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Top 10 Most Unique and Funny Wedding Cake Toppers 2019
Top 10 Most Unique and Funny Wedding Cake Toppers 2019 from www.pouted.com

When it comes to planning a wedding, every detail matters. From the wedding dress to the flowers, every element should reflect the couple’s personalities and style. One often overlooked detail is the wedding cake topper. However, choosing a unique wedding cake topper can add a touch of personalization and create a memorable centerpiece for your special day.

Why Choose a Unique Wedding Cake Topper?

A wedding cake topper is the perfect way to showcase the couple’s individuality and style. It’s a small detail that can make a big impact and add a personalized touch to the wedding cake. A unique wedding cake topper can also serve as a conversation starter and create a lasting impression on your guests.

5 Sample Unique Wedding Cake Toppers

1. Customized Figurines: One of the most popular options for a unique wedding cake topper is a customized figurine that resembles the couple. These figurines can be made to look like the bride and groom, complete with their wedding attire and accessories. It’s a fun and whimsical way to personalize your cake.

2. Rustic Wood Toppers: For couples who love the rustic and natural look, a wooden wedding cake topper can be the perfect choice. These toppers are often made from reclaimed wood and can feature intricate designs or simple engravings. They add a touch of charm and warmth to any wedding cake.

3. Novelty Toppers: If you’re looking for something truly unique and fun, consider a novelty wedding cake topper. These toppers can range from funny and whimsical to quirky and unconventional. From superhero figurines to animal-themed toppers, the options are endless.

4. Floral Toppers: For a romantic and elegant touch, consider a floral wedding cake topper. These toppers are made from real or artificial flowers and can be customized to match your wedding theme or color scheme. They add a delicate and feminine touch to your cake.

5. Personalized Monograms: Another popular option for a unique wedding cake topper is a personalized monogram. These toppers feature the initials or names of the couple and can be made from various materials such as acrylic, wood, or metal. They add a sophisticated and personalized touch to your cake.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: How do I choose the right size of wedding cake topper?

A: When choosing a wedding cake topper, consider the size of your cake and the overall design. You want the topper to complement the cake rather than overpower it. If you have a large cake, a bigger topper might be appropriate. For smaller cakes, opt for a smaller topper to maintain balance.

Q: Can I customize a wedding cake topper to match my wedding theme?

A: Yes, many wedding cake topper designers offer customization options. You can choose the colors, materials, and design elements to match your wedding theme or color scheme. Some designers even offer personalized figurines that resemble the couple.

Q: How do I secure the wedding cake topper on the cake?

A: Most wedding cake toppers come with a base or prongs that can be inserted into the top tier of the cake. Make sure to discuss the placement and securing of the topper with your baker or cake designer to ensure it stays in place throughout the event.

Q: Can I use a non-traditional wedding cake topper?

A: Absolutely! Non-traditional wedding cake toppers are becoming increasingly popular as couples seek unique ways to personalize their wedding. From unconventional figurines to themed toppers, the options are limitless. Choose a topper that reflects your personalities and style.

Q: Where can I find unique wedding cake toppers?

A: Unique wedding cake toppers can be found at specialty wedding boutiques, online retailers, and even local artisan markets. Do some research and explore different options to find the perfect topper that suits your style and budget.


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