Rustic Wedding Cake Table Decorations

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Rustic Wedding Cake Table Decorations – More and more couples prefer warm and simple weddings. This is no surprise as it is one of the most popular and fascinating themes of all time, which will make your guests feel right at home. Some of the main things that distinguish this style from the others are the rustic flavors and often homemade flavors that also include some home-cooked dishes and of course sweet treats. Sheet cakes with flowers or berry tarts, milk and cookies or pancakes – all these desserts are excellent alternatives to traditional layered cakes and macarons, which are crunchy. If you’re confused about how to display them properly, we’ve put together a gallery full of inspiring ideas for you.

Very cool camp dessert table with tree chips, logs, wooden boxes, asparagus, trellises and lanterns

Rustic Wedding Cake Table Decorations

Rustic Wedding Cake Table Decorations

A large rustic wooden dessert table with wooden boxes and drawers, bright flowers, burlap and colorful leaf bunting and lots of food Kingdom Decor Rustic Cupcake Stand. Wooden Cupcake Stand And 10pcs Rustic Table Number Holders. Two Tiered Tray Wedding Decor, Cupcake Display Stand, Cupcake Stands For Dessert Table

Rustic dessert table in the style of tree trunks, rustic stands with metal handles and bottles with bright flowers

A rustic dessert table with large glasses covered in burlap and lace, with neutral flowers, greenery and paper napkins

Rustic autumn dessert table with metal cake stand decorated with berries and leaves, wood and wicker stand, letters, pine cones and acorns

Rustic pie table with mini pies on a shelf, looks super cute with pies and mini scales on a wooden shelf

Beautiful Rustic Wedding Cake Stock Photo

A rustic candy table with tree chips for serving, wooden cutting board, tree chip holder with candy, leaves and pumpkin

A rustic vintage dessert table with a wooden stand and hood with cakes, wildflowers, flower pumpkins and berries in a bowl

Decorating your candy corner starts with choosing the right table – it could be a rustic vintage style, a vintage wooden sideboard, or even some leaves or buckets, or some hay on top of the table. You can cover the table with a tablecloth, some lace and a jute scarf. Add your favorite flowers – it can be anything from wildflowers to regular flowers. Shake candles and candle holders, and place your dessert on a stump or piece of tree for a more rustic feel. You can also add some signs and labels to mark what you are serving as well as some decorations to personalize your dessert table. Scroll down to see all the ideas, I’m sure you can find a way to create a rustic treat that works for you.

Rustic Wedding Cake Table Decorations

Rustic woodland dessert table with neutral linen, stumps and chips, beautiful greenery in pots and moss

Modern Rustic Wedding Sweet Table

A simple and cool rustic dessert table made of wood, boxes and a simple glass shelf with white flowers and cake

A small and cute rustic dessert table with a wooden stand with plates, cookies and tins, cakes and cupcakes in a plate

A small rustic dessert table with stands and boxes for serving desserts, a box stand, some signs and lots of sweets

A woodland rustic dessert display of tree trunks, greenery and white flowers, rope and lots of delicious flowers

Meter Jute Burlap Rolls Hessian Ribbon With Lace Roll Vintage Rustic Wedding Decoration Burlap Wedding Cake Topper Diy Ornament|party Diy Decorations|

An elegant rustic dessert stand made of boxes, tree trunks, greenery, lights and candles with stunning emerald curtains

A rustic dessert table with old windows, boxes as a food stand, candles and wild flowers in vases is a cool rustic dessert display

A vintage rustic dessert table made from a rough wooden box with a tablecloth, candles and a vintage mirror

Rustic Wedding Cake Table Decorations

A vintage white table with a gold alphabet garland, neutral flowers, boxes and suitcases as a candy stand

White Decoration Of The Wedding Table And A Rustic Cake In The Spring Garden Stock Photo

A vintage dessert table with two barrels and a top, bright flowers in glass and wooden candy holders

A dessert table covered with a white tablecloth, a jute table runner and wood chips as a stand for the sweets

A rustic candy display of wood chips, big thick branches and dust is a cool idea for a rustic or forest wedding

A vintage rustic dessert table with burlap garland, white paper flowers, candy in a box, baby’s breath in a jar

Wedding Dessert Table Ideas

A rustic old-fashioned dessert table with boxes as a candy stand, a window, a lit jar and some flowers in a vase is a cool idea

