Show Me Your Cake Stand

Sunday, November 27th 2022. | Weddings

Show Me Your Cake Stand – Create a DIY cake stand for your next celebration using one of these great ideas! Serve your dessert in style or use them for home decor.

I’ve never understood why people have cake stands, until my friend had a party recently and had a beautiful display. . . with a cake stand and a beautiful, delicious cake right in the middle.

Show Me Your Cake Stand

Show Me Your Cake Stand

Then I got it! A cake stand can be the central focal point of your celebration, so it only makes sense if you take some time to choose the perfect one.

Show Me Your Cake Topper!

But what if you can’t find the perfect display? Good. . . do it! The display of your dreams isn’t as hard to put together as you might think, and these 35 cake stand ideas will show you exactly what I mean. All you have to do is scroll down to see them!

This DIY cake stand can be made with any patterned paper and Mod Podge. It’s as sweet with cake on top as it is without! It also works as a cupcake stand.

Beautiful wooden plates make perfect wedding dessert stands. They are also ideal for baby showers and themed birthday parties.

Learn how to make a DIY cake stand using thrift store supplies and basic hardware. You can also easily take it apart for storage!

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Plywood and table legs! Glue them on, spray paint them the same color and they look amazing. Great for a situation where you need several cake stands on their own at different heights.

Grab a plate from the dollar store, a candle holder from the thrift store, and your Mod Podge to make this simple cake stand.

Use a variety of patterns (like this owl) to make a beautiful cake stand perfect for a wedding or other celebration.

Show Me Your Cake Stand

A wooden chandelier with a pole and a wooden disc always seem to go together when you put them together and paint them the same color.

How Long Do Cakes Last

I can imagine mini cakes on this delicious cake stand reminiscent of the Mad Hatter. This is the perfect cake plate for a tea party or ladies group.

This DIY shows you an easy way to add some pizzazz to your everyday cake stand with gold vinyl glue dots. Keep the threads as long as you want and simply remove them when you’re done.

Styrofoam cake pops can be transformed into cute ruffled one-tier cake stands. Perfect to use if you plan to make a vintage dessert table. Place your sweet treats on a fluted cake stand or use it as a cute display to keep your cake from popping.

I love festive touches at Christmas parties! David did just that with these DIY Mod Podge Cake Stands, they even take apart for storage!

Marshmallow Fondant Recipe (and Video)

Learn how to make an easy-to-customize wood chip cake stand yourself. Hairpin legs add rustic farmhouse charm to a beautiful wooden pie stand. Perfect for any occasion.

Wood and copper make a cute combination in this cake stand. This is a fairly simple project that can be adapted to your style with paint or stain.

See how the X-Carve tool lets you carve in 3D to make these braces. If you don’t have a 3D cutter, you can use the same look as inspiration to make your own wooden model.

Show Me Your Cake Stand

This cute little dome-shaped cake stand can be made in five minutes with strong glue and simple materials.

Ube Cake (filipino Purple Yam Cake W/ Macapuno)

I love the shredded green coconut for the herb in this DIY cake stand! If you’re a soccer fan or enjoy soccer parties, you’ll want to try this project.

A stair shaft was cut to help create two different sized cake stands. It was then decorated with beads and painted.

This super easy DIY industrial style cake stand comes together in three simple steps. Perfect to add to your farmhouse decor.

This started out as a Target outdoor cup and saucer. You can find inspiration everywhere, right?

The Return Of Hyper Feminine Cake Decorating

This is just a domed cheese plate housed in an upside down candle holder! Create a cool, geometric look for the base.

I love the way this was combined with the rustic look and chunky base. You’ll just need to collect a few wooden discs and a furniture leg to create a unique cake stand!

This started out as a basic cake stand and was filled with glitter and glitter glue. You will also learn how to make the flower tops!

Show Me Your Cake Stand

All you have to do is glue them together! I love the farmhouse style of this pie stand.

How To Frost A Cake With Buttercream

Use a pie pan as a mold for the concrete, then add copper tubing for the base. This is such a cute yet modern cake stand. . . I have to try!

Create a sturdy cake stand that reflects the beauty of your cake! Plus, it’s the easiest cake stand to clean.

This is another wood chip cake stand, but this time the base is an inverted pan. Perfect if you need something lower but beautiful.

You can never have too many cake stands. . . It’s always good to incorporate them into your decor to add height! Sometimes they can come with a high price. . . so Brooke decided to make one using only items from the Dollar Tree. It ended up only costing a whopping $3!

Wedding Cake Table Décor Ideas

You’ve heard that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. This would be one of those times. Pieces of broken chandelier pieces come together nicely in this project.

Trim some trees? Don’t forget to save some branches for cake stands! These are perfect for outdoor celebrations.

When trying to decide what to use to make your cake stand, using objects made from the same material (like a glass of milk) can help make it look store bought!

Show Me Your Cake Stand

Like the milk glass holder above, this works well because both the plate and bowl are made of wood. No painting required!

How To Ice An Ombré Cake

Can you guess what the base of this stand is made of? I’ll tell you: it’s a pencil holder! This tutorial made me realize that almost anything can be made into a pie plate base if it’s stable.

Are you ready to try your own DIY cake stand? Let me know how it goes in the comments! I’d also love for you to check out these cute party ideas: I’ve been trying to get back to basics lately. While I’ve shared tons of my favorite cake recipes, I’ve never shared a detailed post on how to frost a cake without hassle. Can you believe it?!

I share which cake boards to use, how to keep cake layers from sliding, how to crumb (or dirty icing) the cake, and of course, how to get smooth sides for a nice, finished look.

I will also discuss the common problems most new bakers have when they are lazy with layer cakes! This will cover issues such as:

The Cake That Was (not) Bad

I usually work with American buttercream because it’s my favorite edible frosting, but this recipe can be used with any type of buttercream, from Russian to Swiss meringue.

To set yourself up for success, it helps to have the right tools. It’s not 100% necessary to have all of these tools, but they will make your life a lot easier when it comes to cake decorating.

This first step is to level the layers of your cake! This should be done after the cake layers have completely cooled to room temperature. If they’re still warm, they’ll fall apart and you’ll have a real mess on your hands.

Show Me Your Cake Stand

This will make it easier to frost your cake and help prevent the frosting from bulging or air bubbles getting trapped between uneven cake layers.

Perfect Angel Food Cake

This step may sound strange, but I highly recommend chilling the cake layers in the freezer for about 20 minutes before assembling the cake.

The cold layers of the cake cause the cream to harden slightly, making the cake more stable once assembled.

If you make your layer cakes ahead of time and freeze them, just take them out of the freezer and unwrap them about 20 minutes before you plan to use them.

Then it’s finally time to assemble the cake layers! Start by spreading a dollop of buttercream in the center of your cake board or cake stand.

Five Instagram Tips For Bakers — Lizzie’s Bakery

This will act as glue and help hold the bottom cake layer in place as you build this cake.

Then, spread a thick, even layer of buttercream over each cake layer using an offset spatula. As you arrange the cake layers, make sure they are lined up and straight.

I like to use my bench scraper as a guide and press it against the side of the cake to see if the layers line up.

Show Me Your Cake Stand

This helps to expel any air that may be trapped between the layers. This little trick helps your cake layers set before you add the crumb layer.

Recipe + Video] Bizcocho Dominicano (traditional Dominican Cake)

You want to press hard enough to compress the cake layers slightly, but not hard enough to force the frosting between the cake layers.

After the cake layers are arranged, cover the cake with a thin layer of frosting. This is called a crumb coat, and it catches those pesky crumbs as it is

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