Vineyard Decorating Ideas

Tuesday, October 4th 2022. | Weddings

Vineyard Decorating Ideas – Every wedding reception table needs a centerpiece! Which centerpiece is perfect for a vintage wedding? Should we hug the place or not? Let’s look at some options.

For a vintage event, you can get wine-inspired centerpieces to show off a vineyard feel. Take grapes, grapes, apples, wine bottles and mix them with candles, fruits and flowers of your choice and you have a romantic centerpiece. Of course, you should add something that fits the theme of your big day, such as books and vines for a bookish wedding, or a silver plate or teacup instead of the traditional vase for a vintage novel. Wine bottles can become budget-friendly centerpieces like vases or candlesticks, and can also represent the table number. Wine corks are a great source for crafts, so if you’re feeling crafty, go for it!

Vineyard Decorating Ideas

Vineyard Decorating Ideas

A beautiful wedding centerpiece with beautiful bottles of white flowers and greenery placed on stands

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Beautiful vintage wedding centerpiece with floral wine bottle and tall vase with dense and floral flowers

Fall vineyard wedding centerpieces, greenery flowers, fruit and mini pumpkins and wire table number

Gold bottles, white flowers, greenery and a beautiful glass bottle are the perfect centerpieces for many weddings.

A vase of fuchsia and white flowers, a bottle of wine as a table centerpiece and some candles in the center

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A vase of wine grapes, white and red flowers goes for an outdoor summer or fall vineyard wedding

Vintage wedding centerpieces gold tea, apothecary bottles, pink and pale flowers, greenery and pampas grass

Beautiful vintage wedding centerpieces from a variety of vintage bottles and flowers and greenery for a modern wedding

Vineyard Decorating Ideas

Vintage wedding centerpieces with candles, grapes in a glass jar, wine corks in another and a bottle of wine with a table number

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Elegant vintage wedding centerpieces silver teapot and milk vintage vintage wedding neutral flowers and vases

A simple vintage wedding centerpiece with blue and wildflower glass bottles and jars will also work well for a boho or country wedding.

A tall glass vase with neutral and bright flowers and cascading greenery is a great centerpiece idea

Neutral and pastel flower boxes and greenery are the perfect and simple centerpiece for any wedding with a relaxed feel.

Susana + Cj — Winey Blonde Events Co

Neutral wedding centerpieces are timeless and feature white flowers set in vintage silver for a touch of elegance

A silver teapot with rose pink flowers and greenery is an elegant and bold wedding centerpiece for a vintage celebration.

Ditching the vintage aesthetic is also one way to go, it’s more modern than just rocking wine bottles and corks. Instead, you can use apothecary jars and bottles, and choose vases, greenery, different flowers and floral arrangements to complement your centerpiece. Use colors according to your season – go bold in summer and fall or neutral in spring. Don’t forget to add candles for a bold and glamorous look and voila! Get inspired by the ideas below!

Vineyard Decorating Ideas

White, pink, purple and navy flowers in vases to make your reception tables look bold

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A beautiful vintage wedding centerpiece with white and deep purple flowers and vines is a good idea

A quick vintage wedding centerpiece of neutral and coral flowers, greenery, fruit and cabbage is also a great option for a country wedding.

A bold wood grain wedding centerpiece and a bright pink rose for a bold touch to your table

A rustic or vintage wedding centerpiece made from scrap wood, mahogany and wicker is a bold idea.

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A tall vase with densely packed and greenish, light and red flowers is especially bold

Delicate vintage vine wedding centerpieces, neutral flowers, vines and greenery and table centerpieces

A gorgeous vintage wedding centerpiece with neutral and bright flowers, greenery and petals is a bold idea for any wedding.

Vineyard Decorating Ideas

A neutral floral fiasco is a subtle and elegant wedding centerpiece for any vintage wedding

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A stunning vintage wedding centerpiece with wine and beer bottles and white roses inside is a bold idea

A bottle of wine with baby’s breath and candles is a great idea for a vintage wedding

A beautiful vintage wedding centerpiece with a pink fireplace, some red and pink flowers and vines

A vintage wedding centerpiece, a bunch of books, vines and a wreath look great and very rustic

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A white flower vine vase is a romantic and elegant centerpiece that will suit not only a vineyard, but many other weddings.

