Wedding Band Tattoo

Thursday, December 15th 2022. | Weddings

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Wedding Band Tattoo

Wedding Band Tattoo

Let’s talk about wedding rings. Sure, you’ve probably saved a lot of different wedding ring ideas on every inspiration board, but none of them caught your attention. Or maybe you have a ring in mind but it’s not in your budget at the time. Instead of adding stress to your big day to find the perfect wedding rings for you and your partner, have you considered wedding ring tattoos?

Wedding Ring Tattoo Ideas

Although not a typical wedding ring, engraved rings are growing in popularity, according to Dani Egna of Dani’s INKED. “Whether you don’t want to wear a real ring every day or want something that shows your love forever, ring tattoos are on the rise.”

When wedding bands are changed on the big day, ring tattoos need time to heal – so plan to get inked before your wedding. Tattoo artist Brittany Randell explains: “Tattoo healing is different for everyone. “Everyone’s skin type is different, and there are many reasons why someone – health, moisture and hydration; how often you will be using your hands and fingers; the products you use. use for healing, to name a few.”

Ring tattoos are sometimes difficult to heal, but usually, they heal well. According to Randell, many times, tattoos need to be touched up, so be sure to include this in your wedding schedule to allow for the best results.

If this is your first tattoo or you’re just afraid that you’re out of respect for your partner forever, consider the temporary option first. A temporary tattoo allows you to play with designs and test placement before committing to the real deal.

Ring Tattoo Ideas You’ll Want To Copy

Below, we’ve collected 26 unique tattoo designs (from real couples!) for you and your partner. And,

These simple sets are the perfect way to show off your wedding mood. Elaborate wedding bands are bold yet beautiful. For , add a tattoo under your engagement ring or choose a pair with tattoos if you don’t have a promise ring.

Getting your partner’s initials on your ring finger is very special. If you want a more visible tattoo, choose bold text with your partner’s initials instead of a ring. You can also add some details at the beginning to add an extra touch.

Wedding Band Tattoo

These brides have initials on their fingers along with important words written on the sides. Ask your tattoo artist for your partner’s initials and choose a key word that represents your marriage.

Unisex Wedding Ring Tattoos For Couples

If you want to go beyond your partner’s initials, search for the full name in text. It is an intimate ceremony at the beginning of your marriage and is a beautiful work of art. And, it’s more of a keepsake than a wedding ring and still a piece you’ll have forever.

This tattoo is for people who love the stars and the moon. If you and your partner are interested in astrology and find meaning in the stars, then instead of the usual wedding rings, choose celestial signs that have meaning for both of you.

If wedding bands and starters aren’t your thing, then lighter shapes and symbols are the way to go. Talk to your partner about certain gestures that you both like and play with the ring finger.

If your partner is not a fan of flowers, start by getting a tattoo group that has several designs on it. From there, have the tattoo artist add a floral design around the circle.

Wedding Ring Tattoos That’ll Make You Want To Get Inked

If you feel connected to nature, then put a ring on it, real. Get your favorite nature symbol tattoos on your ring finger. Each of you can choose a symbol and make it stick.

Thin wedding bands are a good choice if you and your partner don’t want to have traditional rings. It’s still visible but easy enough to add designs later, too!

For your wedding band tattoos, ask the tattoo artist to create a thin band that highlights the ring and adds important dates in Roman numerals—whether it’s the date you met or the day of the wedding. your

Wedding Band Tattoo

To show your proper pride, choose these Pride wedding bands with two pockets. Instead of having your tattoo artist create a perfect match, give her a ring and enjoy the imperfections that come with it, just like the wedding itself.

Ten Wedding Ring Tattoo Ideas For The Ring Less Couples

There is nothing better than showing how strong your love is than a sign that shows it. Instead of opting for a wedding band tattoo, have an anchor inscribed on your ring finger so that you have a permanent symbol of your love and a constant reminder of your partner.

Give your first finger a simple text that honors your partner and expresses your commitment. The design is simple but beautiful at the same time.

Connecting your partner with these wedding ring tattoos is a great way to mark your vows. The tattoo is simple, and the sun sits perfectly around the ring fingers.

Mark your new vows with a show of undying love. Instead of groups and dates, choose an eternal symbol, which means that your love will not be broken and will continue.

To Tat, Or Not To Tat

This design features a Celtic knot. The meaning of the knot indicates that there is no beginning and no end—like the infinity symbol. It is also closely related to the Celtic concept of loyalty.

A wedding tattoo should not be traditional in the sense that it should always imitate the wedding band. Instead, add a layer of class and play with designs like shaded hearts to enhance a traditional look. The hearts have a simple outline, but the shaded color and dotted lines add playfulness to the shape of the ring.

Like the simple heart design, these Claddagh earrings make hearts stop. It has a symbolic history of making your partner the guardian of your heart. The Claddaugh ring also represents friendship, loyalty and love, which are the three foundations of marriage.

Wedding Band Tattoo

Live in color with these simple sets. For couples who want to add more to their matching rings, add small details like dots, stars or stripes.

Minimalist Line And Wave Ring Tattoos

If you are not sure what type of wedding ring to choose, get inspiration from these rings. The couple created meaningful structures in their marriage and decided to go with each other.

The ankh was used to symbolize the key to life in ancient Egypt. Since you and your partner are starting a new chapter together, what better way to unite your love than to have the key to a long life and a “new life” together.

This full ring tattoo is a great choice for those who don’t want to wear jewelry every day. The design features a beautifully designed ring with each other’s initials in the center of the circle.

Your couple’s tattoos don’t have to be the same, one partner can choose meaningful words, and the other can design a statement or symbol that reflects their relationship. This set of wedding tattoos shows off the perfect wedding rings.

Wedding Ring Tattoos: What You Need To Know Before You Go

It’s no secret that marriage is hard work, and you have to work at it every day, just like floating on the waves. If you and your partner love water, ask a tattoo artist for this aquatic design.

Heartbeats are a unique design for your wedding rings. It will require some planning. If you can find the pattern of your partner’s heartbeat, have the tattoo artist translate the pattern onto your ring finger. It is a very personal promise to your partner.

Cover three letters in one tattoo design for your wedding ring. This pattern makes one letter the focus and surrounds all other letters in the pattern. I have been an online writer for over eight years. My articles focus on everything from moms to tattoo art.

Wedding Band Tattoo

So, you want to have a wedding ring but don’t worry about losing it? Maybe your job doesn’t allow you to wear jewelry, or maybe you just want to be different. Regardless of why you’re thinking about it, make sure you know before you put your ring finger on it.

Great Wedding And Engagement Ring Tattoo Ideas

As with any tattoo, you need to make sure you find a good tattoo artist. Just because your singer has done a couple doesn’t mean anything. Make sure they have a few pictures of their work on their fingers and hands.

You should not get your tattoo on your wedding day if you plan to go on your honeymoon right after. New tattoos do not like chlorine and sunlight. Therefore, it is better to wait until later to get ink.

Here are just a few ideas to get you started if you’re considering a wedding ring or engagement ring tattoo. Of course, if you want something original, you’ll need to do it yourself or pay someone to do it for you.

Getting the perfect wedding ring tattoo

Your Guide To Wedding Ring/band Tattoos

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