Silver Table Setting

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Silver Table Setting – New Year’s Eve is such a festive time of year. We like to stay on New Year’s Eve to avoid the craziness of the night. Usually we like to host our neighbors to make it easier for everyone to get home safely. This special occasion was so much fun to put together around this gold and silver table. In fact, once you’re done with the pictures, the centerpieces and place settings are also suitable for Christmas parties and birthday dinners. I just noticed.

Every year I work hard to get all the Christmas decorations up and put up, but I usually save most of them until the New Year so I can enjoy them. We will gradually remove some of them later, but the Christmas tree will of course be removed. until after the beginning of the year. In fact, some of the trim used in this centerpiece is reclaimed wood that was already in the main dining room. The tree now has a few light spots, but it still looks pretty clean.

Silver Table Setting

Silver Table Setting

We all spend a lot of time this time of year, so I didn’t want to spend any more money on this table. Like I said, I literally pulled the ornaments and glass balls off the Christmas tree and placed them around the floral arrangement and used some ornaments as well. Repurpose, Recycle, Reuse!!

Formal Table Setting

Other than the fresh flowers, no new items were purchased for this centerpiece. Also, a gray storm for a rustic winter Christmas table (shown here) put together for the main breakfast room. Already purchased.

For the floral arrangements, I purchased $30 worth of fresh flowers from a local grocery store and created 5 arrangements (of varying sizes) for the centerpiece. It’s nice to scatter them around the house when night falls.

We use different sized containers for the flowers, and different sized candle holders and accessories add beautiful texture and balance to the centerpiece. In fact, the two smallest containers for arrangement are covenant carriers. Be creative.

Setting up these places started with some fancy gold pencils I found at HomeGoods a few months ago. They were modern, fun, a bit dressy and just what I was looking for… after all… New Year’s Eve is a very special night. Gold, cream, silver or white plasters work equally well. Just mix the silver and gold pieces together.

Silver Shine Marble Dining Table Set

Since this Christmas dinner is a special occasion, I decided to use the Lenox Eternal dinner plates I’ve had since I got married. Luckily my mom has the same pattern so we both have quite a collection. It’s so nice to be able to rent more when needed for a larger party.

The tables and plates were gold, so separating the two with a silver beaded charger seemed like a good idea. These adorable little gold printed napkins are from Wisteria and arrived a few days ago. I love them: They also have silver so it’s easy to change.

Finds for this table at HomeGoods included silver salad plates, napkin rings, and gray glass hurricanes. Luckily, there is a home improvement store about 45 seconds from my house. Not so lucky for my husband! Plain gray wine glasses are my favorite. I found it at Cost Plus World Market and have been using it all season. They’re a great staple, inexpensive, and add extra interest to your table.

Silver Table Setting

Creating a beautiful table setting is not only a form of artistic expression for me, but also a labor of love. Every detail is taken care of to make my guests feel comfortable and appreciated. We hope our gold and silver table decorations will inspire you for your next Christmas or New Year’s Eve, or for that special birthday or anniversary.

Your Favorite Patterns For When It’s Time To Break Out The Good Silver

I can’t believe this is the last post of the year! Starting this blog a few months ago has come a long way, both in terms of learning experience and personal growth. Unfortunately, my family doesn’t quite understand why I sit on my laptop every day, but maybe one day. Thank you very much to all the readers. I hope I have provided some inspiration and useful ideas.

Starting a new year is such an exciting time. It is a time to reflect on the highlights and events of the past year and think about your plans, goals and dreams for the new year. I hope next year is the best year for you and your family.

For more inspiration, you can visit our Pinterest page to find thousands of pins on Christmas decorations, Christmas trees, Christmas table settings and Christmas ideas.

This post contains some affiliate links to help maintain this blog. I only include affiliate links that are relevant to my theme and design, and links that are useful to my readers. We are so excited to share our elegant silver and gold Christmas tables. Below are all the details of how I put it together. Creating Christmas/holiday tables is always so much fun for me. I look forward to creating special memories with my family around this table.

Elegant Wedding Table Design

From fine bone china to everyday tableware, I love Lenox dinnerware. I feel like I hit the jackpot when Lennox reached out to me a few months ago and asked if I would like to set the table with some nice dinnerware. Yes SAPS! I’ve had my eye on the Contempo Luxe dinnerware for a while, so I chose that pattern along with a few other items to create this gorgeous table.

As we said in the previous article, beauty is in details. I started by making a center piece for this winter wreath.

To create this I started with layers of artificial cedar branches. I placed three branches in one direction with the center and branches towards the middle and then repeated this on the other side so they overlap and intertwine in the middle.

Silver Table Setting

You can see this (sort of) below. I apologize for not taking a picture before it was finished. Sometimes I get so engrossed in a project that I forget to draw.

Absolutely Stunning Ideas For Christmas Table Decorations

I then repeated the same idea as above with frosted pine boughs, frosted eucalyptus, mistletoe stems with white berries, and painted pine cone chops. Finally I added some frosted white peonies and filled in the holes. All this was done artificially. flowers and landscaping.

Then I added these beautiful Lenox Winter Forest tree figurines. I used 3 sets of them. One at each end, the rest sitting in the middle wreath. Then I added some gold candle holders.

Layering the arrangement is also important and what I have found adds a lot of beauty to the table. Place all the dishes and other items you plan to use and organize them into islands for easy table setting.

I love these arrows because they are so versatile and inexpensive. They also pair well with many different sets of dishes.

Wholesale Luxury Gold Silver Champagne Sequin Table Runner Wedding Party Table Decoration Solid Color Gold Table Runners 30×180|sequin Table Runner|gold Table Runnertable Runner

After setting the tables, I layered the gold chargers and then the Contempo Luxe dinner and salad plates. Gold and white napkins were layered between the plates.

The crockery is also from Lennox, and it is two-tone gold and silver. It is called Vintage Jewel Gold 5 Piece Place Setting.

What I love about setting the table like this is that it’s versatile. This winter centerpiece wreath can be used all winter long. When the Christmas/holiday season is over, take down the Christmas tree, replace the salad plates, change the napkins and give your table a new look. This table can be used throughout the winter. Click here to see how I used this same wreath centerpiece for multiple tables.

Silver Table Setting

You can see more detailed ground footage here. Each layer and placement of the wreath centerpiece makes this so attractive and beautiful.

Elegant Christmas Table Setting Ideas

I also added some green darts to the end chairs to add some emerald green to the dining room.

See why I’m obsessed with these dishes… The gold-wrapped edges on this Lennox dinnerware are beautiful. It reminds me of the antique pattern Limoges Havilland Lanson China that I have collected over the years.

I love the mix of silver, gold and white in this tablescape. These colors always mix well.

Here are some pictures so you can see all the details. All the items I used are linked below.

Blue And Silver Table Setting

I usually

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