Vineyard wedding centerpieces Light brown and purple flowers, grapes and plums for a fall vineyard wedding by Lisa Stiving-Nichols and Lauren Morgan of Martha’s Vineyard Interior Design removed the wall and made subtle design decisions to embrace the inspiring Atlantic views. Ocean in this beautiful beach cottage.

When you start your Martha’s Vineyard home so close to the waters of the Atlantic Ocean, you can practically stand off the deck from a cannon, designers Lisa Steening-Nichols and Lorraine Morgan knew that looks were front and center.

Vineyard Decorating Ideas

The Martha’s Vineyard interior designer’s decisions on how to create and express a stunning look caught the attention of fans who voted her the winner in the Organically Inspired New Design category.

Vineyard Themed Kitchen

A large sectional and cushioned window seat provides comfortable seating for a crowd in this small beach cottage room. White walls and lots of windows provide a bright and airy feel, while patterned pillows add fun and color to the room.

“We’ve been lucky enough to work on a lot of projects that have really great looks, so we want to make sure that what we’re doing doesn’t cause problems,” says Lisa.

Before the renovation, the cottage had a long, narrow corridor that extended from the entrance to the house and prevented water from entering the common areas of the house.

This bright, serene living room is inspired by the ocean reflected in its many windows. Window seat cushions are accented with ocean hues, and beachy accessories complete the beachy look.

Martha’s Vineyard Residence

Lisa and Lauren knew they wanted to remove the hallway walls to emphasize the setting, but they faced some resistance from the homeowners, who wanted to use one of the walls as a TV stand. The couple designed a built-in TV stand.

With the TV out of the way, Lisa and Lauren worked with contractor Jared Kent to remove hallway walls and add a suspended ceiling to complete the open living space.

Breathtaking ocean views are the backdrop to this beach cottage kitchen. Natural wood cabinets are matched with wood ceilings and floors to create a unified look and feel of warmth. Nautical pendant lights are a great decoration.

Vineyard Decorating Ideas

The team prefers to keep the palette neutral so it doesn’t compete with the design elements, so they chose a warm white paint color to cover the yellow and decorative walls with linen tones. Small points of sunset and ocean inspiration were introduced with the cushions and dining chairs.

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The stark white walls and four windows overlooking the coastline create a cool and airy atmosphere for this lounge. Four comfortable seats are arranged in close groups to encourage intimate conversation.

Organic design isn’t just about respecting a home’s surroundings; it is also important to accept that the house lives in its environment. Lisa and Lauren relied on outdoor fabrics for furniture and heavy-duty rugs that could withstand the rough treatment of a beach house.

The white farmhouse is given a coastal feel through the use of textured furniture and wall coverings, eye-catching fabrics and colorful artwork. The home’s open floor plan offers plenty of space for entertaining and opens up to access the outdoors.

Interior designer Lauren Coburn showcases sophisticated architecture and sleek contemporary design in this stunning Chicago home with high ceilings and sleek black and white color schemes.

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Designer Kendall Simmons transformed a dusty, unused attic into a fun travel-themed playroom. The open space makes great use of unique nooks with a built-in desk, window seat and bunk bed.

After welcoming the parents of two children, she turned to Maria Flannigan to create a spa-inspired, multi-purpose master suite. The result is a relaxing space that suits everyone’s style, creating spaces where everyone can feel comfortable, even the family dog.

Designer Anisa Darnell discusses how she transformed an old kitchen into a light and airy space that is the heart of the home.

Vineyard Decorating Ideas

Designer Heidi Richardson transformed the 260-square-foot bathroom into a guest cottage that matches the “boot camp” of the surrounding dairy farm.

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Lemon Grass Interiors has transformed an unused sunroom into a gorgeous master bath that offers expansive views of the outdoors without sacrificing privacy.

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