Sun Flower Wedding

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Sun Flower Wedding – One of the most important decisions at a wedding is deciding which flowers to bring. The flowers you choose will be sprinkled throughout your big day, from the bridal bouquet to the table setting. They should match your theme and wedding colors while showing off your style.

A fun way to brighten up your bouquet is to add sunflowers. Sunflower bouquets come in all shapes and sizes. There are simple, rustic options with sunflowers and daisies, or classic sunflower and rose bouquets to choose from. Whatever you choose, the brilliant hues will provide a striking contrast to your white wedding dress.

Sun Flower Wedding

Sun Flower Wedding

Sunflowers symbolize adoration, loyalty and strength, all attributes you want to embrace on your wedding day and for years to come. Including them in your wedding bouquet will be a meaningful touch that will not go unnoticed. Browse our sunflower wedding bouquets to find the perfect bouquet to match your vision.

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If you prefer shades of purple, blush or apricot as your wedding colors, this vibrant sunflower wedding bouquet is your answer. Keep the rest of your decor neutral and this bouquet will definitely pop. The color palette in this bouquet also provides a variety of options for your bridesmaids’ dresses.

For a simple sunflower bouquet, create a green base and let the sunflower be the star of the show. Add one or two other brightly colored flowers that have a unique texture to add dimension. If you are drawn to deep fuchsias, this bouquet is perfect for you.

An elegant way to display sunflowers in your bouquet is to include roses alongside them. This modern take on a sunflower and rose bouquet features an eclectic collection of flowers that are sure to turn heads.

A wedding should not be a solemn or exciting affair. Keep the mood light with a colorful and playful bouquet. Accents of violet purple, periwinkle blue and honey yellow will remind you of the bright future ahead.

Picking Up The Right Accessory For Your Sunflower Wedding Theme

Now that you’ve found your Prince Charming, it’s time to celebrate your love with a wedding fit for a princess. This enchanting and feminine bouquet will bring out your softer side while still incorporating vibrant colors.

For a rustic and down-to-earth backyard wedding, create a bouquet of hand-picked flowers. Make the sunflower the centerpiece by surrounding it with other textured, darker blooms. This sophisticated wildflower bouquet will represent the color and wild nature of your love.

Inspired to include sunflowers in your wedding bouquet? Check out our selection of sunflower bouquets to find the perfect bouquet for your occasion.

Sun Flower Wedding

Gardening Know-How I The Old Farmer’s Almanac I California State Floral Association I The Flower Expert I Better Homes & Gardens I The Gardening Cook I Chicago Botanic Garden I The Spruce Brighten up your wedding day with a sunflower wedding bouquet! Known to follow the sun across the sky, the sunflower represents worship, faith and loyalty – how perfect for your wedding? You can incorporate sunflowers into your ceremony and reception.

Rustic Dover Burgundy And Yellow Sunflower Wedding Reception Sweetheart Table With Monogram Wreath With Red Chrysanthemums

Sunflowers make beautiful focal flowers in bouquets and arrangements, and there are so many colors, sizes, and shapes to choose from!

Sunflowers are available year-round, but their peak season is late summer and fall. Their colors harmonize beautifully with the colors of autumn!

Read on to learn more about sunflowers and how to incorporate these vibrant flowers into your wedding!

When you think of a sunflower, bright yellow probably springs to mind. But sunflowers come in so many colors, both natural and tinted. Here is a complete list of sunflower colors:

Sunflower Bridal Bouquet

It’s not just their size that can vary – there are actually different types of sunflowers. In fact, there are 70 different types of sunflowers. The most popular types are the traditional sunflower, the teddy bear sunflower and the sun splash sunflower.

A traditional sunflower has a circular center from which long petals sprout. The scientific name for a sunflower is helianthus. The tallest sunflower ever grown was an impressive 30 feet tall!

Unlike a traditional sunflower, the teddy bear sunflower has no center – just a beautiful abundance of fluffy, lush petals. Teddy Bear Sunflowers are lush and unique flowers that have an abundance of ray-like petals but no center.

Sun Flower Wedding

There’s also the Sunsplash Sunflower, available in full-size or miniature versions. The petals of the Sunsplash Sunflower are slightly more feathery than a traditional sunflower, giving the bloom a whimsical feel.