Rustic or forest desserts made from tree trunks, bright flowers, greens and desserts are displayed on the top shelf

A vintage rustic dessert cart decorated with blooming flowers and jars with a crystal cake and dessert stand

Rustic Wedding Cake Table Decorations

A rustic vintage dessert display with wood chips and shelves, vintage suitcases and some flower arrangements is a really cool idea

Stunning Rustic Wedding Ideas

Elegant and rustic dessert table styled with lush neutral flowers and greenery in vases, complete with metal dessert stand and display and pink glass holder and bowl

A rustic dessert table on hay with a wooden frame, pink flowers and wooden baskets for dessert

A rustic dessert display with moss and tree trunks is a cool idea with draperies

Vintage rustic dessert display – a basket with fabric bunting, some bright flowers and a tin watering can is a very sophisticated idea

Rustic Dessert Tables With Tastiest Sweets

A rustic vintage wine barrel dessert table, a tabletop with many books, an arrangement of dried and fresh flowers and a wooden candy box

A large rustic dessert display of tree trunks and wooden panels is a simple and very statement idea for a country wedding

A rustic dessert and drink display case and a table with various candies and milk bottles

Rustic Wedding Cake Table Decorations

A rustic vintage dessert display with boxes and a table representing food in vintage white and bunting with fabric flowers

Family Mementoes Make Great Decor!

A rustic dessert display with shutters and a ladder from Baby’s Breath is a cool rock and roll idea

A rustic stand – a vintage sideboard with flowers and greenery and a chalkboard to mark what’s here

A rustic dessert display, a wooden table with stands and bright flowers, with some swings, is creative and cool

A rustic dessert table with many wooden stands and boxes, a jute bunting and a colorful leaf bunting, and lots of delicious sweets

How To Plan A Rustic Wedding

A rustic wooden dessert table, some wooden shelves and supports, pastel flowers in vases and candles and candlesticks

Rustic food display with a shabby chic table, antique rack and clock with sweets and some curtains behind the table

A refined rustic dessert table consists of a wooden table and a wooden screen with greenery and dream catcher, some pastel and neutral flowers and stands and glass jars with sweets for an elegant or rustic wedding. The reception will give a delicious taste to your unique personality.

Rustic Wedding Cake Table Decorations

Take a page out of the Magnolia Home decorating book and serve homemade cakes, cupcakes and parfaits, and other charming treats on a rustic dessert table.

Ideas For An Easy & Inexpensive Rustic Outdoor Wedding * Hip & Humble Style

Show off your colorful personality with an abundance of berries, from pretty berry pies to strawberries dipped in chocolate or candy, in colors to match your wedding colors.

To-go donuts and donut holes can be the perfect sweet treat for a morning wedding or a late night reception. Stack them, nest them in trays or hang them on the wall for a gravity-defying display.

Add just the right flair to your country wedding with wooden boxes to display cakes and other treats made from your family’s heirloom recipes.

And what could be more romantic than a chocolate dessert table? Try homemade chocolate peppermint bark or one of these chocolate candies.

Elegant Rustic Barn Wedding Dessert Table Decor With Hand Painted Wooden Sign And Wall Decal, Three

No matter the season, romance blooms in pastel-colored sweets. Add white chocolate-covered pretzels for a salty-sweet combo, or add a soft almond crust.

Who says you should only have one wedding cake? We say the more the merrier. This way you don’t have to choose a flavor or style either. Think chocolate cake with ganache, Victoria sponge cake with berries, butter cake with lemon curd filling… whatever you want!

Work with your florist to create a garden wedding dessert theme with flowers around a variety of cupcakes, cakes, and this Cherry Angel Cake.

Rustic Wedding Cake Table Decorations

There is no need for cutlery (or plates!) if the dessert is served on a stick. Fill the table with chocolate-tipped goodies, like Rice Krispies and caramel apples. Or there’s a chocolate fountain with fruit sprinkles, crunchy brownies and soft pretzels (for a delicious salty-sweet combo). If chocolate brown doesn’t suit your wedding palette, choose another shade.

Sweet Heather Anne

Sure, there’s the bar, but we’re talking sweeter treats. For a winter wedding, how about a hot chocolate bar? In summer, guests can make their own milkshake. (Your caterer has a big batch of vanilla shakes that friends and family mix in the sauce.) S’mores, anyone?

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