Simple Wedding Arch Ideas

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Simple Wedding Arch Ideas – My fiancé and I really wanted a large wooden arch or gazebo for our fall wedding, but after looking at the price, we knew we were NOT going to spend $200 or more on one when we could easily make one ourselves. We spent about $70 at Home Depot and it turned out amazing! I can’t wait to walk her down the aisle on our big day 😉 And knowing WE’re doing it together will make it even more special! I mean he does most of the work and I just take notes and ask questions and probably annoy him more than help BUT we do it together 😉

Start by laying out the wood so you have a good idea of ​​what you are going to do.

Simple Wedding Arch Ideas

Simple Wedding Arch Ideas

Using a ruler, draw a line from the end of the board to the opposite side of the board at the 10 1/2″ mark (as shown below).

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*When you draw the lines for the beveled edge of the top – make sure you draw the vertices opposite each other so that the endpoints. You don’t want both ends of the corner to end the same way – you want them to point opposite each other. And remember to always double check your lines before you cut 😉 As the saying goes, measure twice, cut once 😉

Then place the vertical piece on top of the slanted horizontal piece, line it up on the 20 inch line we made at the beginning of this process and square it up.

(Be sure to place it inside the 20-inch line so that there is about 4 inches of space between the corners and the vertical).

Screw it into place, making sure the screw doesn’t go in too hard – you don’t want the sharp end going through the other side.

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*This is a tip to make sure you don’t insert another screw. . . if you rotate the last one in the corner, do this in a North, South, East, West pattern. Or vice versa, if you mess up the first according to the scheme N, S, E, W 😉

Since we are placing the boards and screws as we go, the screw heads will not be visible in front of the gazebo. I love it – I want my gazebo to look rustic, but I still don’t want to see a bunch of shiny screws on it. (My boyfriend is very smart).

Using the remaining 8 feet of 2″ x 6″ boards, cut them in half for the base pieces of the gazebo.

Simple Wedding Arch Ideas

Mark the center of the baseboard so you know where to clamp it to the vertical pieces.

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Screw the base piece to the bottom of the vertical board. (This works best if you screw the screws into the base

You screw them into the vertical board). Make sure you screw the screws all the way in so the base is flat.

For this, you will need to cut 4 corner pieces (2 on each side) from a 10 foot 2 x 4 inch board.

Then, using a miter saw, cut at a 45 degree angle from each end on the flat side of the wood.

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Now screw the screws into the base to make it nice and secure. If you don’t know how to do it, this video will explain it quickly and easily (thanks my love for doing it for me!).

If you don’t want this piece here, you can skip it entirely. But personally I like how they look there and I think they would be perfect if I wrapped fabric and greenery around the top of the gazebo.

For this piece, you will use a 2″ x 4″ board and cut two 28″ long pieces.

Simple Wedding Arch Ideas

Cut it at a 45 degree angle as shown in the image below. At the other end of the board, cut the corner in the opposite direction.

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Then measure 17 1/2″ down from the bottom of the horizontal section at the top and mark it on your vertical board.

This diagonal piece will be flush with the vertical piece, but will be sandwiched neatly between the two top parts of the gazebo.

Nail the board (from the back so the screw head is not visible). Add a screw at the top of the horizontal board (again, make sure it’s on the back so you don’t see the screw).

We use this Minwax Espresso stain – let it sit for about 3-4 minutes before wiping it off. We work in over 100 degree temperatures with little to no humidity, so I want to make sure it doesn’t sit there too long. (Make sure you follow the directions on the can). Wedding season is almost upon us and we all want to be ready. As more and more brides decide that DIY is the best option for their wedding, we’re ready!

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When it comes to weddings, DIY projects can help save money, bring more personality to the couple’s event and fit the theme better. One of the greatest things you can have at your wedding is a beautiful arch! Not only will it allow you to take amazing photos, but it will also be a great backdrop for the occasion.

With that said, now is the perfect time to start looking for beautiful arch ideas that you can make yourself.

Gates can be made of many materials, but most often they are made of wood. Alternatives include using doors as supports or wire gates instead. You can check out the extensive step-by-step guide from Kirsten Dunn of Dunn Lumber. They estimate it will take about two hours to make, so get started!

Simple Wedding Arch Ideas

Basically, after measuring the wood, you cut it, sand it, stain it, and then install it, making sure the legs are stable. The whole process is explained in detail, so you will succeed if you follow the instructions.

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When it comes to making your own wedding arch, you need to think about whether you want to buy real or artificial flowers. While fresh flowers are beautiful, they are also very expensive. Also, it is difficult to keep fresh and must be in water for at least 24 hours before the important moment. So, unless you plan to add flowers to the arch of your wedding dress, you may want to consider this before it becomes an issue.

As for which flowers to use for the arch, we recommend that you match the flowers found in the bridal bouquet or the color theme for the wedding. Roses, ranunculus, hydrangeas, ivy, dahlias, anemones, peonies, lemon leaves, silver eucalyptus, myrtle, carnations and daisies are just some of the most popular plants and flowers for making arches.

When we talk about decorating the wedding arch, the first thing to consider is the theme of the wedding. If you are going to have a beach-themed wedding, you can choose transparent fabrics and shells, if you want a luxurious arch, you can use, for example, white curtains and chandeliers.

In addition, you need to buy either white fabric or a color that best matches the color theme of the wedding. We also suggest giving the arch itself a chance to breathe so that not all areas are completely covered with fabric or flowers.

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As already mentioned, wedding arches can be different shapes, they can carry flowers, pom-poms, plants, balloons and so on. We will see a bunch of beautiful arches that you can easily copy.

Is the wedding you’re hosting full of personality, charm and color? Then we feel like you might be the perfect person to create something like this fabulous ribbon, fabric strip and pom pom arch step by step featured on Practical Weddings! We love the idea of ​​adding different types of finishes depending on the aesthetic you’re going for.

Do your DIY skills rely more on your ability to work with harder materials, such as construction and woodworking? In that case, we will

Simple Wedding Arch Ideas

See how The Sorry Girls made themselves an awesome wooden wedding gazebo! Their basic design, as you can see here, can be simple, but you can decorate it with all kinds of things to dress it up and decorate it.

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When we say the word “quirky,” does your mind automatically turn to something more delicate and feminine, like the classic meaning? In that case, we think you might be better off using something like the lace curtains and flower wedding arch step-by-step tutorial on Wedding Chicks.

Are you intrigued by the idea of ​​a gate with flowers and drapes, but not sure if a flat top gazebo style frame really does it for you visually? Then maybe you prefer a more rounded shape! We are really impressed with how Fandel made this great arch that looks almost like a permanent garden

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