Summer Backyard Wedding

Saturday, October 15th 2022. | Weddings

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Summer Backyard Wedding

Summer Backyard Wedding

Photo: Jennings King; Event Planning by Fox Events Poppy Custom Floral Design by Blumen; Rentals with Snyder Event Rentals and Ooh Events

Intimate Summery Backyard Cottage Wedding

What’s not to like about a backyard wedding? They’re intimate, convenient, and perhaps best of all, budget-friendly (though not free) places. But before I write that backyard weddings are overly casual and only welcome rustic vibes, be aware that there are endless backyard wedding ideas that can transform your backyard wedding to your liking. finally there

“For us, it was about sharing a house with family and friends and inviting them today,” says wedding planner Alicia Fritz of her wedding. “Our guest list was very diverse. We wanted to offer a level of comfort and familiarity to groups who didn’t know each other, and we found that there is nothing like breaking down barriers or inviting guests into our home.”

Alicia Fritz is the founder of A Day in May, a luxury events planning company. She has been planning, designing and producing weddings, including backyard weddings, for over 10 years.

Fritz says the freedom to be creative is one of the greatest strengths of a backyard wedding. “Besides our weddings, A Day in May events often use blank canvases like empty lawns or landscapes to transform into wedding venues,” she says. “The ability to build a venue the way you want it or can imagine it is a gift.” Inspiration lets your creativity run free.

Bend Backyard Wedding

From a wild, organic feel to a luxe marquee reception, these 40 fresh backyard wedding ideas prove that home weddings don’t have to be laid-back.

Combine breezy braid accents with shades of gold and lush greens for an elegant summer vibe. Highlighting the interior in the form of a luxurious lounge area will enhance your cocktail hour or reception, which can be easily achieved by using the patio furniture you already own or creatively repurposing the indoor furniture. You can also mix and match furniture that doesn’t go together in different textures or hues for even more versatility.

“We’re all hoping for sunny weather, but that’s not always the case,” says Fritz. “Before you plan for the sun, you should first plan for the rain. This will help you mentally prepare for the disappointing weather of the holiday season and think critically about what to do if it rains. Guest and how to ensure keeping the delivery team comfortable, safe and dry.” For many outdoor home weddings, this means having a pre-planned tented area just in case.

Summer Backyard Wedding

“Be realistic about the space in your garden,” advises Fritz. “If you need a tent due to non-planning (or design vision), make sure the guest list matches the tent size.”

Essential Guide To A Backyard Wedding On A Budget

Bring trees to the tent reception for a magical forest atmosphere. Paired with a reception table full of gold candle holders and fall foliage, you have an elegant backyard wedding. Additionally, potted trees or decorations can make an unexpected addition to the interior or exterior of a reception tent or be used as aisle markers.

The outdoor gelato bar has a rustic Italian vibe with wood accents and leafy branches. Guests will be completely mesmerized by this interactive confectionery station. If you don’t like gelato, you can always substitute ice cream for an Americana feel.

Photo by MK Sadler; event planning for princess weddings lighting design by Contatto Sonoro; Floral pattern by Nina e I Fiori

“Your house probably doesn’t have the gorgeous exterior lighting that really makes the building shine,” says Fritz. “If you’re not on a budget, you don’t need to spend a lot of money on lighting, but setting the mood and setting is important to creating an atmosphere.” It’s easy to create an inviting display with little effort or expense create. Light up al fresco dining with a few bistro ceiling lights or wrap around tent poles to emphasize structural grandeur.

Chicago Backyard Wedding

Create a grand entrance to your tented backyard reception with curtains elegantly drawn back with leaves and accented with decorative flowers and candles. If you are using a marquee for your reception, you can simply raise and retract the curtains to create an attractive entrance.

Make the most of the natural beauty around you by customizing your decorations based on your surroundings. Mountain tablecloths, tree trunks and lush eucalyptus vases blend perfectly with the landscape and actually grow with the environment itself.

No backyard wedding would be complete without a baked cake for dessert. It’s the epitome of grandma’s cooking. And don’t discount homemade cookies and cupcakes. Add these decadent options to your dessert bar for a unique approach that will make your guests smile.

Summer Backyard Wedding

Add visual depth to your al fresco cocktail hour by draping the table in printed linen. The nautical tones have an inherently New England coastal feel, while the floral prints have a charming country quality.

Backyard Wedding Ideas That Are Anything But Casual

Transform your swimming pool into a visual focal point for your wedding. Temporary passageways may serve as passageways during the ceremony. After that it can be used twice as the entrance to the reception. You can also enjoy pool glam and create a dance floor above the pool.

Framewire has its roots in farm life, but when clad in white buds and sporting touches of blue, it’s a stunningly stylish escort card display. All you need for this easy DIY is a guide card and a miniature clothespin. Put in some green stems,

Flowerless potted plants mimic backyard shrubs and make a great centerpiece. Gather a few plants, young fruit trees, and herbs from your local gardening store to create a visual masterpiece that smells as good as it looks. Bonus: Plants can live on as landscaping for your garden instead of quickly disappearing.

Photo courtesy of KT Merry; Event Planning by Bellafare Floral Designs by Fern Studio; Ooh Events and Mayker’s Rental Lights by Ambient Media Draping Tents by Berbank Events by Sperry Tents Southeast

Summer Wedding Ideas You’ll Want To Steal

The tent has the perfect structure for a floating decoration. Create and use whimsical canopies of draped fabrics and lush, woven greenery for added softness and intimacy. Keep the rest of the color palette neutral to let your exquisite ceiling decoration shine.

Lawn games make cocktail hour even more fun. Personalize your croquet ball with your initials or order a cornhole set to match your wedding date for a sophisticated look. You can make your oversized Jenga set stand out even more by painting it wedding colors and placing it on a polished end table.

Nothing makes guests feel as comfortable as a self-serve drink on ice. Stock up on bar carts with bubbly bottles for quick and sophisticated refreshments. Want to upgrade to the next level? Bring a vintage car or truck and install an ice bucket in the trunk.

Summer Backyard Wedding

Stack white crates full of black and white photos of the bride and groom, eucalyptus and lanterns to complete a stylish, rustic personal decoration. Or add a sentimental twist by featuring family wedding photos that date back generations.

Summer Backyard Wedding

The little leaves add a lot of meaning to a simple place setting, bringing the backyard right to the table. You can also feel the craftsmanship that hints at future culinary delights using fresh herbs like rosemary eggplant.

Fruit drinks are a must for a summer backyard wedding. For a little vintage flair, you can display them in bespoke wagons. Add some southern charm by filling the beautiful mason jars with iced tea or lemonade. There is also an honesty bar with glass drink dispensers or a mimosa station full of decorations.

Let nature do its magic: all you need is lots of greenery for a stunning ceremonial setting. This simple design is bursting with fresh green leaves and white buds to create a serene landscape. In a fern arrangement, two exploding stumps are placed on either side to balance the symmetry.

Lush wreaths of pastel flowers and vintage candle holders create a dreamy scene of garden romance. Soft and powdery tones look exquisite with the richness of solid wood furniture.

Romantic Backyard Garden Wedding Perfect For Summer

As an accompanying card, the leaf not only complements your backyard wedding, but is also a budget-friendly DIY. Picking leaves from a tree in the garden. With a little calligraphy, this becomes a companion card. Add a feminine touch with a pretty pink ribbon.

A lavender bunch adds a French touch to the aisle next to a modern acrylic chair and smells heavenly while making a grand entrance. You can also substitute local plants for organic.

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