Uplights Vs Intelligent Lighting

Wednesday, January 4th 2023. | Weddings

Uplights Vs Intelligent Lighting – Uplighting is an ongoing trend in venue wedding decorations. Whether you are getting married or having a beautiful party in Savannah Georgia, there is nothing as beautiful as a room perfectly decorated with professional lighting.

One of the biggest advantages of using lights is that they are in the background of every special moment your photographer/videographer captures you and your guests too. Do you want proof? Check out the before and after photo below.

Uplights Vs Intelligent Lighting

Uplights Vs Intelligent Lighting

Uplighting is done by placing a typical stage light on the floor, pointing it vertically at a wall or fixture so that it illuminates a decorative pillar of light of any color. In this way, it will add to the atmosphere of your event by highlighting the wedding, prom, corporate or birthday decoration of the venue. It also brings energy and life to photos taken by the photographer or videos taken by the videographer!

Dj Lighting Packages

We have Savannah GA DJ uplighting packages available for your event. Uplights can be provided by Boss Playa Productions DJs as an add-on to any event package.

See how to do it in one step to add pin lighting to your place settings or sweetheart tables to add to your decor.

The professional “Intelligent” Uplighting package is set and operated by the DJ, giving you a wide range of color options and even the ability to fade in different colors. The DJ can also integrate uplighting with dance floor lighting to take your wedding or party to the next level.

The static uplight package allows you to add the lights you need. Your choice of a color, a cheap DJ package price and decorate the venue as you see fit.

Does Lighting Really Matter? Yes! Here’s Why

Whether you want static or smart lighting for your wedding or party in Savannah, Richmond Hill, Pooler, Hinesville, Tybee Island, Statesboro, Waycross, Dublin, Douglas, Brunswick, Hilton Head Island, Beaufort, Bluffton, Allendale, Okatie, SC , or Jacksonville, FL, we’ve got you covered.

Just remember that our disc jockeys near Savannah, GA do more than set up great sound and lighting equipment and press play. Our event DJs can set the mood for your entire event, giving you the ultimate party experience of a lifetime!

A DJ can make or break the mood of your event. 80% of event planners or clients wish they would spend more on entertainment. We want you to repeat your celebration without regret because you hired the right Event DJ that suits you. Expect more, you deserve it! While our starting wedding reception price is $2,000, most couples invest $3,000 – $6,000 in their wedding package when factoring in lighting, effects, video and other popular enhancements. Please complete steps 1 and 2 on our website to review our full price catalog.

Uplights Vs Intelligent Lighting

Our DJ motto is “party professionally”! We want to make sure everyone has a great time! As long as there are lots of smiles, laughter and dancing – that’s our style!

Know The Lingo: Lighting Techniques For Your Event

Over the years we have found that clients often struggle with planning music. That’s why we offer a music planning app. You can instantly request music and view playlists full of recommendations. Click here for a video explanation

Yes, being a fun MC is an important part of our business. We love getting people excited by interacting with guests and making announcements. We can also get excited on the dance floor by encouraging people to jump, raise their hands, etc. Let us know how interactive you want us to be on a scale of 1-10 using our planner app and we’ll make it happen for you!

It depends on which add-ons and enhancements you order. Setup time usually starts 2 hours before the event starts.

If your wedding is on a weekend within the next year, now is the time to book! If your wedding is on a Saturday during the peak season (late March – June, August – early December) within the next two years, now is the time to book!

Special Effects Lighting And Uplights

According to our analysis, the average time from a customer’s booking to their wedding date is about one year.

Dance Floor Lighting is a bar with lights aimed at the dance floor area. It’s the multi-colored lights that help create a lively, exciting environment.

Uplighting is a popular lighting effect created by strategically placing floor lights around the perimeter of the area and pointing them upwards. You thus produce the result of “uplighting”. Lighting is a very effective way to improve the atmosphere of an event space.

Uplights Vs Intelligent Lighting

Intelligent lighting refers to lighting that has automatic or mechanical capabilities that go beyond the required lighting of the dance floor. The lights change to the music (just like they do at concerts). If you order the ‘intelligent lighting’ add-on, you get two 360-degree moving spotlights on the illuminated totems and a full-length LED facade in front of the table in DJ.

Party Lighting Packages

We’ve been to hundreds of weddings and can tell you this – sparkle CAN enhance your reception experience! How?! Our uplights will make your reception feel more fun and lively!

Getting our lighting also gives you more freedom than existing local lighting. The lighting not only enhances the room in a way that traditional lighting cannot, but it also removes any concern about harsh fluorescent lights negatively affecting your decor and the overall space.

Another advantage is that our uplights are completely customizable! We often let our customers choose a static color for dinner, and then our uplights change color to the music when the dancing starts!

Our packages cover up to 6 hours of service time with ceremony and cocktail hour (4 hours without). Below is a general timeline for most weddings

All About Event Lighting: Light Fixture Types

If DJ Topedo is not available for your wedding date, there may be another DJ on our team available. DJ Topedo will play the role of “DJ Manager” and help with planning. Customers have the opportunity to meet their DJ via Zoom.

Yes, we travel all over the US and internationally for weddings. Please contact us for an accurate quote! Lighting is good for the impact it adds to your event and the value it provides in return for your investment. Let’s examine the difference in types of lighting!

Your date is secured and now you have assembled an amazing team of suppliers to make your day a miracle. For music, you’ve booked your favorite band or DJ … or maybe both (see our blog on “You Must Have a Band or DJ”) and now you want to add some atmospheric spunk by adding a layer to your wedding entertainment experience.

Uplights Vs Intelligent Lighting

Lighting is a great place to start for the impact it can add to your event and the value it provides in return for your investment. Whether you want to change the look of your ballroom or create a great feel on the dance floor, lighting can make a big impact.

Seven Of The Best Smart Light Systems To Transform Your Home

Lighting is your main resource for giving your room a pop of color or highlighting the natural, structured side of your space. If you are incorporating a specific color palette or decor theme for your wedding, Uplighting is a great way to enhance these features by integrating the overall ambiance and atmosphere. Whether you want a more vibrant and colorful experience or a reserved and neutral feeling, you can choose your Progress colors to match your vision.

We say: If your lighting is done right, it is designed in a way that highlights the features of the rooms, not distracting. After all, you chose the location for a reason. Adding some lighting doesn’t have to change the look of what you love to the point where you don’t recognize it or it doesn’t match what you were looking for in the first place.

Intelligent Lighting is focused on the dance floor and is the best way to create a cool, immersive dance floor experience for you and your guests. When properly paired with great music, smart lighting will give you the visual impression of your wedding soundtrack in a way that no other enhancement can replicate. Turn off the lights, forget life outside for a moment and put on your dancing shoes for an unforgettable night. This type of lighting not only allows for a better looking atmosphere, but also gives your lighting designer the opportunity to work with your photographer for any additional light or refraction they may need to capture some truly stunning images.

The bonus – when paired with Uplighting you can create two separate “spaces” or experiences in one room. The fringes of your reception can be more atmospheric and reserved (for guests to enjoy the social aspect of your wedding) while your more energetic group can enter another world on the dance floor.

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We say: Does it have the ability? Definitely. Is that the only thing they are good at? Absolutely not! If you like the concept of Intelligent Lighting, but you don’t want your event to feel like a Saturday night at the Jersey Shore, a light show done right can give you a party without the “club” feel. “. Undoubtedly, lighting allows you to transform your room and provides a visual appeal that is sometimes lacking in some areas or spaces. For each event,

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