Wedding Aisle Decor

Friday, November 18th 2022. | Weddings

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Wedding Aisle Decor

Wedding Aisle Decor

Your grand entrance down the aisle is one of the most special (and most photographed) moments of your wedding ceremony. Not to mention, you’re actually going on that trip

Stunning Fall Wedding Aisle Décor Ideas

– since it’s different, of course, when you quit as a newlywed. So basically, wedding aisle decoration is something you want to think about.

And just because you want to do something with it doesn’t mean it has to be extravagant. Actually, when we look at a real wedding

, we found that we were particularly drawn to simple installations. Tay Wall of design firm Bixby + Pine says her approach is to make it big or just keep it simple. “If you don’t care or it’s not in your budget, that’s fine. But if you have a little more to spend or you want to have a great time with it, go for it,” she says.

The decorations for the wedding aisle are up to you. And in case you don’t know what to do; after all, there are so many decisions to make, we have some ideas for you.

Wedding Ceremony Decorations Ideas

That said, read on for more wedding aisle decorating ideas. We can’t wait to see how you end up framing your special day.

With such a prominent round altar, this couple kept their aisle simple with greenery and lit lanterns. A simple trick that Bixby + Pine loves is to add some design elements to the floor. “It could just be a candle, but it could also be a green hallway dressing or a little arrangement every few rows,” says Wall.

This historic church is impressive just the way it is. Heflin Cordero advises keeping in mind the natural state of the place or location: “I love to make a statement with the runner, but I want to make sure it ‘fits,'” she explains. “Does it emphasize the ceremony or take away from its natural beauty?” In this case, a light touch of a wreath with white flowers and scattered petals is all the space needs.

Wedding Aisle Decor

Bixby + Pine fueled this ceremony with a unique seating option: hay bales. They placed rugs along the aisle to tie in the eclectic feel of their wedding design. The decoration of the aisle is discreet and draws attention to the beautiful floral arrangements that make up the wedding arch.

Wedding Ceremony Decor: Wedding Aisle Decorations, Decorating Ideas

An arrangement of greenery marks the beginning of the dreamy pond corridor in Burlap & Bordeaux. “An arrangement along the lagoon path with loose vegetation, white-flowering trees and pampas grass creates a modern boho and eclectic feel,” says Heflin Cordero.

Add a design element to the floor by lining the walkway with candles or candles, placing the small arrangement only every few rows. This makes it easy to decorate a minimalist ceremony and can also serve as a complement to a dramatic setting.

Down the aisle, this Arizona wedding showcased just the entrance, with designs of white balconies, red roses and candles with gold lights. “Dress down the hallway to make a statement—this will help your guests have a little surprise when they sit down,” says Wall.

If you haven’t heard, cacti are all the rage right now, and especially when you’re having a wedding in the Southwest. Wall says she likes to keep it simple with two floral pieces (or in this case cacti). “Start the aisle with something fun related to your ceremony to add interest and a little excitement.”

Simple Summer Wedding Aisle Decor

Feed on leaves? Try using both. This Burlap & Bordeaux design is all about luxury. Heflin Cordero used a high gloss white floor runner with white flower petals on the sides to soften the look and add a romantic feel. To finish, he placed prominent floral motifs in glass vases of different heights at the entrance of the corridor.

Bixby + Pine added a pop of color to light up the ceremony in the simplest yet most magical way. “Lineing the aisle with sparkly petals was a fun touch even today because we used such a lush and bold color palette,” says Wall. “It really brought the ceremony to life!”

Burlap & Bordeaux placed fresh floral arrangements on the sides of the aisle and dropped every few rows. The design featured “romantic florals with petals along the sandstone to create a romantic and lush corridor,” says Heflin Cordero. She added pops of soft pink and purple with the white flowers for an even dreamier feel.

Wedding Aisle Decor

In this Bixby + Pine design, glass vases of white, red and pink flowers line the ceremony aisle. Glass objects work especially well for indoor activities – the main light source will be reflected in the most stunning way. The glasses make it easy to transport to the reception after the wedding and can be used as a gift for guests.

This (cheap!) Wedding Aisle Decor Looks Beautiful

An unadorned aisle can be truly beautiful, especially when surrounded by high chair rentals and a chuppah filled with flowers. When the location is particularly stunning, Wall says Bixby + Pine likes to let it speak for itself and not embellish. “Maybe you’re in the woods, on a cliff, or somewhere super epic where you don’t need to set up a backdrop,” she says. “You don’t need anything when nature just slaps you with her voice.”

Keeping the aisle open, Bixby + Pine focused on making a statement with the ceremony seating. “When you think a little outside the box when you think ‘hallway decor,’ Loand Connor used mismatched furniture to give the hall (and the seats) a crazy twist,” says Wall. Velvet details on the seats added pops of color and a cool vintage vibe.

When you have a setting that makes its own statement (those palm trees, the flowers), it’s smart to keep your wedding aisle decor simple. That’s why this corridor lined with white rose petals feels especially appropriate. We also love the white connection with the seat cushions.

Designer designer Lucilla Bonaccorsi found inspiration for her runway in an unexpected way: at the Infiorata festival in Noto, Italy, where the streets are paved to look like elaborate paintings. She, along with her mother Luisa Beccaria, recreated this look on the floor of the ordination chapel with pastel carnations and holly.

Chic Fall Wedding Aisle Decor Ideas

Rugs created a relaxed atmosphere at this desert wedding. Pillar candles, cacti and fresh flowers added additional decorations.

String lights along the aisle to give the ceremony a cozy feel. This boho Tennessee wedding featured rustic barrels at the end of the aisle, while small bouquets rested on the backs of white banquette chairs. The minimal decoration of the walkway draws attention directly to the arch of branches decorated with flowers.

This corridor (in an enchanted forest) was lined with ferns and surrounded by white flowers. At this upstate wedding, it gave way to a semicircular altar of white doves, lark’s spurs, sandwiches and wild ferns.

Wedding Aisle Decor

Use potted plants so you can easily move decorations from the ceremony to the reception to save on flower costs.

Wedding Ceremony Aisle Ideas

When you walk down a concrete hallway, you want to add some warmth to it. These unique candles, greenery and flowers do the trick. If budget is an issue, another option is to put the installation alone at the beginning. “There’s a special place in my heart for candelabras and/or candle holders,” says Heflin Cordero. “When placed at the bottom of the aisle, not only do they make great photos, but they’re the first thing guests see so you get that instant wow factor without having to decorate the entire aisle.”

Play height in the decoration of your corridor. At this destination wedding in Capri, the bride created her own ceremony setting, complete with trees and carpets draped in flowers.

Here, light ghost chairs let the leaf-crowned walkway be the star of the show (ahem, we mean ceremony). Throwing some flowers down the aisle is probably the easiest and cheapest way to expand the wedding aisle.

Candles are a favorite among wedding planners. Add glamor with chandeliers hanging above. So the lighting will be perfect.

Ideas To Steal From These Rustic Wedding Aisles

Bixby + Pine loves to adorn the beginning of their hallways with eye-catching floral arrangements. “The simple idea of ​​lining the aisle with two fun floral pieces that tie in with your ceremony setting is one of our favorites,” says Wall, “but also, maybe it’s the combination of pampas, flowers, and fall leaves that makes We’re especially happy with this one.”

Mark your ceremony with flags on the floor. These look modern and elegant when paired with fresh green and white flowers. Phantom chairs are elegant without disturbing the sea view environment.

We are totally into the idea of ​​buying/renting multiple rugs of the same color and matching them all. Also notice those perforated candelabras on the sides and

Wedding Aisle Decor

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