Silver And Gold Table Setting

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Silver And Gold Table Setting – In this post: Looking for decorating ideas for New Year’s brunch? Try mixing metals to create special table decorations for New Year’s celebrations.⇒

I know a lot of people hate it, but I just love the promise of starting over and the concept of reinvention. So, I love New Year’s Eve, but I love a fancy New Year’s brunch even more.

Silver And Gold Table Setting

Silver And Gold Table Setting

When I put this table together, I wanted peaceful tables to mimic a clean slate for the year ahead, mixed with more festive items in my closet to honor a pessimistic personality.

Beautiful Fall Tablescape

First of all, it’s the refreshing clean feeling of white after the bright colors of the holidays. The second is a little bling to make sure you still feel special.

It’s quite unusual for me to leave a solid white plate undecorated on top of my table setting, but I resisted the temptation to decorate it and let the textured top plates show their simple beauty.

The base of the page is a French-inspired silver charger that I often use in my tablescapes.

As a unique counterpoint to the silver, I used my favorite new gold-trimmed goblets with matching champagne flutes.

Amazing Winter Wonderland Table Decor Ideas

The combination of metals gives its unique character to the look of the table, which is a little more complex than a simple silver and white and a little more toned than a gold and white table.

In keeping with my theme of pure simplicity, I chose a lush white hydrangea tucked into a silver bowl as a pretty table centerpiece.

The only new items I bought are the napkins in the crystal napkin ring. The sheer silver outer napkin over the gold lurex underneath creates a stunning metallic combination that helps define the look of the table.

Silver And Gold Table Setting

Napkin rings with crystal bracelets are my other favorite pieces, as they always add a special note to any table where they are used.

Christmas Table Decorating Ideas For Holiday Cheer

(They are no longer available at Pottery Barn, but can sometimes be found on ebay. See rep below.)

I mixed silver washed candle holders, mercury glass ones, and a couple of vintage silver ones. Crystal clear and smoke gray crystal drop electrodes help reflect light.

I love using white in January and you will be seeing a lot of it in the coming weeks. For me, it feels refreshing to put away all the holiday decorations and start the new year with a clean slate.

To view the look, click on the items below for direct links to the products. Where actual items were no longer available, I provided similar options. If a product is not in stock, but can be uploaded, I left it on the list.

New Year’s Day Brunch Table Setting Mixing Gold And Silver

Have you been to the store? Click below to shop my favorites, Instagram, and Amazon store. Enjoy!! Check out these amazing New Year’s Eve table decorations in silver and gold! It’s been a challenging year for all of us and we deserve the glitz and glamor at the end of the year, don’t you agree? The festive table is a very important element of New Year’s Eve celebrations. Everyone spends time together, laughs, sings, waits for midnight and the arrival of the New Year. You can decorate the festive table in various ways and styles according to your taste and imagination. But what could be more glamorous and grand than silver, gold or a combination of the two?

When setting the festive table for New Year’s Eve, every housewife tries to create an elegant and stylish atmosphere. Some prefer a more informal approach, while others prefer a formal setting. Of course, it depends on what kind of party you are planning, whether you serve the party food and appetizers on a buffet table and let everyone serve themselves, or serve individual portions to each diner. Either way, the decorated table is about attention to detail, attention to the occasion, but also about the people around the table, the desire to create a festive atmosphere so that everyone feels good.

Charming silver and gold New Year’s Eve table decoration ideas allow you to create something truly unique and unforgettable. Of course, moderation is the basis of good taste. A very careful and thoughtful approach is required when using gold and silver to decorate the festive table. You should not throw every gold-plated object at home on the table. Sometimes a few gold confetti, cones or deer figurines are enough to add a touch of sparkle.

Silver And Gold Table Setting

Gold is warm and elegant, representing wealth and dignity. Both gold and silver look exceptionally elegant against a dark background. You can use red, deep blue, or light blue if you prefer a Winter Wonderland themed decor, purple, even black, etc. White, beige and generally a light background will make the whole look brighter and more sophisticated.

Christmas Table Setting. Gold And Silver Decoration With Gift And Glitter. Selective Focus, Black Background Stock Image

Snow-white tablecloths, white dishes, glass accessories, crystal, silver or gold-plated cutlery – this table setting is suitable for those who like the classics. It can look classic, modern, elegant and sophisticated from the shape of tablecloths, napkins, crockery, cutlery, accessories, ornaments, etc.

When decorating your New Year’s Eve table with silver or gold, focus on the details and accessories that represent this time of year. You can arrange the central compositions with many decorative elements – Christmas trees, silver and gold ornaments, garlands, fresh flowers, candles, etc.

White is the opposite of warm colors like red, gold and pink, silver and white. Check out the images in the gallery below for inspiration! I was so excited to share the elegant silver and gold Christmas table with you! I’ll share all the details of how I put this together below. I always have so much fun creating Christmas/holiday tablescapes and look forward to the special memories our family will make around the table.

I have always loved Lenox tableware, from fine china to everyday dishes. I think I hit the jackpot when Lenox approached me a few months ago and asked if I would like to create a table for them with their beautiful tableware. Um, pinch me please! HE IS! I’ve had my eye on the Contempo Luxe flatware for a while now, so I chose this pattern along with a few other items to create this amazing table!

Drape Your Table In Winter White

As I said in previous posts, beauty is in the details. I started by creating this winter garland.

To create this, I started with an artificial cedar tree. I layered them by laying three branches in one direction with the stem/branch part pointing towards the center and then repeating this on the other side until they were overlapped and woven into the center.

You can (sort of) see that below. Sorry I didn’t take a picture before I finished. Sometimes I get so immersed in a project that I forget to take photos!

Silver And Gold Table Setting

Then I repeated the same idea above with frosted pine branches, frosted eucalyptus, white berry mistletoe and painted pine cones. Finally, I added some frosty white peonies to fill in any holes. This was done entirely with artificial flowers and greenery.

Clever’s Guide To Table Setting Trends Through The Decades

I then added the beautiful Lenox Wintery Woods Wooden Figures. I used three rows of these, one at each end, and the rest nested into the middle garland. Then I added some gold candle holders.

Place setting is also important and what I find adds so much beauty to a table. I laid out all the cutlery and other utensils and arranged them on my island to make setting the table easier.

I love these table mats because they are so versatile and inexpensive. They mix very well with a wide variety of food sets.

After laying the rugs, I layered a gold charger, then a Contempo Luxe dinner and a salad plate. I put the gold and white napkin between the plates.

Stylish Table Setting Ideas

The flatware is also from Lenox and is two-tone gold and silver. This is the so-called Vintage Jewel Gold 5-piece place setting

One of the things I love about this type of spread is how versatile it is. I can use this winter centerpiece all winter long. Once the Christmas/holiday season is over, I can take down the Christmas trees, replace the salad plate, and replace the napkin to give the table a new look. This table will last all winter season. Click here to see how I used this garland centerpiece for several tablescapes!

Here you can see another detail above! Each layer of the central garland and the location of the venue make this attractive and beautiful.

Silver And Gold Table Setting

I also added some green throw pillows to the end chairs to bring some emerald green into the dining room.

Gold/silver Glitter Sequin Table Runners Cover,12

Do you see why I am obsessed with these foods? This one has a gold lace edge

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