The Ultimate Wedding Venue Checklist

Tuesday, January 31st 2023. | Weddings

The Ultimate Wedding Venue Checklist – Here at Entertainment Nation, we talk to many couples who are planning their big day.

Our specialty may be providing high quality wedding bands – but over the years we’ve picked up tons of tips and advice on all aspects of wedding planning. We hear about all the good things, but we also hear about the overwhelming “last minute to last minute” pressures and “Oh my God, we totally forgot to do this!” pieces

The Ultimate Wedding Venue Checklist

The Ultimate Wedding Venue Checklist

With a few years of these interviews and providing entertainment for many weddings, we think we have a good sense of when things need to be organized and booked, as well as the bits and pieces you attack and often. to ignore

Wedding Decor Checklist: Every Item To Decorate On The Big Day

We don’t want wedding planning to be stressful, and there’s plenty of inspiration and advice out there. So, we thought we’d share what we’ve learned over the years in the wedding industry, as well as give you a complete wedding list and guide to some of our favorite wedding accessories!

We’ve also included some great photos from some talented wedding photographers that you’ll see listed in the images below.

So what are you waiting for? Scroll down for our in-depth posts on each stage of your wedding planning, or click the image to download a handy PDF version of the checklist to use for your big day!

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The Ultimate Wedding Planning Guide And Checklist Ebook By Jessica Lindsey

Our advice is to avoid unpleasant financial discussions with your loved ones now! Knowing if someone plans to contribute financially and how much they’re willing to part with them can be very helpful – it can make all the difference to what you can include in your day! In some cases, parents who wish to donate may decide to cover the cost of part of the day instead of donating a fixed amount. Whatever the situation, it’s good to know before you start planning so you can budget with this in mind.

Decide how much money to spend on your day. Include any contributions from loved ones, as well as how you feel about each different element of the wedding. Some couples are willing to prioritize dates, compromising on savings in some areas (like choosing a weekday for the wedding), while others don’t want to compromise, so it might be a great venue or live music all day long. .

These two factors are interrelated. You don’t want to set a date and your dream venue is already booked and you have to compromise. Maybe have a few days or general time in mind that you can enjoy, so you can make sure you book your dream venue. If you’re really set on a wedding date, you may need to be more flexible about the location.

The Ultimate Wedding Venue Checklist

FAQ: Do I need a wedding planner? – Does your site include this service? If not, it depends a lot on personal preference. Do you prefer to be hands-on, dealing with suppliers and organizing all the finer details – or would you rather “supervise” the process, sit back and enjoy selecting parts without the stress of having to come up with creative ideas? Another option is to consider using a wedding planning website.

What Should I Look For In A Wedding Venue?

Many weddings these days are based on a theme, sometimes general like ‘summer’, and others specific like ‘festive’ or ‘vintage’. This can affect many decisions you make about your day, so deciding on your theme early can save you time and money later; This goes for everything from invitations and decorations to wedding receptions and live music; We are often asked for ‘vintage style’ parties or ‘Mumford & Sons’ style parties to bring the theme to life.

Before the actual booking process, you need to think about what part of the day you would like live music/entertainment.

Let’s talk to a couple who were disappointed because they left 6 months before their date to register their dream team, only to find out clearly that they were already taken. Please ignore articles that tell you otherwise, if you have something in mind, book your entertainment at the time of booking to avoid compromise. We have lots of options and if you push we’re sure to find another group you like – but if you book in advance your first choice can be yours! You can view our range of wedding bands here.

It is important that you start thinking about the practical questions surrounding your visitors. How many people can we invite to the wedding breakfast? “Can the convention center hold that much?” “Should we allow children and 1?” A guest list can be a huge headache during your planning process; Give the idea as soon as you can… and don’t hear about it.

The Ultimate Wedding Checklist: How To Plan A Wedding Like A Pro

This is a great time to ask your closest friends and family to be an important part of your special day – they’ll want to know as early as possible, not only to help you with your plans, but to make sure they’re organized. So I say, dare to start a diet.

It’s a good idea to send this once your venue is booked and you’ve decided on a tentative guest list, especially if you’re having a summer wedding where your guests will be attending other weddings. – Go there. First! Remember that invitations may come later with details about which part of the day people will be invited to, so don’t rely too much on these details.

In the case of quality live bands – professional photographers and videographers are booked early and are always booked 12 months in advance. If you find someone you want to trust to capture the best day of your life so far – don’t hesitate, protect them!

The Ultimate Wedding Venue Checklist

Whether you’re getting married in your local church or having a community ceremony in your area – you need to make sure someone is free to officiate. This is especially important if you want someone to officiate your party. Getting it out of the way early means you won’t have to worry about it later.

Your Ultimate 12 Month Wedding Planning Checklist

If your venue provides all the food for the event, ignore this point. However, if you are having a DIY day, you should never look for a good wedding catering company that will provide recipes for food that you and your guests will love – perhaps mouth-watering street food.

This is one of the funniest parts. It’s never too early to look around and get an idea of ​​what suits you. Finding the perfect dress can take time, so it’s never too early to find one. You’ll be less stressed when it comes to showing up and you can enjoy playing with your clothes!

The working title of this article seems to be ‘Get there faster’ and the same applies to your transportation. If you’re planning to stock something else like ‘The Batmobile’ – if the company has one or two of those and it’s already booked on your day, you might want to think again. .

Flowers are an important part of any wedding. This is where your pre-designed theme will make things a lot easier. Your florist can talk to you about complementary colors, what’s in season and cost ideas, etc. so that you can get the best package for your day. special

The Ultimate Wedding Venue Checklist & Timeline

This is a highly recommended purchase and is generally inexpensive. As much as you might not want to think about these possibilities, unpredictable weather, illness, vendor issues, and location issues can leave you out of pocket. Cover yourself up!

Some venues include a Master of Ceremonies in their packages, but are available to book directly if you prefer. They’re not for everyone, but they provide a great day-to-day environment and get you through the process without your assistants or best man taking over.

Now that you’ve spent some time looking around, you should have a better idea of ​​whether your dream vacation is available without a train, or if you need to.

The Ultimate Wedding Venue Checklist

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