Travel Themed Wedding Ideas

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Travel Themed Wedding Ideas – Whether you and your loved ones have been united far away, or you love to see new and faraway places, a travel-themed wedding offers a unique and romantic experience. We have compiled a collection of travel themed wedding dress ideas that will make your travel not only ready to see, but also to take on the world.

We often have to take in the weather when we travel – why not incorporate them into your decor? We love the idea of ​​mini paper airplanes. We also can’t get enough of those paper airplanes used in the background for wedding photos. Such a simple and cute touch!

Travel Themed Wedding Ideas

Travel Themed Wedding Ideas

A passport is essential for traveling to a remote location. Take a look at these beautiful invitations and wedding programs – they’re a must-have for wedding planners too!

Travel Themed Wedding Ideas For An Extra Special Day

Hot air balloons are so FLYING AND BEAUTIFUL – not to mention one of the most magical ways to travel. Experience the floating warm air of the lanterns above you and your guests. Another idea we love is that we can take pictures of giant fish. In hot air, Pisces, there is no doubt that love is in the air.

Maps always come in handy when exploring new places and making for a nice decoration. Maps as placemats make for a unique table setting. Another unique idea – paper bouquets made of motifs.

You can’t forget your stuff! We love the idea of ​​finding the cutest things you can use and using them to complement your decor. Another great idea is goodwill! Ask your guests to write their wishes for you on cards (or postcards) and place them in the open envelope.

Even though we can’t use circles for directions anymore (thanks iPhones!) they are still one of the things you think about when traveling and using. Peaches carry a special favor and can carry rarities right there on the cards.

Simple Ideas On How To Create A Beautiful Travel Themed Wedding

The globe allows you to explore the whole world with one ride. They come in a wide variety of colors and sizes that look beautiful as centerpieces. Another thing to try is to use the group as a guest book. Leave Sharpies around and let your guests know they can sign their wishes into the world! When you start planning your wedding, there are many plans to make and there are many resources out there that can actually help you plan. Make it difficult instead of easy. Knowing where to start can feel overwhelming. My advice would be to think about what type of marriage you and your significant other are. This can be determined by the weather so picking a possible day or at least for a month is a good place to start. The next decision will probably be the type of marriage. Indoor, outdoor, Beach, Winery, Industrial/City, Garden etc. the possibilities are endless. Do you want to travel? Maybe the wedding mourning route is right for you.

Having a broad theme can definitely help narrow down some resources. If you are so passionate about traveling and love to capture your amazing adventures on camera, this post can help you. Here I will show you how easy and affordable it is to incorporate elements of travel into your wedding.

A wedding destination may be the origin of this theme. David and I live in Monaco, but we decided to get married in Spain, not far from David’s hometown. I still lead a destination wedding because we don’t live in the country and we had to arrange the logistics for the wedding abroad.

Travel Themed Wedding Ideas

Anyway, I’m waiting. Our family and friends know how much we love to explore this planet of ours. It really is a part of who we are as makeup. So, we really wanted some elements of our country travel, romantic travel, wedding ceremony.

Travel Themed First Birthday Party

After the venue was chosen and the time was set, it was time to think about the invitations. When we got to the station, we took up the theme of romance and travel. At first glance, you might think that invitations are irrelevant.

But wait! The guests were a bit surprised when they opened their envelopes. We bought a map of some printed wrapping paper and cut it into a little smaller envelope and stuck it inside.

There are tons of options and ideas online for travel-themed invitations so it’s easy to set the stage from scratch. I love the idea of ​​saving paper in the form of postcards to enhance the theme.

Now I have to say that our photographers/videographers, Basilico Studio, are amazing! The level of service they have provided and continue to provide, as they are currently working on our videos, has far exceeded our expectations. As part of the package they create a video using their logo for each yoke. The couple also has full rights to use their own custom logo.

Travel Themed Destination Wedding Details

We immediately told them we wanted something from the tour. After some back-and-forth editing, we came to a final result that we were very happy with. Not only will this logo appear in the opening video of our wedding, we also used it in our wedding blog post. Our benefits include a little “thank you” for those who included this logo.

With all these little things, our guests got the vibe of the wedding very quickly. It really helped set the stage for the big day.

David and I inadvertently marveled at each other’s travels and photography gifts of relatives that spoke volumes about us and our shared passion. In fact, that’s the result of the kids. We met with a photography group here in Munich.

Travel Themed Wedding Ideas

So I guess it shouldn’t come as a surprise that travel and photography are our mutual gifts.

Theme Travel Wedding Stock Photos

First, I got a paper gift box from Paperchase to contain all of David’s stuff. I put some of my favorite things in the box, as well as some little surprises. I ordered some custom cufflinks from Etsy. One cufflink had a map of Llansa, where David lives, and the other had a map of Sydney, where I am. At the top of the box they put a cufflink on paper from Munich, where we met and now live. If that wasn’t personal enough, I could engrave a short message inside the box for a fraction of the cost.

I also made a picture in one book of all our ways and called it “Our way is so far.” Super easy and fast, and reasonably priced. Online book printers are plentiful and easy to use. You can either upload images online or download their software to create it. I mainly use pitch because they have good prices and are based in Germany and offer free delivery. However, many other large stores around the world offer similar products.

The ultimate travel themed gift was a playing card with an old world map on the back. On the other side of each card, I stuck on a reason why I love her and called it: “52 reasons why I love you”.

Once I was browsing the paper section in a large department store here in Munich, so I’m obsessed with stationery and I only browse regularly, I came across a bloggers journal. What better gift to my soon-to-be husband than to write with a pen! So as you can see, with an Aperol Spritz to calm his nerves and some sweet Australian treats, David got quite the wedding wish gift.

Romantic Travel Wedding Theme Ideas

David gave me a very careful and tearful account of his version of what we had already met and spent time with. His individual attention was absolutely exceptional. I also learned a few things about how we felt in the stages of our relationship. There was also an element of trucks. Globe Trotting created a unique logo for the front of the wooden box which is also replicated on the wooden cover of the book. I’m sure this is something I’ll read again and again, and probably cry tears of joy every time.

Well, good news about the trip. Suitcases are probably one of the first things that come to people’s minds when you think of travel. I was inspired by the many suitcase ornaments on Pinterest so I made it my mission to search high and low for classic suitcases.

Finding reasonably priced vintage suitcases is easier than it sounds. We spent countless weeks in flea markets looking for this exciting deal. In the end we found three equals.

Travel Themed Wedding Ideas

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