S Mores Bar Wedding

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S Mores Bar Wedding – Is there anything better than curling up around a fire on a hot summer night? Maybe doing the same thing there on a cool night, I mean, is that on everyone’s summer bucket list? This DIY s’mores bar idea can help make any night even sweeter!

Just line up your sauces, print a s’mores bar icon with menu and labels, and you’re on your way to a magically delicious evening.

S Mores Bar Wedding

S Mores Bar Wedding

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S’more Bar At The Fire Pit

Especially the classic version, like just graham crackers, a chocolate bar, and a toasted marshmallow. But I’ve also been known to get a little creative with variations like these cookies and these sweet and salty flavors.

A few years ago my sister had a DIY s’ores bar at her bohemian wedding! So you could say I love memories

I also love a good DIY snack bar, whether it’s a caramel apple bar, nacho bars or mini pie bars – I love letting people create their own versions.

So, it’s no surprise that I recently put together a little DIY s’mores bar for a party at my parents’ house, which I’m sharing below this post!

Smores Sign Smore Love S’more Bar Wedding Favor Ideas

This made it easier to post more fixes and allowed me to offer two different types of gems, not just the classics.

Making a smores bar is easier than it looks The purpose of this DIY bar is twofold:

1 – Buy, build, or assemble a dish to hold all your stuff If you’re feeding a large crowd, like at a wedding, you may want to get something like a pre-made s’mores bar.

S Mores Bar Wedding

If you’re doing something small like a family gathering, bowls or plates can work I used a metal box I bought years ago and couldn’t get it right But if you like the look, you can totally use this metal 3-tier plate!

Let’s Get Toasted Roast Marshmallow Party S’more Bar

2 – Buy all the toppings you want to offer I went simple with chocolate graham crackers, regular graham crackers, regular chocolate bars, regular marshmallows, and large marshmallows. But check out the options menu for more creative options you can add!

3 – Build it close to a fire source so people know they need to be thin.

4 – Add a smores bar number or two + more sticks We love these because they’re farther away from the fire

5 – Encourage everyone to spend time together! Don’t forget to make your own! Or, if it’s boating, eat plain marshmallows and graham crackers!

S’mores Bar Display

Also, if your outdoor space is limited, you can make a simple indoor bar. Not quite the same as outdoor fireplaces, but if you can’t go outside!

Follow the same instructions as above, just replace the open fire with one of the closed burners, or you can use a sterno in one of the settings I’ve mentioned below.

The sky really is the limit when it comes to a DIY sours bar, but here are the four essentials you’ll need, plus an added bonus!

S Mores Bar Wedding

Since most people don’t have the perfect cookware or all the party supplies that I do, I’ve put together a quick list of things to help you achieve the perfect DIY s’mores bar! There are printable signs, menus, packaging, stickers and more! Perfect for building your own DIY s’more bar!

S’mores Bar And S’mores Wedding Cake

Again, if you want to get creative with your sours bar offerings, here are some more-than-heard-of sours combinations. I haven’t tried these but they look great!

You can make something seamless on a budget using a combination of pre-existing plates/towels, free printable signs, and classic toasters in this post. Or you can build a s’mores bar that costs an arm and a leg but makes delicious s’mores!

Also, it totally depends on how many you have in mind. Generally, I recommend planning enough ingredients to make one or two with a bucket so that some people will have more and some people will have less.

If you go with the gourmet toppings option, you don’t need to keep a topping of what you think is the most popular, at least two of each item per person. Don’t give back what you can until they need it!

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So the cost depends on what you serve, how many people you serve, and how you serve it

I just made signatures of four different pickles – one to encourage people to combine and then two with our flavor combinations. Finally, you can manually type (or use a PDF editor) to add your own mix if you like.

I recommend printing them on white cardstock, and if you’re out and about, laminate them so they don’t even get damaged!

S Mores Bar Wedding

If you’re ready to download free printables to use this idea, click the button below or click here. What’s an easy way to keep your guests warm during the fall/winter? In addition to the bed and breakfast, there’s either hot chocolate (or both). How do you design one? Just put out lots of mugs, hot chocolate, assorted cookies, banana leaves, and marshmallows. Use vertical decorations, signs and boards to draw attention to the space: you can say different phrases and quotes. Try layered tiles to save some space; Don’t forget the candles to impress your bar Get inspired!

How To Create A S’mores Bar • Robyn’s Southern Nest

Cocktail hour is the time when your guests will want their food. Along with the wonderful hor d’oeuvres, you might as well have some desserts on your table. It’s just a tried and true option, but why not shake things up a bit? Get your caterer to make s’mores trail mix and serve in paper cones that match the color of your wedding.

If you prefer sweet drinks to bitters, a sour martini might just be your signature cocktail. Ask your bartender to help you create the perfect combination of chocolate and marshmallow liqueur that will impress your guests. Dust them with graham cracker crumbs and toppings! You have delicious (and Instagrammable) drinks

Instead of going for traditional wedding cake flavors, fill your reception with Star Confections chocolates, graham crackers and marshmallows. You can use this mixture in cupcakes, cake pops, buns, and even tarts, so you can light up a lot of fire on your dessert table.

S’mores are usually served in the evening, which makes them a great late-night snack. If you’re having an outdoor wedding, this is the perfect DIY food station to make your guests’ memories for themselves

Make Your Own S’mores Bar

Food favors always make a big impression You can gift your guests with all the ingredients they need to make them at home: a few squares of chocolate, some graham crackers and two marshmallows. Bonus: This Brick Bitor Fountain Kit is easy to make, so you can save a few extra bucks by making your own.

What’s your favorite way to add sweetness to your breakfast? Don’t forget to ask your restaurant to serve take-out pops. Sure, it’s less expensive than the average breakfast, but wedding time is the perfect time.

If you are looking for a unique and delicious wedding food station idea, consider one. The best part about this idea is that it can be customized according to your needs and preferences! For example, if you want something sweeter than candy, choose a savory bar On the other hand, if you want something sweeter, go with desserts like cookies or brownies Whatever flavor combination you choose, we’re sure your guests will love it! Have you tried making your own bars? This delicious dessert is a crowd pleaser and both adults and children love to eat it. Come on, listen to it. Really, there’s nothing better than ooey-gooey goodness and melted chocolate sandwiched between two graham crackers. The best part about this fan-favorite dessert? Perfect for summer and winter weddings Build a cozy fire pit on summer nights or keep warm in winter

S Mores Bar Wedding

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