wool vests and suspenders. Stay tuned on this one, because it can really work in the right setting. Sure, it’s not your classic formal wear, but the casual style for the bride and groom is perfect for a forest wedding and a rustic barn. Check out 17 of our favorite timber-inspired styles here.

Rustic Groom Attire

Rustic Groom Attire

Sport a light natural colored coat to maintain your low-key bohemian theme. A pop of color with a bright and cute boutonniere that matches your partner’s bouquet will complete your wedding day look.

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Let your groom choose his own wool vest for a rustic look that will ensure a classy style without being too matchy-matchy.

A personally designed boutonniere is a great accessory to dress up your lapel. Add a whimsical touch to your formal suit with patterned feathers and bright wildflowers, or use your favorite fishing hook to make your boutonniere festive and totally you.

A vintage vest paired with a white collared shirt will add a gypsy-esque vibe to your wedding’s rugged charm. Consider patterned fabrics, such as plaid, to add texture to your look.

Allow the natural elements around your waterside ceremony to guide and wear khakis for a casual and cheerful style.

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Take a non-traditional approach to your style with plaid button-downs and solid colored ties. Dark colored plaid is a striking yet simple pattern that will look great at your outdoor ceremony.

A dark leather belt is a simple accessory that goes well with your casual, wooden theme and maintains a very classy look. Remember: try to match the color of your shoes to your belt.

Planning a simple elopement? Go for a casual look that complements your partner’s outfit, and add a floral tie for a cute pattern.

Rustic Groom Attire

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Forget bow ties and traditional neckties – bolo ties are the perfect accessory for a western-style wedding. Plus, a tie is a unique gift idea for your groom.

What’s a spring wedding without pastels? A subtle hint of color and a soft-hued tie will definitely look charming in your woody wedding.

Rustic Chic Inspired Attendant Attire

Elbow patches are a timeless fashion trend that will add a vintage vibe to your wedding style. Consider bright, patterned patches for your wool jacket for a playful look.

Copy the style of your wedding day to the organic space around it. Incorporate simple wildflowers and greenery into your boutonniere for a natural look with a unique texture.

Choose a pair of dark khaki pants for a relaxed country wedding. Khakis can be paired with anything, so wear your favorite gray vest with a tie or throw on an extra layer for a more relaxed style.

Rustic Groom Attire

Take it to your beach wedding ceremony in an alternative necklace. Burlap as your wedding accessory will be the perfect yet unexpected touch to your bohemian style.

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Roll up your cuffs for steampunk style. Pair a brightly colored vest with patterned socks for a whimsical touch.

Suspenders are a classic accessory for a bride or groom to sport on their wedding day. Pair it with wedges for a low-key event or wear embroidered suspenders over a crisp collar shirt for a festive occasion.

Add a ’60s touch to your style with skinny ties and tie bars. Consider pairing a bold red tie with dark blue jeans for a stylish contrast.

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Rustic Groom Attire

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From jeans and waistcoats to hats and suspenders, dressing up for such an occasion can be fun and more comfortable than the traditional suit and tie. Your husbands should not be left out. Coordinate a similar rustic groom dress for them so they can join in on the fun and you can have fantastic, memorable photos of your big day.

If you’re looking to make a statement and wear something that reflects your style and personality, choose a suit in a different style, cut or color to the rest of the groomsmen. As a groom, there is no hard and fast rule that says you have to perfectly match the rest of the guys.

Rustic Groom Attire For Country Weddings

There are several options in formal vests for men’s rustic wedding attire. Whether you decide to wear it with a rustic wedding suit or without a skirt. From ultimate formal to vintage and even casual. The degree of formality will determine what vest you wear and, however, for a rustic look, most grooms prefer a nice pair of blue jeans.

Consider a plaid vest or other patterned fabric you like for texture, wear with a collared shirt. Give the ultimate bohemian vibe to the ultimate rustic wedding menswear and the oft-admired rugged charm on your wedding day.

Suspenders are a great element to add to your rustic country wedding groomsmen attire. This elegant accessory goes well with almost any wedding skirt. This special choice for rustic men’s wedding dress is often best for summer, spring weddings, considering the absence of a skirt. Your suspenders will go well with suit pants, khaki shorts if you prefer, or even jeans.

Rustic Groom Attire

If you prefer a formal look, consider a white shirt, formal pants, suspenders and a bow tie in your color choices. It is a good idea to tie a bow to match the suspensions. The suspenders can be suede or leather, wide or slim, colorful or plain. While no skirt looks for a wedding quite different from the traditional, it has become more popular over the years.

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If you think of a western style wedding as similar to a wild west theme, any dream of a rustic wedding suit for the groom should go out the window. Your appearance as well as rustic groomsmen attire for your wedding party will involve along the lines of western ties, brocade vests, cowboy boots and felt hats. Imagine you have to serve on your special day, which you can. The type of rustic groomsmen clothing that would be appropriate for a horse

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