Wearing Pearls On Your Wedding Day

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Wearing Pearls On Your Wedding Day – A string of pearls can complete a classic wedding look. Displayed in necklaces or other accessories such as bracelets or earrings, pearls are a common heirloom that can be passed down from generation to generation. They are also very delicate because they are softer than gemstones and therefore not suitable for everyday wear.

If you know that your mother or grandmother is planning to give you pearls on your wedding day, you may be wondering how to care for the jewelry so that it stays in the best condition when you receive it. When you’re buying yourself (or getting a gift of) new pearls for your wedding, you’ll probably want to make sure they look good on you.

Wearing Pearls On Your Wedding Day

Wearing Pearls On Your Wedding Day

Wipe them with a soft, damp cloth (such as microfiber) when removing. The pH balance of your skin and sweat can damage pearls.

How To Wear Pearls: A Guide

To prevent scratches, attach the clips and store them separately from other jewelry in a soft cloth bag or lined box. Plastic can release chemicals that damage pearls.

If you store them in the fridge or safe for long periods of time (which should be avoided if possible), keep a glass of water with the pearls. It destroys dryness, and water helps to soften the air.

Get pearls every year if you wear them often. If not, keep an eye on the warp threads to know when they need to be redone.

For more tips on keeping your wedding jewelry in good condition, learn how to care for and when not to wear your wedding ring. If your wedding day is just around the corner and you are looking for the perfect wedding decorations, we have some great ideas for you. Pearls have been a popular accessory among brides for years, and are still very popular today. . In addition to the undeniable subtlety that makes up its beauty, pearls embody many qualities that are valuable on the wedding day and beyond.

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Eastern cultures believe that pearls symbolize purity and spiritual transformation. It is a reminder of honest, clean, wise people who walk with dignity.

Interestingly, different colors of pearls also have different meanings. White pearls symbolize purity, innocence, faith and truth. Gold or black pearls symbolize prosperity and wealth, while pink or pink pearls are said to bring peace and protection.

Besides the symbolic meaning of purity and innocence, pearls also symbolize a happy marriage and thus make a wonderful wedding gift for the bride.

Wearing Pearls On Your Wedding Day

Pearl jewelry is also often seen as a family heirloom, passed down from grandmother to mother and from mother to daughter. Jewelry with pearls is one of the most romantic things a woman can give. The practice of giving pearls to brides continues today. Pearls are often given by the father of the groom or the bride. Many brides give their girlfriends pearl necklaces, bracelets or earrings.

Add A Pearl’s Favorite Reasons To Love Pearls

For the first time, Choo Yilin combines the tradition and heritage of jade with the classic timeless pearl. The Bamboo Pearl collection makes perfect wedding decorations. The complex bamboo motif embodies strength and stability, which is even more important than the already iconic patterns.

A modern take on classic pearls intertwined with symbolic bamboo drapery motifs. Simple, elegant and meaningful.

Combining a bamboo motif with signature jade, these earrings beautifully emphasize strength and femininity. Brides have loved and worn the “Pearl of the Sea” (aka pearl jewelry) for centuries. Whether they wear pearls as necklaces, pearl earrings, accented veils or pendants, this tradition is full of knowledge and love.

All over the world and in many cultures, pearls represent love, purity, chastity, prosperity and truth… All essential elements of a successful marriage! White pearl necklaces¬†are often the perfect addition to a traditional white wedding dress. They quietly shine and emphasize the beauty of the bride, without making noise or distracting attention.

Pearls As Gifts

The ancient Greeks believed that pearls were the tears of Aphrodite, the goddess of love. No wonder the Greeks began to give pearls to brides on their wedding day to prevent tears and increase the chances of a successful marriage.

Stephan’s pearls and lace, or the Grecian crown of the bride. Pearls are a very traditional and popular choice for couples who include Stefano in their wedding ceremony. Photo from a wedding in Crete

The Romans held pearls in high esteem, so Julius Caesar declared that only kings should wear pearls. The tradition of wearing a wedding veil comes from Rome; The Romans believed that the veil would protect the bride from evil spirits and misfortune before the wedding. It’s not hard to imagine that a veil for high society brides could be covered in precious pearls, with beautiful gold and pearl earrings to match.

Wearing Pearls On Your Wedding Day

Brides today still wear wedding veils, but today our selection of fabrics, designs and embellishments is second to none. Inexpensive freshwater pearls can be used to edging the veil, and real or fake pearls can be attached to the veil in a variety of colors. The result is awesome and awesome as shown below.

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In Europe, pearls were reserved for the elite and the common people, but the European love for pearls did not begin until the Renaissance. After the Crusades, pearls and precious stones began to flow to the West as new trade routes opened up through the Middle East and Asia.

For many in the West, pearls represented purity, chastity, love and truth and were widely used in jewelry and religious art such as books and icons. Pearls became so popular and such a status symbol that many laws were passed restricting the wearing of pearls to royalty and nobility.

In the dark ages, knights would take the pearl to fight them as a protective charm and then give the lucky gem to the bride on her wedding day.

Kings and queens of the Middle Ages adorned themselves with pearl jewelry in countless wedding ceremonies because of the value of this precious stone. Pearl-encrusted veils and crowns, pearl earrings, necklaces, rings, belts and more are fashion accessories for both men and women.

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Portrait of Queen Catherine of Aragon at her wedding to Prince Arthur of the House of Tudor. The costumes and jewelery were created for The Spanish Princess series of stories about Catherine’s arrival in England, her first marriage and her life before her next marriage to King Henry VIII. Photo by Nick Briggs / Starz Entertainment

The inclusion of pearls in royal weddings continued for many years. Here’s Queen Elizabeth II wearing elegant pearl necklaces at her wedding to Prince Philip in 1947. Her dress, bought with a clothing voucher she kept for two years after the end of World War II, was also embroidered. 000 pearls and crystals.

Wedding dress with pearl embroidery, presented by the Royal Collection Trust. Photo courtesy of Town and Country magazine.

Wearing Pearls On Your Wedding Day

In India, the Hindu god Vishnu plucked a pearl from the sea to give to his daughter on her wedding day. It is also recorded that Vishnu gave pearls to his wife Laskshmi, the goddess of prosperity.

Pearls For Your Wedding

Natural pearls were once found on the coast, and royalty (both male and female) loved the shiny gem. Pearls are considered a symbol of love and have been used in Indian weddings for centuries.

In the Middle East, natural pearls from the Persian Gulf have been one of the largest exports since the 1950s.

Pearl oysters. During the archaeological excavations of the tomb of the princess in Abu Dhabi, the oldest pearls in the world were found.

Named “Basra” after the region of Basra, Iraq where pearls were traded, these beautiful gems come in shades from silver to sweet white, pink to peach, and any color, even natural gold. The pearl trade made many families wealthy, and the best pearls were of course reserved for the highest families of the Middle East.

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This stunning natural pearl necklace is called the Rani Haar, or Royal Necklace, and was exhibited in the Dubai Design District, showcasing Arabian jewelry styles from ancient to modern. Photo from National News

Precious pearls around the world are the top choice for brides on their special day. Below we look at some of the cultural practices that women do on their wedding day.

American and European brides often use pearls in different ways in their wedding dresses. Whether it’s a pearl-encrusted wedding dress, pearl and crystal hairpieces, simple pendants and earrings, or Akoya Pearl single or double strand earrings, pearls are a staple for the modern Western bride.

Wearing Pearls On Your Wedding Day

Brides in China often wear red dresses (said to bring good luck) embroidered with phoenixes and

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