Tuscan Themed Bridal Shower

Sunday, November 13th 2022. | Weddings

Tuscan Themed Bridal Shower – I recently had the best time hosting a bridal shower for some dear friends of ours in Houston. Since living in Texas, we’ve done a lot of “Fiesta” themed showers, but we wanted to do something different and fun. Since we decided to serve Italian food at one of the bride’s favorite restaurants in Houston, Siro’s – a Tuscan theme was born. My husband and I went to Italy for two weeks last September, so I really wanted to bring back some authentic Italian touches that we enjoyed on our trip. Follow along to see pictures of all the shower decorations and elements. Share your Italian themed party ideas in the comments!

Invitations: We ordered the invitations from Etsy, printed them ourselves with a serrated edge, and mailed them.

Tuscan Themed Bridal Shower

Tuscan Themed Bridal Shower

Guest Book: We ordered a custom red wine bottle with a picture of the bride and groom and placed gold shillari for the guest book.

Lemon Dinner Party Invitation

Flowers: We ordered tons of greenery from wholesalegarlands.com and they did a great job! We bought some lemons to mix with the greenery and add candles around. We then added some floral arrangements to the outside tables and used butcher paper with Italian proverbs. The wreaths were so affordable and amazing!

Napkins: I had some custom napkins made with the groom’s last name from Wabash Road. I kept them simple so that the bride and groom could use additional items in their house after the shower.

Bicycles: My father-in-law gave my MIL and I these beautiful bicycles for Christmas. We decided to incorporate them into the decor and it was a hit. We used one outdoors and placed a hydrangea in the basket – it made for a great photo. We placed another one at the front door and put all the party sympathizers in a basket.

Other: One of our hostesses had a magnolia wreath at home and made a banner for the front door, which added a nice personal touch and welcome to the party. Another hostess lowered the window frame and filled it with pictures of the bride and groom, and we placed the gifts. I love incorporating personalized elements into the party.

Delicious Dishings: My Italian Themed Bridal Shower

Appetite: This is probably the thing I’m most proud of since Rain – our appetite has expanded. We created this part ourselves. We served bruschetta, meat boards, cheese plates, all the toppings, bread and more. This created a great anchor and wow factor for guests.

Entree: We ordered appetizers from Chiro’s in Houston and had a large salad and garlic bread with our meal. Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture of the pasta, but it was served on silver plates. For dinner, we borrowed 40+ white plates, which look much better at a party than paper ones. We used real cutlery.

Dessert: We hired an ice cream cart and it was a hit. Dolce Neve is a local ice cream shop in Houston and it is amazing. Marco, one of the owners, who is actually from Italy, came to our party – he couldn’t have been nicer and the ice cream couldn’t have been more authentic and downright delicious. They have stores and catering in Austin and Houston! The bride’s favorite was strawberry and the groom’s favorite was chocolate, which made it easy to choose what to serve.

Tuscan Themed Bridal Shower

Party Snacks: Those of you who have been to Italy know that limoncello is a delicious after-dinner drink. As the client wanted it, I distilled and bottled the Limoncello. I will be following the limoncello recipe and instructions soon.

Lemon Bridal Shower Invitation Tuscan Garden Party Summer

Photo Book: As a final hostess gift for the bride and groom, I turned them into a party phone book so they could cherish fun memories of an evening with family and friends. I used Mixbook.com – you can preview the book I created here. I had the best time at my sister-in-law Angela’s wedding! It’s a Tuscan-themed party (her family is Italian), complete with a cappuccino and prosecco bar. She always wanted to take a bath in her childhood home in South Florida, so her mother, Joyce, went outside. Maid Alana (my other sister-in-law) and I helped set up and make the decorations. Check out all the details of this beautiful shower below.

Alana found these cute invitations on Etsy and they really set the tone for the party. Once the text and design details are confirmed with the artist, all Alana has to do is download the file and print it.

Angela’s cousin Amber made all the signs for the party with decorative chalkboards, chalkboard paint and her beautiful handwriting. You can find decorative chalkboards at places like Amazon, Hobby Lobby, or Michaels.

Alana made these stunning lemon centerpieces. She found the idea on Pinterest and they are very simple using fresh lemons, water, large mason jars and fresh white delphinium flowers. Not only were they a great decoration, but they were very fragrant and gave everything a fresh lemon scent. They were placed on each table with Italian candies and a photo of the couple.

Modern Tuscan Boho Themed Wedding At Hummingbird Nest Ranch

Another great Pinterest inspired decoration was the prosecco bar. We wrapped 5 wine bottles individually in bubble wrap and used a hot glue gun to set them up. Then we wrote “Amore” with a felt-tip pen. Fresh sunflowers and baby’s breath complete the look.

We used a large wooden frame for the photo booth and glued artificial grapes and greenery to it. It was really cool and everyone had fun taking pictures with him!

The food was amazing, thank you Doris Market! An excellent selection of Italian starters: meats, pasta salad, olives, artichokes, caprese salad, meatballs and more.

Tuscan Themed Bridal Shower

Oh, how could I forget dessert. There were lots of delicious Italian treats like cannoli and my favorite lemon panna cotta!

The Med Lemons

The Prosecco bar was definitely a big hit! We chopped fresh strawberries and had three juicers: oranges, peaches and grapefruit. The drinks were so refreshing that just writing about them makes you want a mimosa.

Café Ala Carte, cappuccino and espresso catering added charm to the party. With an antique espresso machine from Italy, guests can order coffee with milk, cappuccino or hot chocolate from the very friendly barista. There were also different syrups such as hazelnut, vanilla and almond. I think I had two cappuccinos, which explains why I was so disappointed!

As a party favor, each guest received a cute little lemon-shaped bowl. We wrapped them individually in small, white organza bags that you can find at Hobby Lobby.

The whole day went by without a hiccup. Thanks to the beautiful weather, a great planner (Joyce!) and Pinterest. I can’t wait for the April wedding!

Modern Winery Bridal Shower Invitations

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Inspired by all the beauty of Italy, Stems of RSVP Style in Fresno, California designed an elegant bridal shower with an Italian theme and lemon.

Tuscan Themed Bridal Shower

Designing this event was fun! If you have never been to Italy, let this be a brief introduction to some of its beauty. Italy is one of the bride’s favorite destinations, so we’ve brought the magic of the beautiful country to life – right here in Campania, Central California – as an upscale bistro with a laid-back, California vibe.

Olive Branch Bridal Shower Invitation

The venue is the perfect complement to our Italian theme, combining rustic elegance with whimsical beauty! We covered the walls with white chiffon to soften the brick and stone elements of the room. The table linen was a textured sage green with beautiful patterned details reminiscent of Italian linen and embroidery.

For the centerpiece of the table, we filled long wooden bowls with lemonade and filled each with green, yellow and white flowers and strawberries. The flowers were classic, simple and naturally arranged to create the perfect setting for this bride

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