Scottish Wedding Theme Ideas

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Scottish Wedding Theme Ideas – Have you always dreamed of getting married in Scotland and want to incorporate the many Scottish wedding traditions? If so, you’re probably looking for different Scottish wedding venues for your wedding day and creating tons of Scottish wedding Pinterest boards. But did you realize that there are other romantic ways to incorporate Scottish wedding traditions into your special day besides a Scottish wedding venue?

When the bride leaves the house on her way to the wedding, she must use her right foot first. The bride should also have a sixpence in her shoe, which represents happiness and prosperity for the new couple.

Scottish Wedding Theme Ideas

Scottish Wedding Theme Ideas

Many brides hide a sprig of white heather in their wedding bouquet for good luck. Or you can add Scotch thistle to the groom’s bouquet or lapel. The Scottish thorn is the national symbol of Scotland and represents courage, bravery and loyalty. Legend has it that during the war between the Scots and the Vikings, when the Vikings tried to surprise the Scots at night, one of them stuck his bare foot on a thorn, causing him to scream in pain and inform the Scots of the Vikings. . The presence

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Kilts: Kilts are the most popular attire for grooms and groomsmen here in Scotland. Anyone with any knowledge of Scottish history, or anyone who has watched the hit series Outlander, may already know something of the suit’s history… dating back to the late 16th and early 17th centuries, when Highland men sported the pantaloon every day. The tribe or family they belonged to. However, after the defeat of the Scots at the Battle of Culloden, it was banned in 1746, and almost 40 years passed before the ban was lifted. It then became tradition for Scottish men to wear suits to formal engagements. To this day, it is rare to attend a wedding or function in Scotland without seeing many men in suits. Today outfits are usually in your ‘tribal’ tartan with matching flares, white shirt and jacket of your choice. With the right waistcoat, socks and tie. If you don’t have a tribal tartan, you can always choose a regional tartan, national tartan, fashion tartan or any number of other versions. See the Scottish Tartan Visitor’s Guide for help. Then you complete with a sporran (a pocket to compensate for the lack of jacket pockets), lapel pins, cufflinks and a small knife that fits inside a man’s sock.

The wedding walk is the formal escort of the wedding party to the church. The groom leads a maid or violinist while the bride walks with her father or best man. After the ceremony, the newlyweds leave the church for the plumber, followed by the best man who accompanies the bridesmaid.

It often happens that the bride and groom are smoking even during dinner, which usually leads to many guests cheering, shouting and clapping. Many believed that the bagel snail could scare off any evil spirits that might be hovering nearby, so the smoking music would protect the bride and groom at the time of marriage and bring good luck. However, for this to be effective, some kind of contact had to be made. Piper was always to be paid a glass of whiskey for her services. When he sees that the bride and groom are safe and sound at the head table, the groom toasts him and “pays” him in a whiskey dramba, legalizing the contract and thus ensuring that the protection afforded by the smoking music is effective.

Fasting was a Celtic tradition that was often seen as a marriage process or “temporary marriage”. Since rural villages may not have a priest to visit them every few months or years. Provided that the mutual expression of love is in the presence of two other adult witnesses, it was and is legally binding. Fasting ceremonies are still legally recognized as part of a legitimate wedding ceremony in Scotland. This is a really popular way to get married, especially if you don’t have a religious ceremony. The bride and groom each take a piece of their “tribe’s” tartan and use it to tie their hands together to symbolize the union of the couple and their two families. This is where the term “knotting” comes from!

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A kaich, also known as a “cup of love”, is a silver or wooden bowl with two handles that is filled with whiskey during the ceremony, usually by the bride, and then handed to the wedding party. Drinking whiskey at your wedding symbolizes the union of two families and also your love.

In Scotland, there is a very famous poet named Robbie Burns (Robert Burns). Many of his poems are written in true Scots, so it’s a little hard to follow, but one of his most famous poems, “My love is like a rose and a rose,” is often sung at weddings.

“As good as you, my bony girl, / I am so lustful; / And I’ll still love you, baby, / Till the seas run dry. “-“My love is like a red rose”

Scottish Wedding Theme Ideas

The Lang Reel is a traditional dance performed by bridal parties as they leave the wedding. Each couple leaves the ring as they pass their house or hotel room. This continues until there is only one couple of wedding guests left who have the last dance.

Scottish Wedding Traditions

The traditional grand procession is often the first dance at a wedding. The ceremony begins with the procession of the bride and groom with loud music or a live band. The maid of honor (or chief bridesmaid) and best man join the party, followed by both sets of groomsmen and finally the guests!

And for a wedding, you can’t beat a ceilidh. You can take advantage of a number of celibate groups that perform traditional or modern celibate dance.

“Wedding shirt” is the traditional name for a shirt worn by the groom and given to the bride as a gift. Instead, the groom’s wedding dress applies.

The watch is traditionally given to the happy couple by the best man, while the maid of honor gives them a tea set.

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A lucky charm is a brooch that is either handed down from the mother’s family or given by the groom as a pre-wedding love. Usually made of silver, it is engraved with two intertwined hearts and topped with a crown for Mary Queen of Scots.

So you can add some incredible Scottish wedding traditions to your Scottish wedding and be thankful that some of the more obscure traditions like the Speerin are now forgotten. Speerin was a fairly demanding tradition where the groom had to go through a series of tasks and trials to impress his father-in-law before he was satisfied. Some of them can be brutal!

At Millearne Gardens, if you want a hands-on approach to your unique wedding, you can of course organize every aspect yourself and we’ll help you if you need it.

Scottish Wedding Theme Ideas

However, if you’d rather need help bringing your ideas to life, you can work with celebrity wedding coordinator Kimmy Brown (of award-winning wedding consultancy LITU).

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He can be there for you every step of the way, from guiding you through menu selection to making sure everyone knows when to walk down the aisle. Kimmy and Piper’s family treat every couple like family and nothing is too much trouble. With their excellent attention to detail, organizational skills and creative thinking, we are sure you will have a very special and memorable wedding day.

We are always happy to talk through any questions you may have about getting married at Millern Gardens.

If you would like to make an appointment with Millearne and find out how much it costs – then contact us to find out more about holding your wedding at this exclusive venue. As one of the best wedding venues in Tennessee, we see wedding themes beautifying our property. Taylor and Gabe chose a mountain theme for their destination wedding. This wedding theme embodies charm with the traditional purple, navy and green color palette seen at a Scottish wedding. Combined with bright pink and gold accents, these colors really stand out against the backdrop of the mountains.

We have to give it to Gab for his linen suit. The great thing about this mountain look is that the groom can customize it. Many people think that all grooms wear the same for a Scottish wedding. But like any other wedding, the groom

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