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Thursday, September 29th 2022. | Weddings

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Michelle M. Winner is a luxury lifestyle writer and ordained non-denominational pastor. He has performed hundreds of weddings and is licensed in all 50 states.

Travel Wedding

Travel Wedding

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Destination Wedding Invitations That Will Have Your Guests Booking Flights

Not surprisingly, destination weddings require more coordination than local weddings. Paying close attention to details is important because you’re not only planning your event from afar, but hosting multiple events over your wedding weekend, not just the ceremony and reception. The good news is that a destination wedding planner can help you.

“I’m obsessed with the details—the logistical details, the styling details, the tiniest details of fork placement,” says Kimiko Hosaki, a top destination wedding planner. “Schedules and seating plans are strategic conundrums for me, and I like to spend hours working through them until they’re absolutely perfect, ensuring everyone has the most enjoyable experience.”

Kimiko Hosaki, founder and creative director of Elements by K.H & co. Specializing in global destination weddings. He plans to host events in Hawaii, Canada, Australia, Central America and Europe.

Hiring a professional planner will help guide you and make your vision a reality. Read on for all about hiring a planner for your destination wedding.

How To Plan A Travel Themed Wedding That Doesn’t Suck

In addition to knowing how comfortable your wedding is in the hands of someone capable, destination wedding planners offer the following services:

Destination wedding planners reduce stress by answering your questions, explaining facts and providing unbiased, professional advice. They are an invaluable asset if you have to make tough decisions, such as contingency planning for rainy days, postponing your wedding date, or how to deal with unexpected road bumps.

Top destination wedding planners have years of experience, connections and relationships they build over time. They handle any issues that arise gracefully.

Travel Wedding

By choosing a planner who is familiar with your location or has a wealth of resources, they will gain insight that you cannot get by searching online alone. In addition to working with the best suppliers and offering months of advice for the best weather, they can also recommend “off the beaten track” places to see and eat.

Things You Can’t Forget When Planning A Destination Wedding

Fees will vary based on planning services provided, wedding venue and number of guests. Advanced wedding planners who offer event design as part of their services will charge at least 20% of your wedding budget. Typically, this does not include additional labor or travel expenses that may be required to conduct a wedding or other pre-wedding event. There are four ways planners assess themselves:

In addition to traditional wedding planning duties, here is a list of common tasks they are responsible for:

If you focus on a specific site, ask who their favorite planners work with based on their customer service, vendor management, organization, and professionalism.

Find some of your favorite wedding photos and see who designed and coordinated them. Wedding photographers are also a great resource for your destination on social media, as their photos will showcase the planner’s style.

Romantic Travel Wedding Theme Ideas

Read what couples have to say about their planners. You want to be confident that you can connect with and trust your planner.

Have an open conversation with the planner about your vision for the wedding. Many people can have a beautiful wedding, but you also need a planner/team who can mediate and solve problems on-site. Ask them how many weddings they’ve been to and tell you a story about when a wedding they planned went wrong. Also, ask them about their most memorable wedding moments to find out why they love what they do.

You’ll want to know if your potential planners have experience visiting destinations. It doesn’t have to be in the same town, city, or specific island, just the general area. For example, a destination planner with experience in Maui can also plan in Oahu, or a planner who has designed in Mallorca can easily do it in Barcelona.

Travel Wedding

This includes transport, accommodation and a per diem to cover the cost of meals during their stay. Your planner will need to meet with your venue and vendors in advance a few days before your wedding. Ask your planner to review these costs with you in their proposal and contract.

Best Wedding Theme Ideas For 2022 For Any Taste And Style

Some clients feel more comfortable traveling to a destination wedding venue to visit potential venues and participate in menu tastings, but this is not required. If flying to your destination isn’t within your budget or your schedule doesn’t allow it, your planner can schedule a video chat with you and your supplier. They can even walk to the venue with you virtually.

“When I’m planning a location that I’ve never been to before, I’d much rather inspect the location in person, or send a trusted team member that I’ve worked with for years,” says Kimiko. I’m looking. “I’ve learned over the years that a successful wedding requires the ability to understand your venue, your challenges, and how your wedding day works. Libby MacCarthy Libby MacCarthy Knot Contributor Libby McCarthy is the Sustainability Communications Coordinator at Quantis. International.Libby helps forward-thinking companies share their sustainability stories. Libby has been a freelance writer for The Knot for four years.

If you dream of a destination wedding but airfare and hotels are out of the budget, turn your celebration into a day of travel inspiration. Or maybe you and your partner are jets who want to share your adventures with guests through travel-themed decor. Here are some of our favorite wedding details that will make your guests feel like they’ve been transported to a faraway place.

From: Travel Themed Destination Wedding at Na Aina Kai Botanical Gardens, Kauai, Hawaii

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Travel Wedding

When I told you that when I got engaged at the end of 2016, I wasn’t exaggerating at all, I really didn’t know what kind of wedding I wanted. I’ve always been the girl who dreamed of getting her next passport stamp – not her perfect wedding dress or wedding venue.

What To Pack For Your Destination Wedding

But, at the end of the day, I’m a planner. Although I didn’t think much about it at first, it quickly became clear that my wedding should have a travel theme.

Here’s the thing about any type of themed wedding, though: they can be pretty awesome…or they can be pretty tacky.

If you also want to plan a travel-themed wedding (or if you just want to browse some of my wedding photos), then this article is for you!

The easiest way to plan a travel-themed wedding is to plan a destination wedding. Nothing says “travel” more than… well, travel!

What Is A Destination Wedding & Why Are They So Damn Popular??? — Travelbash By Courtnie Nichols

In my case though, I have a 92 year old grandmother who doesn’t fly and doesn’t like coaches because I really want one.

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