Sunflower Wedding Decor Rustic Cake Topper

No matter what type of sunflower you choose, rest assured that the flower will be in full bloom all day long. Sunflowers are one of the most beautiful flowers out there, and they will stand up in any weather and look beautiful!

When making sunflower wedding bouquets and arrangements, use sunflowers as the central flower. You can use sunflowers alone or mix them with other flowers. Sunflowers pair beautifully with some flowers including:

There are so many beautiful ways you can incorporate sunflowers into your wedding day. Get inspired by these 20 examples of sunflower wedding bouquets, arrangements and decorations!

2. Combine your Sunflower Limonium and Baby’s Breath for a rich color story. 3. These wedding table decorations are perfect for fall. 4. Delicate roses and sunflowers make an elegant bridal bouquet.

Outdoor Wedding Sunflower Aisle Decorating Kit

15. This bouquet proves that sometimes lilygrass is the only accent you need. 16. These lace-wrapped mason jars are blooming with fresh sunflowers and baby’s breath!

Close-up of bride in fresh flower wreath, wedding dress and denim jacket holding sunflower bouquet in sunset field. Shallow focus, backlight, lens flare. 30 Happy Sunflower Wedding Ideas for a Rustic Chic Wedding

Bold, bright and always cheerful, sunflowers are a popular choice for late summer and fall weddings. There are a thousand ways to incorporate sunflowers into your big day, from your wedding arch and invitations to your centerpieces and wedding cakes. Plus, you don’t have to break the bank to have these fresh and bright flowers on your big day. Check out these beautiful and bright sunflower wedding ideas and get instantly inspired.

Sun Flower Wedding

The combination of laser-cut pockets, ink illustrations and yellow sunflower designs make a rustic invitation suite a fantastic choice to set the tone for an outdoor wedding anniversary.

Amazing Diy Sunflower Wedding Decorations To Make You Smile

Brighten up your big day with a sunflower wedding bouquet! You can change the mating flowers depending on the season they are planted

If you happened to be getting married near a field of sunflowers and could convince your photographer to help you take your own version of this beautiful photo, you’d have the most beautiful sunflower-filled wedding photos in the entire country.

This entry was posted in fall weddings, rustic wedding ideas, sunflower wedding, wedding themes and tagged fall wedding ideas, rustic wedding, sunflower wedding ideas. Bookmark the permalink. Besides the obvious connotations of warmth and light that derive from their namesake, sunflowers also symbolize adoration, loyalty and longing – the key components of a long, happy marriage. So it’s no wonder that more and more brides are opting for a sunflower wedding bouquet.

No matter what time of year your wedding date falls, you can incorporate sunflowers into your big day – while their peak season is September through October, you can source different types throughout the year. And whether you just want a sunflower or two in the middle of a larger bouquet, or like the idea of ​​sunflower arrangements that will take pride of place as you walk down the aisle, there are plenty of wedding flower options that will suit you. chosen will complement sunny stems and slots seamlessly in any wedding theme, from vintage to boho to contemporary.

Sunflower Wedding Hand Fans

“Sunflowers conjure up visions of beautiful golden fields in the French countryside, the epitome of long, sunny summer days – in short, a perfect flower for that relaxed summer wedding,” says Alison Lithgoe, Lead Creative at McQueens Flowers.

“They are particularly suitable for country parties, outdoors and tented or barn receptions, as they are a large head, relatively inexpensive flower that can be used in abundance to create beautiful, vibrant, flowing arrangements that directly an… influence.”

“As with any flower, it’s always best to use them in season, ie late summer, when the quality is at its best and the price is reasonable,” notes Alison.

Sun Flower Wedding

“There are different variations that work best for bouquets – a looser, more natural design at the front works best,” explains Alison. “I would recommend a couple of big, fluffy ‘teddy bears’, the lovely, dainty sunflower daisy, Helianthus ‘Autumn Gold’ and tiny, perfectly formed ‘Sonja.’

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“Remember that sunflowers also come in beautiful fall colors, from deep burnt orange to deep burgundy – a mix for September weddings would work beautifully. Combine them with dancing grasses to add movement and lightness to the bouquet and arrangements.

“Quake grass, pennisetum, canary grass, bunny tails will all work beautifully, maybe add pampas and stipa gigantea to the larger arrangements. If you want to use​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​dition, use the same color palette with the same color palette for best results, Rudbeckia, Craspedia and

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