Theme Colors For Weddings

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Theme Colors For Weddings – Planning a 2018 wedding? New brides need to know about upcoming wedding trends and we’re here to help! Choosing the right colors for your wedding day is a big part of the overall style and theme you are trying to create. We’ve got the scoop on what’s going to be hot in wedding colors for 2018 and we think you’ll love what we’ve come up with! Here’s what you can look forward to at weddings in 2018.

This color combination can be dressed up or down and is a good compromise for pink as it is not too feminine. There is so much to work with when decorating with this color combination, so the possibilities are endless!

Theme Colors For Weddings

Theme Colors For Weddings

When you think of these two colors, you might think that this is not just “purple”, but there is more to it than that. Lavender gives a light, dusty quality, while lilac gives a fresh look. Combining the two makes it visually interesting so you don’t get stuck in one shade.

Wedding Color Trends

Although these two colors seem like they should only be used in the fall, they can work beautifully in any season. This combination has an unexpected quality that adds to its visual interest and this pair has a classic look.

This color combination is a true classic. By adding a bit of gold, you get a bit of sparkle and shine that basic black and white can’t provide. It adds a wearable look to your decor and makes it feel more stylish.

This color combination is amazing because you don’t have to choose just one. Floral blue is very limited, so your accessories and other clothes will be the key to getting this color palette. It can be dressed up or down and work in any season, making it look effortlessly chic.

This color combination makes a very bright selection. Flowers are plentiful, just like other decorative items, and they can feel elegant or fresh and fun, depending on how you want it. A prominent feature of all weddings is their wedding color schemes. When you start planning your wedding, deciding on your favorite wedding color theme is probably one of the first goals on your list.

Fall Wedding Colors We’re Loving Right Now

If you and your partner want to keep up with the latest wedding trends, you will definitely need some wedding hashtags, and you should also consider your wedding color palette.

We have over 70 top wedding color schemes to choose from, to inspire your search for the perfect palette for you and your sweetheart!

Wedding color schemes are the chosen colors that pull your venue design together. By deciding on one cohesive color scheme, you and your future spouse’s wedding will be perfectly coordinated and look very beautiful.

Theme Colors For Weddings

The colors themselves bring their own energy and connection. When you combine one color, you create a unique palette with a new meaning. In most color schemes, you have one or two primary colors surrounded by other neutral colors that help enhance their beauty.

Trending Wedding Color Schemes To Steal This 2022

The color scheme you choose will help dictate the colors of your bridesmaids’ dresses, your table settings, your wedding decorations and your flower arrangements. Ultimately, your wedding color palette is your guide to how to look and feel for your big day.

A popular trend for wedding color schemes 2022 is to incorporate gradients into your theme. One of the main wedding color ideas this year is gradient blues. Don’t settle for just one shade when you can seduce your guests with a beautiful linear design that pairs your light blue with darker and darker versions.

Other key wedding color schemes in 2022 include pairing red with bold gold accents or pairing raspberry with soft gray. These two wedding color ideas are sure to tie your space together perfectly in a smooth and elegant way.

Wedding color schemes can say a lot about you and your partner’s relationship and style. Are you longing for a bright, bold and cheerful event or a more relaxed and elegant atmosphere?

How To Choose Wedding Colors: Secret Tips And Tricks

Your wedding color scheme can also have a huge impact on the mood of your venue and the clarity of your wedding theme. Sea or beach weddings often feature a stunning blue color scheme. Country weddings, on the other hand, feature more natural and lighter colors.

Deciding on your wedding color theme will also depend on the season you are getting married. Some wedding color schemes have strong associations with different seasons of the year. A maple, orange and mustard color scheme might be perfect for fall, but not for a spring celebration.

As you and your partner begin exploring wedding color palette ideas, remember to keep both your wedding theme and wedding date in mind. Once you have decided on a color scheme that suits your taste and style, you can put that beautiful color scheme to good use.

Theme Colors For Weddings

Embrace all shades of blue by designing your space with a gradient theme in mind. Get creative with this scheme by incorporating different shades of blue into your table settings or bridesmaid dresses.

Vintage Wedding Theme Colors That Will Look Totally Timeless On Your Big Day

Let the red color represent passion and love in your relationship. Pair your red eyes with a bright gold accent to make your wedding color palette shine.

Combine the bold color of the raspberries with the bold nature of the soft gray for a stunningly beautiful scheme.

Wedding color schemes like these are perfect for an outdoor or rustic themed wedding. Take inspiration from the colors of our planet by incorporating browns, greens and oranges into your wedding.

Let the color, luck, health and serenity of nature be at the heart of your celebration. Balance your green scheme with a beautiful ivory accent to pull these wedding color themes together.

Top 10 Fall Wedding Color Ideas 2022 / 2023

The combination of yellow and lavender definitely creates a happy and exciting atmosphere. These cheerful, bright colors are perfect for a spring wedding and can make for beautiful flower arrangements.

Let your sunset love shine with a bright warm color scheme. Imitating the colors of nature is a great way to find amazing wedding color ideas. It’s no secret that sunset colors pair beautifully, so don’t be afraid to use these bright colors as inspiration.

Paired with bold jewel tone emeralds with elegant blush and white charms, this color scheme will add an elegant touch to your wedding day.

Theme Colors For Weddings

For a more natural wedding color scheme, try keeping it simple with browns and pine greens that complement your decor.

How Many Colors Should Be In Your Wedding’s Color Palette?

This wedding color scheme creates a soft and charming feel. These colors are a great reminder that your color choices don’t have to be bright and bold to wow your guests.

With a gradient or ombre color scheme, you can make your space stand out by embracing the elegant tradition of going from one color to another.

Embrace the last two colors of the rainbow by pairing these purple shades together for one cohesive cool scheme.

Pair your green theme with white for a more subtle combination. This scheme is very suitable for a country or outdoor ceremony.

Popular Wedding Color Trends

Combining both light and dark browns can be a great choice for a fall or outdoor wedding. This color scheme will give your big day a rustic or vibrant look.

Let your wedding scheme take shape. The light and attractive tone of sage is a perfect match against the bright and bold tone of magenta.

For a more formal feel to your space, choose black and gold. This theme will add a layer of sophistication to your event and will be a great contrast to the bright white color of the wedding gowns.

Theme Colors For Weddings

Impress your guests with these gorgeous wedding color themes. The bold pairing of cherry red and purple is sure to bring life to your space.

Top 10 Wedding Color Palette Trends To Inspire In 2022 & 2023

This color palette gives a soft and elegant tone. It’s the perfect balance between natural and formal. When you start planning ways to use your chosen color scheme, don’t forget that your wedding invitations are the perfect place to start.

Salmon and brown can be very compatible for country ballads or flowers. Decorating your venue with wood and floral decorations can be an effective way to showcase these beautiful wedding color ideas.

Don’t just settle for a pink wedding when you can wow your guests with a pink gradient theme. Showcase the beauty of pink tones by positioning your centerpieces, flower arrangements, and place settings to get darker and darker as you move down the table.

For a subtle and sophisticated color scheme, consider pairing pink, blue and ivory. These colors will create a beautiful mood when you include these shades in your bouquets and place decorations.

Popular Wedding Color Themes For 2021

From white to red and everything in between, you’ll definitely love the bold and beautiful style of the red gradient scheme.

The color yellow is associated with happiness, hope and intensity

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